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Truth by MwsR

If I looked better than I do now

The world would still let me drown.

If I made lots of friends not foes

The True friends would be all I know.

If I lived in a nice place

It couldn’t change what’s not erased.

If time stayed still for me

The heartache would still be.

If my waist was fit and trim

I’d still see through this person created film.

It does matter what we think is enough

It’s not what the world thinks and all their stuff.

To be true to who you are

Will eventually recover every scar.

Let yourself be happy

It’s a poem about realism and isn’t happy.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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Easy by MwsR

It’d be easier without feelings

At least then no worries

Nothing to try and attempt to control

Everything would be colder than cold

Easy to travel this world all alone

Than to have loved much like you are prone

Everything changes

There is no room for anyone who simply manages

Easy to walk in the other direction

When nothing is expected, no need for perfection

Trials would all be null and void

Those who were victims, would be no more

Easy to tell a lie than pretend you are alright

Second guesses, those keep us up at night

Different people with no agendas

Different objectives can leave you feeling offended

Easy not to show your sensitive side

But sometimes, harder to hide

Human interaction will confuse things

No sense in worrying what tomorrow can bring

Easy to forget the hardships and stay in denial

If you want to live un-encumbered for a while

Easy to just feel and see reality

When your talking about spirituality

Everyone chooses according to their own preferences

Everyone makes efforts or they don’t.

Easy is something everyone wants.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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Why…by MwsR

It can hurt,

It’s unbearable for sure

The heartbreak one individual has to endure.

Sudden it can come

The very thing we find ourselves running to escape

That part of life becomes our fate.

Turning a corner

In search of relief for just a while or two

If you don’t find it soon it will tear you into.

Putting faith in things that don’t matter

Things that are useless and void

Instead of being smart and unmoved, we let ourselves stay annoyed.

Why must we let our own selves down

When we don’t need to, ever.

We can’t live like this forever.


Thank you for reading 🙂

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