Me and my page


Seems that my  life has taught me several things along the way. I believe this is so for most people. Why not share what I have learnt with others?

I think that our world is so such better when we give, share, and love. That is what led me to starting this webpage and what continues to drive me to continue it. I write poems from my own experiences and those I have empathy for. I write with a heart of genuine caring and interest. I like to share what ever it is with as many as I can.

I am a mother, grandmother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, etc. My family is what keeps me grounded and what I love and care for the most in this life. I have pets and they give me much joy.

I guess I have always loved to cook and learn things in regards to healthy ways of living. I have Diabetes and feel it is one of my personal duties to share what I know with others to help them. You never know what someone is going through. Their personal battles and their stories are important. Just like our own.

If you have a way to express your own story, then why not do it?

My way is in the form of writing and sharing. So this webpage will reflect that.

I hope everyone who stops in to read, notice, comment or what have you enjoys something about my page.

Thanks everyone.

I will see you on this side of the rainbow!

Mwsr <3 Michelle20170322_162022