February 15 2019

Nature Photo

A newborn spider monkey is pictured with its mother at the Artis Zoo in Amsterdam, March 16, 2018.

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February 12 2019

Tell A Story Challenge accepted

Thanks Teresa.  https://thehauntedwordsmith.wordpress.com/2019/02/12/the-shadow-man/

Nothing ever looked so beautiful. That rainbow was a promise that finally we would have peace once again.

After the war, things began to be hectic. People were in dire straights and felt a lot of anxiety and a need to survive , by whatever means possible. Lots of them would rob, steal, or cheat to keep their families in food and clothes and in here.

The war had taken its toll on our poor town. Some people packed up their belongings and left things behind, seeking a better place. In our town the business district suffered huge economical downfalls. Lots boarded their windows up and locked their doors. There was great concern over whether any business would survive.

This day, the one where the rainbow shone bright up a head was a day like none other. The alien mother ship sent this rainbow to us. It was their sign of a peaceful end to our suffering. At last no one had to fear, nor steal. No one had to worry about anything ever again. The mother ship assured us all that everything would be okay, once again.

We all took our prized possessions and loaded into the ship, one by one. We wanted to believe, so we did.

February 8 2019

Photo From Around The World

A sunlit view of a colourful garden

Beautiful Gardens winner: Bressingham Gardens in Autumn, by Richard Bloom, Norfolk, England, UK

Image copyright Richard Bloom
“Glorious early morning sun bathed the Summer Garden at Bressingham in rich, warming light. Ornamental grasses are featured with swathes of Asterand Rudbeckia.” – Richard Bloom.
February 6 2019

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