Not Every, Now, For In Please, In Case
By MwsR

Not a day goes by
Not a day there is a dry eye
Not a moment in time I am at peace when I think of you
Every stone left unturned
Every word I ever heard
Every chance that slipped away
Now I am here
Now you are there
Now the end is a foreseeable place
For every day that draws near
For every fear
For internal cleansing I wish you to have
In case you wonder
In case you ponder
In case I cross your mind
Please know I forgave you long ago
Please know I still hurt though
Please know I pray for you
It is hard to search a person’s heart
It is hard to know where to start
It is not a battle I want to keep going
So for me, the day has already come
So it has been since I was young
So now find your peace
Inside you, something is churning
Inside I am not sure it is my goodness that’s burning
Inside is not my place to access but God’s
Make the most of this chance or chances
Make everlasting glances
Make it count.

All rights reserved. MwsR 2021


Alright by MwsR

Life and circumstances affect you, often taking your true sight
Your head must remember all of your might
A heart can break from endless banter
Things you’ve cared for now are shattered
All the echos of the things left unsaid
Conversations that you fast inside your head
Relentless “what if’s” make you feel a certain way
Sometimes things just replay
You’re not required to emulate the bold
Things will get hard to hold
That’s no surprise
You will fall and still rise
You’ve done things before, without making a plan
Time to rethink, man
In one pressing moment, maybe more
The one that had previously worked before
A short period or if needed, in more than a while
No one can judge the process, you are not on trial.
Learn to accept that you’ve made mistakes and move on
Life is shorter than it is long.
Grow old being enough, with yourself and despite others
Insist on and don’t resist, forgiveness for yourself
Even if you are the one that is forgiving
Try to go on, even if it is just by living
The world has enough players, so you be real
Just open up to yourself and feel.
That will help you heal

Remember, there isn’t a war when you won’t fight.

All rights reserved. MwsR 2021


Frozen by MwsR
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it way down deep?
Or has it haunted you in your sleep?

You have become numb and changed
The pieces that were once limber are stiff.
Why is it that we stay on that frozen cliff?

Too many things have been affected
Your goals and your visions have become neglected.
It’s as if your soul has been rejected.

You can no longer see now there is a haze
You try to get back what time tries to erase
When in all actuality you cannot continue the chase.

Waiting for that one rock to knock you and shatter you into many pieces
Hoping that the Sun will warm you and bring you back to living
Where once breath was inside of you now you have nothing that’s giving.

You are frozen.
You are frozen in time.
You are frozen in time because you have grown cold.

No spark has left no flame will burn
Until this curse has risen
You need to realize what it is you have to give and how much more of your life you have to live, just listen.

You don’t have to be frozen
Time doesn’t have to freeze
You can avoid being cold…

The spark is there it will ignite the flame
The curse will rise and you shall remain
You can give and continue to live.

All rights reserved. MwsR2021


Hole by MwsR

Deep within, you’ve always felt without.
You keep things in instead of putting them out.
Pressing yourself to anything in order to feel.
Leaving your heart to the side because it won’t heal.
Filling up on disappointments and things.
Intercepting the blows just to experience a change.
Digging has become harder to do
Making it out is all that consumes you.
A hole is where you have been
Where you are again.
You must learn to stay content,
Or try your darndest to become more relevant.
Nothing will change for you
Unless to yourself, you stay true.
You’ll stay in a hole of deep sadness and distress.
Learn to heal first then take care of the rest.
Soon that hole will be no more.
You’ll have many more feelings to explore.

All rights reserved. MwsR2021



In a world where we suffer,

Why not be a buffer?

In a time where things burst out of control

Why not be the one constant soul?

In a year like we have seen

Be the kind one, not the mean.

If things seem weary, dreaded, or bleak,

Reach out and help the weak.

If nothing can be certain or sure

Be the reason things are not obscure.

If false teachers are spreading lies,

Let the truth be seen with your own eyes.

When dire circumstances arise,

Try to stay calm, collected, and wise.

When people mock you for being caring

Don’t let them make you uncaring.

When our world gets to be too much,

Make sure you tell those you love ,you love them a bunch.

Things change always,

Things will block your path, even if sideways.

Things will be hectic, sometimes,

Prepare your heart and mind.

We all are in this together,

Together, we are,

Let’s keep on keeping on,

No matter how far.

All rights reserves. MwsR2021


Collecting Your Memories
By MwsR

It is sad sometimes
But it is so real.
The life we live all the time.
When there is doubt or fear, or pain
We go back to where we once were.
Finding comfort from the same.
It’s scary to think
For us to move on we need to collect our memories
Before they sink.
Often blinded by the once was
Too much can cloud our today’s.
But if you have to, to move ahead, or just because…
Then collect your memories
Express their feelings as best you can.
Be it in song, writing, or whatever sensories.

All rights reserved. MwsR2021