MwsR Sayings

Life is…
More than living
Lots of work
Hope for a tomorrow
Reassurance of change
Struggles that make you stronger
Cherishing of those that surround you.
A gift for us to share, to receive love , to give love, and to make the most of.

MwsR Writings

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The Quiet In The Room by MwsR

There is something that is greater still

Then moments we have expressed

Some things are left unsaid

All you get are echoes of their clarity

Some are remnants of struggles

Of things that leave us perplexed

Often we don’t even notice until

We are contemplating things while sitting by a windowsill

Extraordinary means to a possible surrender

It would seem

Fragile people with broken wishes

Ones that left them disabled in emotional healing

Because of their heart’s feelings

Somewhere there is a quietness in the room

One that all of this and more, consumes.

Jaded experienced people would not understand

The moments that have occurred and thus lent a hand

In the quietness, you find there,

Find anywhere, honestly.

If you are compounded with a lot of stuff

Remember what is can be returned to dust

None of us should forget

The quieter things get the more people have had regrets

The more peace some may find

You’ll know when it is your time.

All rights reserved. MwsR 2022

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Rest by MwsR

When the world is smothering you

And there is nothing you can do

Sit back and take a rest

And rest assured you did your best.

Time is a thief of second chances

With a swift and unexpected way it prances

It comes without apology

And takes what it wants, trust me.

Be satisfied enough with yourself and your decisions

Let them resonate and do the unfolding of their prisms.

Rest while you wait

Don’t overthink, don’t overrate!

You are the one who spent the time

The one who sits alone and spends time in your own mind.

You know what you must do

And what you can’t acquire, just you.

So lay your burdens down

All the pressures of the day that made you frown.

Rest and be okay.

And if your lucky there will be another day.

All rights reserved. MwsR2022

MwsR Writings

The world is full of good and bad. We can be good and help fade away the bad.
Only by doing good do we achieve good.
Is it always easy? No, definitely not.
Just the inner peace we get from it, that’s worth more than diamonds.

MwsR Writings

Self Image

“Let’s write about self image today”….MwsR

There is a link between your thoughts of yourself and how you look at another.
The saying that “you are going to love yourself because God made you is not the truth.”
First, you must look at yourself without those condescending, critical, goggles you have on! The truth is we can never love ourselves like God can to think otherwise is misleading yourself which will leave no room to change things…appearance or otherwise. Do you know what I am writing here this morning?!
Secondly, our human bodies were created to change… grow old…and diminish in appearance. Ain’t nobody able to stop that. So quit looking for that hidden youth serum or that latest procedure. There is exercise…healthy diets…supplements..vitamins..etc.
Thirdly, This ain’t Hollywood people. We don’t have airbrushes and computer experts able to change our appearance at a whim.
Do I want to look spectacular? Um, yes but I have faced reality. Not enough money or time or collagen at my doorstep. Anyhow the previous ideals would shock me back to the here and now.
Why is it we think true love of self is skin deep?
True love of self is knowing our intentions, our thoughts, our reasons and meanings to how we struggle, how we deal, how we treat, and how we live.
Do I love my body? Nope
Do I love gaining weight or wrinkles or clothes not fitting? Nope,
But I think in God’s eyes I am perfect. I think God cares less about my body and more about what controls my thoughts and rules my life.
Next time you wish you were better looking or skinnier…or HOT remember to God the only one who should matter…YOU ARE.
Can you improve? Certainly but don’t let it rule you. You might just begin to like yourself, you already are.
Also, you will be kinder to others. You will appreciate them for their heart…not their appearance. You won’t be a “fake”.:)