Not Every, Now, For In Please, In Case
By MwsR

Not a day goes by
Not a day there is a dry eye
Not a moment in time I am at peace when I think of you
Every stone left unturned
Every word I ever heard
Every chance that slipped away
Now I am here
Now you are there
Now the end is a foreseeable place
For every day that draws near
For every fear
For internal cleansing I wish you to have
In case you wonder
In case you ponder
In case I cross your mind
Please know I forgave you long ago
Please know I still hurt though
Please know I pray for you
It is hard to search a person’s heart
It is hard to know where to start
It is not a battle I want to keep going
So for me, the day has already come
So it has been since I was young
So now find your peace
Inside you, something is churning
Inside I am not sure it is my goodness that’s burning
Inside is not my place to access but God’s
Make the most of this chance or chances
Make everlasting glances
Make it count.

All rights reserved. MwsR 2021

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Good News!


A couple has adopted two sets of twins in one day in order to keep siblings together while “spreading the love.”

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Shania, Wilnya, Sharleathea and William are pictured from left to right.

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By Ann W. Schmidt | Fox News