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A Life Like That, by MwsR

There was a time when things were not more important than loving a person.

Love and life of this old world could be found with much anticipation and vigor.

Things like that were not only shown in the movies but in real life.

The seasons of a person’s life always came at the time they were supposed to and in the manner, they should

Money earned was spent on an enjoyable vacation filled with memories of your family or friends.

Money saved was hope in the future of comfortability and not a necessity.

People went and shook the hand of their neighbors and they called them by their first names.

There was no closed doors because anyone was welcome to stop by.

People were special, even if they were just a passer more by.

Things were easier to see and people did not walk around in a socialized made haze.

Because of the way they were reared they knew how to endear, as well as persevere.

The biggest battle or two, for the school-age group, was which clique to belong to or which club to be in.

I wish our world had those things gone before us.

Love like that and respect of one’s neighbor was engrained in them all.

Society was in general friendlier than the one we know today.

No one really stepped over others, just to get there own way.

I would very much liked it back, in the day.

A life like that came with its share of excitement, respect, loyalty, and love.

Too bad today, much of what we see is when people shove.

When people are mean, destructive, and rude.

Selfish is the new thinking, and it is clouded with a sky of resentment.

Sure not all is bad, as is the case, mostly, anyway.

Just thinking about a life like that!

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Thanksgiving Wish by MwsR

My Thanksgiving wish has nothing to do with all the yummy food.
Except that those who are hungry, that they will have some.
My Thanksgiving wish has to do with all that we have around us, either in our hearts or in our presence.
Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to make memories with our loved ones and friends. It can also be terrible for those that are financially hurting or those families that bicker and fight.
It can be hard trying to move on and look past mistakes and grievances but we all should try.
No family is perfect, no matter how many lovely pictures and things they try to display or post about. No one family has it all together.
There will times that you dislike each other or maybe that you just don’t connect on the same basis. That is okay.
I know with my family we have had our moments.
The hardest thing to remember is, we are only humans. God did not make us divine or spotless, or even flawless. He made us each with our own quirks. He inspired us though to be better than we can and to keep reaching to help others and understand others and to love each other.
Some people are missing from around our tables this year. Some may never have the chance to sit at our tables. Whatever it is know that you too are not alone.
As for my house, we miss those we can not see again, or talk to during this season especially. I miss that I will never get to spend a Thanksgiving with my birth mom, except once.
I miss my father-in-law and the company he frequented us with.
There is my half-sister who is in jail, again, that won’t have a good Thanksgiving. I miss times in my life when I felt connected to each one I love.
My Thanksgiving wish is that all of us look around and truly, TRULY, be happy for all we have. That maybe we can, in turn, help someone else who might need help and comforting.
We all know someone!
Holidays can be brutal, they can also be a time to reflect and be THANKFUL.
I choose to be THANKFUL and pray for those who need courage or resources or whatever it may be to make it through another Holiday Season.
If you have managed to sit through this post I am thankful for that too.
Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

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What Do You Think?

Well, it is getting closer to our Holidays here in the USA. Usually it never lets one holiday finish or even start without cramming in another holidays things all on display in our stores and markets.

I often find that Thanksgiving gets crowded out and so does Valentine’s day. Alomg with other holidays. What I am wondering is what do you think?

What is it you think about Holidays overlapping, and sometimes crowding out another Holiday?

Let me know!!!!




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MwsR’s Express Yourself

Howdy all…

I was thinking this morning about our laws.

Laws for the most part was made to protect each and every individual. Right? Yet I have seen it destroy, demoralize, and wreck people and their lives, all in the same manner of being made to do the opposite. Law’s in general should not hurt people, they should protect those of us who are in the right. Laws should help us to feel protected. Laws should help keep order and structure to our lives, and those of our neighbors around us.

Laws should never hurt us. They do though. Some protect the wrong people and some endanger us. Let’s be honest about it. There is always going to be an exception. Always. I guess the biggest reason laws can destroy a person or hurt them is because they were found unjustly convicted of a crime they did not do. Or perhaps false accusations and lies were believed over the real truth. I see it and I am sure you can say you have heard of that yourself. Just watch our news. It is everywhere. People write books about it, and there are news articles about it, even movies made about it.

