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Today was not unlike all the many days before for Blue. She awoke with not much on her mind, in way of things to do, but to get herself ready for school. Same as always, she was wishing she had time to stay in bed just a little more. Her covers on her bed were always so cozy and warm, from her body heat where she had lain.  Blue was always so cold in the wintertime. Her parents kept the door to her room shut and the heat turned off. The sole source of heat they used was a fireplace, that was stationed in the living room. The reason for this was to save money on their power bill. Blue was certain though that they intentionally left her to freeze.


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Like all kids, Blue figured there was some meaning to the fact that she had no heat in her room. Often time she figured it was a sort of punishment for something she had most certainly done. It seemed like she was always doing something that her parents did not approve of. Often, Blue wished she was perfect, but she knew that was not even remotely possible. She was simply not cut out to be perfect. Even as a kid she knew she would disappoint and bewilder much of the time, her parents.

Blue often pondered how her life would be if she had been her sister.

Her sister was way older than her and they did not resemble or think the same way. There was very little in common between her and her sister, but that really did not matter to Blue. To Blue, her sister was darn near perfect and favored by their parents. She just knew she wanted to grow into someone just like her sister. Although, she did not know how. If she was her sister, she just knew her parents would be proud of her, that they would love her through any mistake and that they would tell all their friends about her. Like they always did of her sister.

Often Blue would catch herself trying to watch her sister’s every move. She really could not understand what it was that her parents saw so special in her sister. Her sister appeared to be normal. Often her sister would walk out from her room and Blue would sneak a visit or look into her sister’s room. Blue was really just curious but also felt that maybe there was some magical power in there directing her parent’s affection towards her sister. There was no way her sister could be more important than her, surely there must some magical reason for this type of  affection her sister received.


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Often her sister would find her inside of her room and yell at her, running her out and quickly shutting the door behind Blue as she fled for her life. There just had to be dark secrets inside of her sister’s room, Blue just knew it. Contrary to her sister’s opinion of her, Blue wanted desperately to be close to her sister. Blue  really did not know a whole lot about her sister. It was as if the years that separated them in age, separated them in love. Blue just wanted to be close to her sister, but she did not know how.

At an early age it was, Blue figured out how unfair life could be.

She was often time  bewildered but not free from the bias her household had. She knew that she could try so very hard to seek her parents approval but in reality she would never get it, not like her sister did. Often she found herself feeling jealous and having self-pity. Of course, she also loved all her family and like all kids, she would continue to seek their love and approval.

Perhaps Blue was destined to be a failure, she often times thought. Maybe if she quit trying so hard to be adored, she would feel better.

Try telling a kid that…

To be continued…

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Hello Everybody!

I am hoping everyone is faring well. I have been busy doing the usual things like…

Taking care of my cats, my two dogs and my grandkids as well as my kids and husband. I really would not trade those things for anything else, because that is all my life and the things I love the most.

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I hope that everybody is enjoying my webpage still. It seems I am getting more and more onlookers. I have had some come from the internet search , which makes me happy. If you have never tried looking yourself up, you should try it. It is amazing where you show up and what information s being shown about you. Kind of scary though, as well. You never know what kind of crazy people are looking in on you!


I am trying to post daily, seems my three-month preparation has passed now and I am having to write ahead for months to come. That way I never miss posting. It is important, I think, to keep people engaged as well. Comment and message and like people’s writings. It can make all the difference to a person struggling to find a place within this and other communities. I have noticed that not many comment anymore, as they use to on my things. I guess that is just the nature of things. Cannot please everyone and I am not going to beg for anyone to do it. No one should ever have to pry a compliment or comment from this world audience. Just like everything else we do in this world, it is not always going to be noticed or appreciated, or welcomed by all who see. That is totally okay.

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I just want to wish everyone a good rest of the week and so forth. I hope those who continue to support me, and encourage me, and comment and follow, know how deeply grateful I am for that.

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I hope to see and hear from you on THIS SIDE OF THE RAINBOW…


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Excerpt from “HeartStones”, by Mws R


I Am Special By No Means

I am not special by any means

But I have a heart and yes, I can bleed

Don’t try to use me or hurt me

I do not like that, you see

Tough I am, but nice I am too.

I will make you laugh at times when you are blue.

I do like animals of all sorts

I love wearing flip flops and a pair of shorts

I feel things deeply, although it can be a curse

Sometimes it hurts and can make me feel worse

When I love I really love

And when I am pushed, no problem, because I really can shove

Sad movies make me cry

Nothings is a total loss , if you try

I have a lot to give nd give a lot

I hate 100 degree weather because I get hot

I like long walks, playing through the woods, swimming in the sea

These things are magical for me.

My heart I wear proudly on my sleeve

I dislike selfish people it one of my pet peeves

Thoughtful and forgiving, I wish to always be

This poem is just a little to share about me.

MwsR <3




Torino, Blue Continued

There is just something about the things we recall from a young age and the different one we have when we recall as adults. 

Blue always had things that held special significance to her and thru her childhood. The one she remembers fondly is the Ford Torino. The family owned a royal blue Torino. This car was so huge it felt like a house on wheels to Blue. The color was one she favored, See the source imagebecause she felt a fondness towards blue things in comparison to her blue eyes. It was something she had heard time and time again, how her eyes were the loveliest color of blue.  She identified with blue a lot, thus her name was Blue, too.


This Torino was not the first family car she remembered. The family had owned a VW bug when she was smaller and it was just her and her big sister. When her brother came along the family got this Torino to accommodate the family dynamics. Back in this time and era, no one was required to wear a seatbelt. It was not made into law when she was small, so she could ride anywhere she wanted.

Sometimes Blue rode in the floorboard. She loved how every bump in the road was felt. She enjoyed the bouncing when they rode over a pothole or bump. She often would lay on her back in the floorboard and look out the windows of that Torino and follow along with her eyes everything that flew past. It was so cool for her to lay there and just enjoy. Fairly often she would climb onto the back dash and lay there. Imagine the people who saw that! A kid riding in the back window of the big blue car. She did not care to think about things of that nature, she just enjoyed her time, whenever she could.

This car, she often thought would be a great boat. She often imagined that the car could float. This car resembled a boat to her. It had a very large hood and front. She could just see herself riding a top the hood as the car floated on the river. She often thought it would be cool to put some flowery curtains in the windows of that car, and make a little cabin inside. This car had great potential, she thought.

Blue thought this car was special. There was just something about it. It could have been the room it had in it, or maybe the wide windows , or perhaps the large leather seats were the most appealing part. It really was hard to pinpoint why she loved it, she just did. She liked the idea that she never had to sit right on top of her big sister when they went out and about. That was a definite plus. Nothing worse than being cramped while riding to and from some place. She most definitely hated that.

Sometimes when her dad was driving to the store, he would turn the wheels left and right in a fashion that slid her from one side to the other. This was due in part to the large bench back seat. It was slicker than glass. Her little self slid back and forth so easy when her dad turned curves. If her dad was in a bad mood and angry, she knew that he would sling her around. His driving was rough when he was in a bad mood, Often she was asked to tag along to the store and back, He always liked her company it seemed.

She never questioned that kind of attention. Perhaps she should had, but she was just  naïve little girl who assumed the world was a good place. In her home she assumed the same.

To be continued….

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