Have a good weekend


I am tweaking my site a little. Changing the theme, etc. I hope to make it easier and more appealing. I am tired, I have been working on this for hours. Hope it works.

Have a good weekend and God bless you all…

MwsR <3 Michelle


15 thoughts on “Have a good weekend

  1. Looks good dear, I like the new photo, I spent a long time learning how to do theme’s on a website it’s not easy to figure out what the diziner is calling everything.

  2. I read all posts on my iPhone, so they don’t look the same as they do when viewed on a PC. That said, I like what your new theme looks like on my iPhone, especially since you’re using a different and larger font, making it much easier to read on a small screen.

    • Just seen it, thank you. I’ve been remiss in blogging recently due to holidays,etc but I’ll get back on it hopefully today, I was exhausted yesterday, went to bed at 9pm and have just awoke, 6:10am. A good rest with one loo visit!! I’m 46 for goodness sake, very rarely do I sleep all the way through!

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