How to Make a Christmas Tree Corkboard to Display Greeting Cards

Christmas cards are sometimes every bit as cute as any store bought decorations you could hang on your tree. Why not make a cork tree to hang all those cute cards and kids crafts?
Step 1
Gather Materials

You can find cork by the roll at most craft and office-supply stores. You will need one roll for this project. Make your tree as big as you and your wall space desires.
Step 2

Draw Shape on Cork
Use a ruler to outline the shape of your tree. We went with a simple triangle.
Step 3

Cut Cork
Cork by the roll easily cuts with scissors. Use the leftover cork to make a tree trunk.

Step 4

Paint Tree
Paint the tree your preferred shade of green using craft paint. Remember, trees don’t have to be green. Hot pink might be fun.
Step 5

Apply a Second Coat
You may need to add a couple of coats of paint. Be sure to allow the paint to completely dry between coats.
Step 6

Hang It Up
Use small nails to hang your tree on the wall.
Step 7

Add a Tree Topper
Add an angel or a star on top for the full effect.
Step 8

Don’t Forget The Bling
Vintage Christmas costume jewelry will come in handy for this project. Brooches can be used to fasten cards to the cork. If you don’t have any brooches, use colorful push pins or glue broken costume jewelry to plain push pins.
Step 9

Gallery Within a Gallery
Display cards, photos and handmade ornaments from the kids.


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