Creepy Animal Facts

The world is full of fascinating animals that have unique characteristics. Some just happen to be pretty terrifying and strange! From eating their own eggs to cannibalism, these animals have some creepy behaviors that will make you cringe, and possibly never put your foot out in the wild ever again…

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Exercises For Anxiety

If you experience anxiety, you know it can be physically, emotionally and mentally exhausting. Although there are many treatments for anxiety, such as counseling or medications, wouldn’t it be great to find an exercise routine you could do from the comfort of your own living room? So to help you, here are the best exercises that you can use to relieve your anxiety:

Nancy Reyes 

Harvest Seeds For Garden

… If you have a tomato or string bean variety you particularly enjoy, saving some seeds to replant next year can take the guesswork out of selecting which type you’d like to plant in the future. There are some practices, though, that will make saving seeds simpler and more successful.

Becca Lewis