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The rules of the challenge are to: 1) write something in response to the photo you are given, and 2) pick a picture of your own and nominate three people


The little pig could not contain hisself that crisp morning in July.

He and his three brothers had been busy the day before building their houses. one built his out of straw and one built his out of sticks, but this little pig built his out of bricks. He was a very smart pig. He knew that he needed proper material to build his fine house and so the big bad wolf could not blow his house in.

As the story goes,

He and his brothers tried to escape the big bad wolf. First they joined together in the house built from straw, but the wolf huffed and puffed and blew in that little house, scattering the pigs, as they ran for their lives.

Later on in the day, the three pigs joined together to eat dinner at the house of sticks. Just as they were finishing their meal, the big bad wolf struck again, blowing the house of sticks into oblivion. So once again the three pigs scattered and later met up again at the third pigs,house of bricks.

Later on as the night had set in, the three pigs were all comfortable, watching tv. There came a knock at the front door. The big bad wolf was outside waiting to come in and gobble them all up. He was patiently waiting that is when he got the ideal to dress up as a little old lady and try his luck in tricking the three pigs, into letting him come in.

As the story would go, the little pigs declared, “Not by the hair on our chinny chin chins,” and the wolf out of frustration climbed to the top of the house and decided to enter the house through the chimney. The pigs knew he would do this and had a pot of chicken broth stewing down below in the fireplace. The wolf realized too late that he was going to be cooked. Too bad for the wolf, but the pigs felt safe finally and prepared the wolf for a wonderful dinner the next day.

The picture above shows the ecstatic pig who built his house out of bricks.

Success was in preparing and using their little pig brains.

The END.


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