Rest by MwsR

When the world is smothering you

And there is nothing you can do

Sit back and take a rest

And rest assured you did your best.

Time is a thief of second chances

With a swift and unexpected way it prances

It comes without apology

And takes what it wants, trust me.

Be satisfied enough with yourself and your decisions

Let them resonate and do the unfolding of their prisms.

Rest while you wait

Don’t overthink, don’t overrate!

You are the one who spent the time

The one who sits alone and spends time in your own mind.

You know what you must do

And what you can’t acquire, just you.

So lay your burdens down

All the pressures of the day that made you frown.

Rest and be okay.

And if your lucky there will be another day.

All rights reserved. MwsR2022

Poem by MwsR


The sweet wind blows

I am thinking of you

Clouds are so big and beautiful

I am so thankful for you

Little birds of red and brown perched nearby

I sometimes miss you when you are gone and cry

Fall brings milder weather and crisp mornings

I love when you smother me with your loving

Oh! the need for warmer clothes and heat

When I am next to you my heart starts a faster beat.

Trees start to change their colors and shed their leaves

The love you give me makes me want to believe

Like Fall our love can change and still remain.

All rights reserved. MwsR 2022

MwsR Poem

All rights reserved. MwsR 2022


By MwsR

She was there,
She was always there waiting in the corner

Trying to get out
Trying to holler, even shout
Time wasn’t good to her during those years She spent most of her time in a room with all her tears

Sadness and mercy were her best friends
She often wondered where she’d be in the end

Her weakness and selfishness,
But all that helped her cope
Sometimes she even thought about taking some dope

Time couldn’t take what God gave her
She only hoped that she would be in his favor

While everyone else went about their day
She always seemed to stay
Somewhere, someone maybe, maybe not

She felt like inside she was starting to rot

Secrets and lies
But she played the game
She assumed that one day her heart will become lame

To drift in existence
Sometimes just walking away
This was a normal, typical day for her.

MwsR Poem

Collecting Your Memories
By MwsR

It is sad sometimes
But it is so real.
The life we live all the time.
When there is doubt or fear, or pain
We go back to where we once were.
Finding comfort from the same.
It’s scary to think
For us to move on we need to collect our memories
Before they sink.
Often blinded by the once
Too much can cloud our today.
But if you have to, to move ahead, or just because…
Then collect your memories
Express their feelings as best you can.
Be it in song, writing, or whatever sensories.

All rights reserved. MwsR 2022

MwsR Poem

All rights reserved. MwsR 2022

Rest by MwsR
Let your soul find peace.
Set your mind at ease.
Free yourself from guilt and shame
Rest in God almighty’s name.
Follow not this world’s view.
But awake and start with God’s; it will renew.
Reach for the one who gives you love
Soar through life just like a dove.
In him alone you’ll never want again.
If in his will you doth attend.
It’s written in his word how to live
It’s in his forgiveness you learn to give.
His light will guide you when clouds turn gray.
Just walk with him and don’t turn away.