Things I love!

20160906_182426Grandaughter when she was younger!

th.gifsnoopy.gifAlways SNOOPY!



My Cat being a mommy!



20180503_113233.jpgMy oldest cat!


always daisies!











20180421_195558.jpgMy grandchildren!



My grandson


4 thoughts on “Things I love!

    • I had a black and white cat, Daisy, was her name. She lived with me for 14 years, till she had a heart attack and died. I still miss her. I planted wild daisies out back of my house, They are always there each year, reminding me still of her. It was in honor of her!

    • I am so sorry for your loss. Planting the daisies is such a beautiful idea!!! My Daisy is 16 and starting to show her age, but still feisty. She has quite a story, which you have inspired me to write more of one day. Thank you!

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