When To Plant Cucumbers

Cucumbers are a delicious fruit that adds crunch and a sweet flavor to any dish. Luckily, if you love cucumbers and want to add them to your garden, you’ll soon realize how easy they are to care for. They’ll thrive as long as you have a lot of water and sun to give them. You’ll need to choose between two forms of cucumber plants. Depending on how your garden is set up and how much space you have available, you’ll either grow cucumber vines or bushes.


Healthy Alternatives To Keep In Refrigerator

When you’re looking to lose weight, developing healthy eating habits is a crucial part of the equation. It’s much easier to maintain said habits by having nutritious food options at the ready, along with ditching any unhealthy temptations that’ll veer you off course. We chatted with Laura Burak MS, RD, founder of GetNaked® Nutrition and author of “Slim Down with Smoothies,” who shares five healthy foods for quicker weight loss that you should always have in your fridge.

Story by Alexa Mellardo


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Arthritis Help From Different Foods

Arthritis affects nearly 60 million adults and even 300,000 children. There are over 100 types of arthritis and it is in the top 5 causes of disability in the U.S.. So how can we prevent or reduce our risks? Here are the best foods by category that can help reduce your risk of arthritis.