Fall by MwsR

Fall for things that benefit you

Express yourself in all you do.

Fall for those who truly care for something

You’ll never have to give up anything.

Fall for the rights of others, when no-one else does

Live in the now not what was.

Fall for silly things, let your heart stay young

Travel, make plans, exercise your lungs.

Fall for doing good deeds

Take ca re of the humble and meek.

Fall into each day,

Actually listen to what people say.

Fall for loving, holding,another

Appreciate them, and also your mother.

Fall when you can and say a prayer or two

There is always God wanting to listen to you.

Fall for mankind and believe in humanity

Clean out your soul, look forward to eternity.

Falling isn’t always a sign of weakness!

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Word of the Week


je-buhl ] 


a South Korean conglomerate, usually owned by a single family, based on authoritarian management and centralized decision-making.



Chaebol “a South Korean conglomerate” is a direct borrowing from Korean and is composed of chae “wealth, property” and pŏl “clique, faction.” However, while chaebol is a Korean term, its origins lie across the Sea of Japan; chaebol reflects the Korean pronunciation of the kanji characters that are used in Japanese to spell the word zaibatsu “a large industrial or financial conglomerate of Japan,” making chaebol the Korean loan translation of zaibatsu. Both chaebol and zaibatsu originated as borrowings from Middle Chinese dzoi “wealth” and bjot “powerful family” (compare Mandarin Chinese cái and ). Chinese is a member of the Sino-Tibetan language family, and though neither Japanese nor Korean belongs to this family, earlier versions of the Chinese language were once heavily influential on the non-Sinitic languages of East Asia. Chaebol was first recorded in English in the 1970s.


South Korea’s family-run conglomerates are facing calls for a shakeup in their governance .… The conglomerates known as chaebol have come under the reform buzz saw before, only to emerge bigger and stronger than ever. The country’s four biggest chaebol groups account for around half the stock market’s value, according to the Korea Stock Exchange.HYUNJOO JIN, SE YOUNG LEE, AND NICHOLA SAMINATHER, “CHAEBOL REFORM AT FOREFRONT OF SOUTH KOREA PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN—AGAIN,” REUTERS, MARCH 27, 2017

Officials worry that as firms such as Naver, which began life as a search engine, and Kakao have expanded into anything from ride-hailing to personal finance, they have picked up the bad habits of the chaebol. These sprawling conglomerates were instrumental in making South Korea rich and continue to dominate its economy. But they are notorious for murky governance structures, oligopolistic business practices and close ties with the political elite.“SOUTH KOREA’S GOVERNMENT SEES TECH FIRMS AS THE NEW CHAEBOL,” ECONOMIST, SEPTEMBER 18, 2021



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Keratitis, What Is It?

Keratitis, an inflammation of the cornea, is a serious and potentially vision-robbing eye condition that requires immediate medical attention.

Denise Mann

“It is like a watch glass on a watch,” explains cornea specialist Stephanie Marioneaux, MD, a clinical spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology and an assistant professor at the Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia.

Stephanie Marioneaux
Photo by Jou00e3o Jesus on Pexels.com


Homeschool Thoughts

Well, today we are going to a pumpkin patch and an apple orchard. I can’t wait neither can the kids. It is good I think the health field trips every once in a while . We made books about apples and their life cycle yesterday so hopefully the kids will retain some of that.

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Green Tea~You’re Gonna Want Some

But here’s the thing — it’s a hell of a lot harder to keep the pounds off when all of fall’s festive temptations arise. Halloween treats, Thanksgiving meals and holiday parties offer a well-deserved opportunity to indulge. It’s been a long year. You’ve earned it. You’ll work it all off in January, you say.

Jacob Lauing