No matter how good a system is or a law is, there is going to be problems , somewhere.

I know you have heard of people committing suicide because they were found guilty of an infraction or because they could not live with the shame and guilt of it all being made public or even the whole investigative process. Marriages are ruined, families get torn apart, and people lose their jobs over stuff like this.

While laws keep us safe for the most part, they have their issues. You can have corrupt people making laws, bending the rules, and creating scapegoats for their own agendas,. It just is.

I am grateful that our nation has laws to protect us and so forth. I am also heartbroken that sometimes, no matter how not guilty some people are, that they are destroyed by the whole process, sometimes. Not always, but sometimes. If we did not have laws our system, our society would be a place of chaos and evil.

Perhaps there is not a way to guarantee that a person who is not guilty of something, never gets accused, or harmed in being accused. I tend to believe that our world will still try its darndest to be fair and equal to each other. Yes, even with those who are guilty, as well.

So what are your thoughts? Have anything to say? Let me know!

Has a law destroyed or helped a family member of yours?

Thank you for reading 🙂

Josephine, Josie, Josephina

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Today marks three years since I saw or petted my beloved pet Josie! She was one of the sweetest dogs I have ever known. She died in her sleep and I found her lying on her favorite foot stole, at the foot of my bed.

She was white and had tan markings, and she had a belly covered in black freckles. She had the cutest face and was knee high in height. I will never forget the fourteen years I had with her. She brought so much love into our family. She grew up with my kids and with my granddaughter who was a year old when she died.

I first laid eyes on Josie when she was five months old. She was at a local no kill shelter here in my home town. She was being housed with a little beagle puppy, she absolutely adored playing with. They were on display because it was adoption day at this shelter, and they were placed right up front next to the front door of this shelter in wire pet play area. Josie was so white and had a spot of brown on her side of face and ear. She had pink nose skin with dotted black freckles. Her belly had a “S” branded on it, meaning that she was spaded. This was part of her charm. I mean a dog with its own tattoo is cool. She had tall thin legs and a long tail. her fur was short and she was so soft. Her almond looking eyes were so precious. I could tell she was a female dog because of her face shape. She looked feminine.

This dog was not going to be my dog I was just suppose to be petting animals, for the sheer joy of it. See, I had lost my miniature poodle, JOJO. It was hard on me and I did not want to take another dog right then. I had to have my JOJO put to sleep and he had been with me for fourteen years. he had been there in my life through some very difficult changes and things that happened. JOJO was special and well I did not know if my heart could take losing another dog.

My family insisted that we all go to the shelter this day and look at the animals. Just suppose to had been for fun. I was told they were worried for me, since I had lost JOJO and was feeling down. They were right. I was heart broken. But this dog, whom I saw here, at this shelter had something about her that was special. I sensed it right off. My family insisted I take her out and pet her. I was encouraged to adopt her as well. They said she was what I needed. So I hesitantly paid for and adopted her. She was so precious, I could not resist. Her ears at that time stood straight up in the air and she had the personality to match those spectacular ears. I fell in love with her and so did my family.

Later on, I would hear how she was thrown from a moving truck, along with her siblings, in the middle of a busy highway. I also heard that she was saved but scared of people a little more than usual. This was okay because I was going to heal her hurt with all the love I had, and she, in turn, healed a piece of my broken heart, that was in losing my JOJO. See, we saved each other, if you will. Near her 12th birthday, I took her to the vet because she was acting like she was in pain. Turns out she had arthritis in her spine. This was a result of the abuse she received by being thrown out of a moving vehicle. My baby was in pain. I didn’t like to know that. I don’t know how long she had been suffering from it but she still managed to get around and follow me. She should not have to have gone through that. That made me so sad. I watched a dog that ran around like she was on fire and having fun doing it, to a dog whose back legs became stiff and she struggled to get up and down off of things. She went from sleeping with me to have to sleep on a footstool, on the floor.

She always was skittish and shy. She would bow her head when being scolded for something. Very meek and mild, she would grow to be. She was a constant for me when I needed her love, she always gave it freely and wholeheartedly. I will never have another dog like her, but I will always cherish my time with her.

She was and will always remain a part of my heart! This dedication is to you, my darling, Josie. I will always love you! I miss you so much.


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