Silence by MwsR Writings

Is there such a thing as peace?
Will this burden ever release?

So many things cannot be undone
Like looking at the “mountain” wanting to run.

Things that used to mean something are being replaced
Even the smile that was carried around on the face.

Sometimes hurt can overwhelm us
It can make a prisoner and create a stirring fuss.

It can take away our light and our joy
Things that used to bring something suddenly don’t anymore.

When a person’s heart has been hurt and created a scar
IT is always there even when it doesn’t hurt so bad, and never far.

As if silence could be still a heart
Then time would join its hand
Nothing could wound us
Nothing would reside …

Try to find some silence for your heart
It will not diminish the pain, but it’s a start.

Help yourself, be kind to you
You don’t come with a blueprint in blue.

Peace is not always attainable
Burdens can be many and manageable.

Silence might simply be closure…
Closure to whatever creates a burden or more.

All rights reserved. MwsR2022

Poem by MwsR

I’ll Hold Those
By MwsR

I’ll hold those times we talked and chatted close
They helped me the most.

I’ll hold those gifts you so freely gave
Little did you know that those I’d save.

I’ll hold those pictures of you laughing inside my head
Even when I’m feeling blue, and don’t want to leave my bed.

I’ll hold those times we embraced and said” I love you”
You never know when those three words will pull you through.

I’ll hold those conversations with others about you.
They will understand how much you mattered, too.

I’ll hold those moments each of them down deep
And hope that you are there, somewhere, taking a peek.

I’ll hold those things dear to my heart
There is never anything that can tear us apart.

All rights reserved. MwsR2022

MwsR Quote

When you walk in the light, you have a shadow.
Although the shadow doesn’t define you, you still have it.
Just like a shadow, we each have something that follows us. It does not have to define us.
We can choose to stay in the “light” and learn from our shadows.
Learn. Live. Love.
MwsR Writings

All rights reserved. MwsR2022

Poem by MwsR

Another Part of Our Minds, By MwsR

I think there is a place,
A wondrous place where you can set your mind at ease.
A wondrous place where you can set your mind at ease.
Another dimension of the now we know
It is what we have in our minds.
See the ability to transport to another place with other feelings
Is simply, there.
There among the clutter, the business of life.

It is purely up to you where you choose to go.
Could be for a minute, for an hour, or longer.
Depends upon what you want to invest in the travel.
Depends upon what you want to invest in the travel.
You can take with your knowledge of things past, or possibly things you have not experienced yet.

There are many seasons there, it just depends on the factors that there are.
It could be raining or cold, possibly windy and sunny all on the same day.
That is how it is with our heads.
This is how it is with our heads.
There is so much to them, even so much we keep in our subconscious.

I think there is for sure a place.
A wondrous place where you can set your mind at ease.
A wondrous place where you can set your mind at ease.
Another part of us we sometimes fail to see.
It is where we have the ability in our minds to feel something different than in our lives.
There, among the clutter, the hectic business of life, you can control it.

All rights reserved. MwsR2022

MwsR Thoughts

We all face different things in our lives.
Seldom do we stop and realize what others go through.
I have known friends that hurt each day, carry guilt, and are hurt. I know people who despite circumstances that were given to them, carry on every day.

It is never the journey ahead that hurts us… It is, however, our lack to properly prepare as we start that journey.

Don’t forget others go through it, deal with it, and push past it… you can too.

Yes, it will hurt sometimes. Yes, it will change you some. Yes, it will most definitely impact those who are in it with you, in one way, shape, or form. This can most certainly be directly or indirectly.

But the good news is…
You can move through whatever journey is ahead… You can.

There is hope for today.💓



I’m so tired of trying
So much like a gun that’s through firing.
I have the capabilities to do more,
It just isn’t worth all the allure.
Maybe it was a trial run or a possible misfire
Maybe my emotions are a liar.
Need me, only in case of emergency
It can’t be me anymore, you see!
I’ve done all I desire to do
Remember it wasn’t me but you.
There is a shift in power now
I’m taking over, someway, somehow.
Better if you look for another opportunity
Because I’m putting you away for my sanity.
I won’t get played anymore
See we have already been here, in this predicament before.
It’s nothing that it is the way it is
Just one to just dismiss.
There I said it, now you know
Don’t come to me unless you can show
What it means to say you care.
It’s more than words, you should be made aware.

@MwsR2022.All rights reserved.

MwsR Thoughts

A sense of sadness is in my soul. I do not know where to begin. I did not see myself this sad over the possibility of losing someone who caused me so much emotional damage. I had briefly entertained the thought, long ago, of this person meeting his maker. I had thought that should he have the chance he might come to me one day and ask for my forgiveness. I guess I was wrong to think that would happen. Sometimes, in life, things will stay the same, or they won’t change. As I age I see so much of what is wrong in this life. I see hurt feelings that never mend. I hear stories of people at their end, taking all their animosity or hate with them to their graves. I also see those who longed for better but never took the step to get there. Sadly I know of too much heartache and tears shed in the name of “ pride”.

This man who was supposed to protect me, love me, and help me, ruined my teenage years and my self-worth. He imposed his selfish ways upon me. He created a girl destined to fail at being confident and self assured. He led my head down a path I never thought it would go. Trailing behind it was my heart. It would spin out of control and dangle around my neck like a noose. I would almost have to die to be made whole again. Well, whole enough to see hope and love and joy.

So much of who I am came from this man. Not my courage, not my strength, actually nothing positive, that was all my own doing. From him every fear, every doubt, every self disturbing thought came. It came so hard that I thought it would finish me off. So why did I even allow myself the trouble of a one day reappearance that would give me closure and he would ask to be forgiven for it all? I don’t know. Perhaps hearing that he is in hospice was a nudge towards those thoughts. Perhaps I still believe in forgiveness and reconciliation of some things. Of course, I do!

Never have a read-up on how to deal with such an issue. I believe it is safe to say there are no outlines of how to correctly respond to such news. Hospice means that he is dying. It means he should make amends and make his last will. It means those around him should help him get his affairs in order. Yet, I feel no one can help his soul but God. No one can help him be forgiven. It is his own decision to do so. Maybe he is too sick to be coherent. Or maybe he can’t speak. There are a thousand scenarios of what his case might be. I guess I may never know.

Now I’m faced with letting it go, again. I need to let God handle it because frankly, I have so many emotions about it all. I would surely mess up things if I were on my own. I covet prayers for peace and understandings concerning this. If you would pray for his soul that would be much appreciated. I feel that God needs me to ask this. I feel that this is so much more than mine and his history. This is or was my father by adoption. He was put in my life. I may not know the reason why but I know he was.

My heart is torn, it is so sad. I wish for better days. I long for peace and if possible confirmation of his life had it been changed. Thank you all for reading.

MwsR 💔