Often the news can make me depressed. There is so much going on in our world, We should try to look at the news though to stay informed. I have started sharing some posts dedicated to what I see in the news. I won’t share everything but I will share some. Hope you find what I share to be informative, sometimes hopeful, and full of information.


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Will there be a shortage of Thanksgiving supplies this year? Click link Below

Unique Ways To Make Deviled Eggs. Click On Link Below

Techniques to Use For Anxiety, perhaps because of elections. Click Link Below

Can You Teach A CAt To Use A Leash? Click Link Below

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WHy Do Cats Cover Their Urine And Poop? Click Link Below

Spaghetti and meatball recipe without carb guilt. cLICK LINK BELOW

thE “not so good” coffee drinks. cLICK lINK bELOW

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Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

I am going to share some links about fasting and intermittent fasting, please choose from the links provided below.

Intermittent Fasting isn’t French for Why the Holy Deprivation.
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Holidays Are Around The Corner

Are you ready for the holidays? I am most certainly not! Seems Each year gets way ahead of me. I need to start earlier rather than later this next year.MwsR
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Today is…

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To learn more about this day, please follow the link below

Let’s remember the infants that have been lost and the pregnancies. Any death of a child is a great loss, no matter what the reason.