Diabetes Continued/Information Share


3 thoughts on “Diabetes Continued/Information Share

  1. I have type two diabetes. It was actually a trigger for my anorexic relapse. I find it bizarre that I didn’t have a hypo when I wasn’t eating, but have had two since I have restarted eating. Years of harmful compulsive eating and anorexic starvation haven’t done my body any favours.

    • Right, I have heard, our bodies will try and adjust to the conditions we leave it in. So a person could eventually loose the ability to feel bad for negative behavior their bodies are subjected to. some diabetics that have been diabetic for so long have told me that they no longer have body warning signs when sugars are low or too high.

    • I think it’s incredibly that the body continuously tries to compensate for how we treat it. It’s quite astounding that mine continues at all.

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