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Can’t Go Back, thoughts

Often times I sit and wonder. I wonder if a person who has been gone for many years can just decide that they want to go back to a place […]

First(s) of my garden…

Hello people! Hot day around where I live. I brought in my harvest for the day. I have a huge zucchini squash. And some Roma tomatoes. I planted inside my […]


When were are born into this world our life is but a single thread. Every day we live adds another thread to our life. How were live each day determines […]


Like fairytales we believed as children, we often tell ourselves lies to convince ourselves we need to believe them. Often, we are just hopelessly searching for that answer(s) to our […]

Happy Friday Folks!

Hello everybody, I hope you’re doing good. I am glad today’s Friday. I just wanted to touch base and wish everyone a happy weekend.And I shall see you on this […]

What’s on my mind?…

I have been a busy bee around here. Lots of stuff to keep me busy. I tend to my flowers, my garden, my pets, my grandkids, and my home/ family. […]

~Page News, Thoughts

Hey everybody! Hope everyone is fairing well this Friday! I am going to express a few random thoughts, not in any particular order. I love waking to the bright beautiful […]

Happy Easter

Hope everyone has a good Easter. Spend time with family and friends. I know not everyone celebrates it . That is a personal choice and that is your right. Peace […]


Hello Hope everyone is doing great, on this day February 8, 2019. It is a nice mild weathered day here, with a slight breeze blowing. I was contemplating something recently. […]

My thoughts…

Being a caregiver is great, but not when you let it take over your free time or when you put yourself on the back burner. Sometimes we must take care […]


I lost my little sister, she was the one born after me. She was sick for a while but it is still hard. Please pray for our family. Thank you […]


  How we see ourselves is not always how others do. It is a defining thing for the way we deal and interact with others. Sometimes it really hard to […]

Identity, my thoughts, MwsR

There are those born into an identity. Then there are those born without one. The ones without one search for one they think they should have. The ones born with […]


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