Exercise Habits That Can Slow Muscle Issues Associated With Age

Don’t think of this year as getting older; think of it as getting better and starting a new chapter. It’s important to be mindful of staying active as you age.


How To Transition Plants From One Season To Another

Houseplants can be finicky. That’s because when they’re growing in a pot, they don’t get the same interaction with other species or the same type of soil as outdoor plants. Try as we might, we just can’t quite mimic the environment plants have outside. But there are some things we can do to ease the stress of the transition from outdoors to inside, and keep them thriving all winter long.

Becca Lewis

DIY Shelf Ideas

People often try hard to organize and reorganize things. However, the lack of surface area does not allow them to store and display things properly. Keeping everything in a box in the attic or garage is a different aspect. If you have a shelf, you can store many things in a much better way. These 15 practical and creative DIY shelf ideas let you identify plenty of extra space for storage and display.


At Home Fitness For Losing Belly Fat

Trying to get rid of belly fat can be a real challenge but by making simple changes to diet and fitness routines, people will see results quickly. Ahead of national fitness day 2022 (21 September), experts have revealed their go-to exercises that will help to burn away the bulge and lose weight.

Jessica Williams

Throw Together Meals Share