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MwsR Writings

I think the saddest thing for us humans, is that we cannot get over things that happen in our lives. We hold onto them, hoping that in that we can […]

MwsR Writings

To be expressive is an outward acknowledgement of feelings. To be indecisive is a sign of an inward struggle. MwsR “Her’s was all she had and knew, yet no-one had […]

MwsRWritings ~Words for Thought

Without empathy you have lack of concern. Without love you allow indifference and intolerant thinking. Without compassion your soul is stagnant. Without possibilities you have no hope. In having empathy […]

Hey guys!

Been practicing making, dyeing, and laying Fondant for my daughter’s wedding cake. I never knew how simple it is. My husband has the strong hands with which to work it. […]

MwsR Quote

Like pieces in a game of Checkers, we must play this game of life. We need to see further ahead and move accordingly. Avoid getting taken by your adversaries. We […]

MwsR Writings~

…the Game By MwsR Why do we think there is always time? What is it that makes us think we are free from death or separation? It is a constant […]


Easter, ah, the time when eggs get dyed, candy is given, and there is a big meal for the family… Easter was one of the best holidays for Blue. She […]

Blue~ Blue Hurts Too

Blue never really understood why she was hurting someone’s feelings if she asked questions about where she came from and things of that nature. It just seemed natural that she […]


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Mws R Writings
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