How to Clean Your Dishwasher | Allrecipes

Learn how to deep clean your dishwasher with just vinegar and baking soda. This step-by-step guide will teach you how to remove built up food, grease, and undissolved detergent.
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Winter Safety Tips For Your Pets

A variety of dangers lurk during the chilly winter months. Here are some tips for keeping your pet safe.
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Stomach Flu

The most common way to develop viral gastroenteritis — often called stomach flu — is through contact with an infected person or by consuming contaminated food or water. If you’re otherwise healthy, you’ll likely recover without complications. But for infants, older adults and people with compromised immune systems, viral gastroenteritis can be deadly.

Mayo Clinic|”Viral gastroenteritis (stomach flu).”

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Farts, Yes Farts, What Can They Mean?

Gas happens — and when it does, it can provide some pretty handy intel. Learn about six different types of toots, such as smelly, hot, and burning farts, and what they say about your health.


Hypothyroidism signs and symptoms may include:


Increased sensitivity to cold


Dry skin

Weight gain

Puffy face


Muscle weakness

Elevated blood cholesterol level

Muscle aches, tenderness and stiffness

Pain, stiffness or swelling in your joints

Heavier than normal or irregular menstrual periods

Thinning hair

Slowed heart rate


Impaired memory

Enlarged thyroid gland (goiter)

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