Inescapable Knot by MwsR

Been thinking about you from dusk to dawn
Wishing we could talk again, all evening long.
You came into my life at such an impressionable age
Showed me how to dream while in the most imaginable state.
I wonder often if I cross your mind
Leaving you breathless while not being far behind.
I carry you around like a clown carries his props.
Never letting you go for fear my heart would drop,
Or my heartbeat stop.
There are times I swear I hear your words
If I told that to certain people they’d think me absurd.
But it’s true and deep
And follows with every heartbeat.
You changed my mind, filled my soul
Like frost that is inseparable from the cold.
One blink I feel I might lose sight
While holding you in my heart so tight.
A dream, I think not
Just an inescapable knot.

All rights reserved@2021MwsR


Just Another Holiday By MwsR

A couple of days of the year
We set aside to be of good cheer
I don’t quite get it, why do we all go insane
Trying to purchase every brand name
Our bank accounts are spent down to the bottom
So we can be sure no one is forgotten.
Shouldn’t holidays be more?
Why do we think it can be bought in a store?
Give to someone who needs it
Maybe a meal or a coat that would fit.
How about volunteering your help and hands
Just so someone can be able to “stand”.
Just another holiday, I think not
It is a chance to help, a lot.
People are out there all alone
With no place to call their home.
Others struggle just to keep food on their table
Remember the Christ who was born in the stable?
This is the true meaning of giving
That you give help to someone else so they keep living.
It isn’t the bows or the pizzazz of your tree
It isn’t about you and it isn’t about me.
It is just another Holiday
But it is you who can make it a certain way.
Go out and give!
That is how Jesus taught us to live.
Be thankful 365 days
Not just on holidays.

*The road of unselfishness is paved with blessings!

All rights reserved @ MwsR2021

Photo by Patricia McCarty on Pexels.com
Photo by Porapak Apichodilok on Pexels.com



There is giving with thanks

Every man knows it is in what you think

No time for the frustration that keeps lingering

It is time to give up on all that’s clinging

Giving will only make us stronger

Our heart will last even longer

It is more than actions, it is our words

Somethings are forgotten but never unheard

In another’s life we often see reflections

Things that mean something, special blessings

We stumble over divine blessings trying to reach the other side

A side that was not meant for us, not our “ride”

Reflections of things will often take away our peace

When what we should think of is within our own reach

Giving from a heart that has been bruised will often heal another’s

We might have watched that action from our mothers

Being thankful for things will help you give

Giving also helps you live!

Be thankful so you can be giving

Bless another while your living.

All rights reserved@MwsR2021.

Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels.com

Veterans Day Poem Share

The Life Of A Soldier

Jodi M. Kucera© Jodi M. Kucera More By Jodi M. Kucera

Published: May 2018

We have an understanding, you and I.
We sit in silence; nothing needs to be said.

I know the weight you carry.
You hold your head high, but inside you cry.

The life of a soldier is not an easy one.

Memories haunt you!
But you stand tall and show no fear.

The life of a soldier is not an easy one.

You hear voices of days past come rushing to your head.
You think to yourself, “He was a good one; why is he dead?”

You wonder if you should have done things differently.
No time to think, only react.

The life of a soldier is not an easy one.

The guilt is too much to bear.
Although you were wounded, you question,

“Why him and not me?”
You can’t forget the faces that were there.

The life of a soldier is not an easy one.

We have an understanding, you and I.
You’re a soldier for life, and it has not been an easy one.dier

Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/the-lifle-of-a-soldier


Show by MwsR

When you hold me
Hold me so close our hearts blend.
If you care for me at all
Make me believe without having to ask.
Whenever you desire to be with me
Show me like a poem written in visual words.
If you want me to be in your life,
Show me you do, like a puzzle piece knows it fits in its place.
Make me see what you see when you think of me
With all the purpose that special meaning can be.
Loving should come without hesitation
And it should serve as a privileged obligation.
When giving me your self
Help me feel like you have nothing left to give
If you can’t
Disappear to whence you came.

All rights reserved. MwsR2021

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Behind by MwsR

Lurking behind the curtains,

Hiding in the shadows

There is danger.

There’s a danger that is created

Lots of pain is in store

Screams that come out from under your door.

Secrets that wish to stay hidden

Hurts that you cannot imagine

In the air is deception, selfishness, and harm

In a home of abuse you are never safe.

Your will is betrayed.

Noone cares about your moaning

No one comes to rescue you

Behind the four walls, of your house.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Afraid by MwsR

To know what it was like back then

You should picture an animal pen.

One where there is a small place to move around

Where if you scream you still cannot be found.

A place that would keep you

Keep you to be in view.

A place where your safety is void.

People would pass by and around

Looking at you but never making a sound.

You would be alone

Even this would become home.

Anything could happen, any given day

It really was that way!

You were trapped, you had fear

From the very one you held dear.

Afraid and alone,

A reality for you but not those at your home.

Secrets that presented themselves always were ignored

Passing words or actions, lay buried on the floor.

Noone helped, not one single soul

That was your life in this pen that became a hole.

Afraid hardly covers the sins that were there,

Seemed like no one would ever care.

But one day, the fear had taken a ride,

Out came the things that were buried inside

Finally someone listened, looked in and came

Took her out of the pen and she overcame.

Afraid to ever be there again,

She left a lot of her kin.

Never to return, or be that afraid again, of that man.

Photo by MART PRODUCTION on Pexels.com

All rights reserved. @MwsR2021