Poem by MwsR

Mother’s Day Blues, by MwsR
(My birth mom)

Like a gem, you were one of a kind
In my heart at least, and in my mind.
I never got to tell you things
Or even show you I could sing.
I wanted to know what was in you heart
I always did from the very start.
You were so significant to me
You were so significant to see.
Yes, in a way I am bitter and sad
But it is the way it is and that does not have to make me glad.
I wonder what your fears were and your dreams
I often think of very trivial things.
You never got to see my heart
But that was always kind of hid, since we were apart.
If you had a favorite food, I would not know
See these are those trivial things I really can’t let go.
See these are those trivial things I really can’t let go.
Those things that you did, the things you knew.
The wishes you had,
Even the little things that made you mad.
I took for granted there would be time
There would be a chance for our hearts, yours and mine.
As I do every Mother’s day and every day
I want to be able to have a chance to say,
I miss you, I really do, not in the way others might had thought of you,
The way a child does when a piece of them is missing
When there is the one thing they grew up wanting and wishing.
The family says I look so much like you
I really think that is what I will always use to help me when I am blue.
I wonder if the days had been longer and the time had not come so soon
Would I had finally got to know and love the real you?

MwsR Writings

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Reason By MwsR

Often doing things I would rather leave undone

Searching multiple sources just to get things done

Finishing the chores of the morning in haste

Making sure each hour has not been a waste

Reaching out to those I feel don’t really care

Just running a brush through my own hair

Mending what I physically can

So I don’t need an extra hand

Dealing with bouts of pain

Trying to smile when things go insane

Reconciling to things that you never thought of

Coming up with new ways to deal with short offs

Everything will revolve

There will always be things to solve

Things to prove

Things that are new.


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A Bunch of Ifs
by MwsR

If you can look behind yourself and see no pain
If you can keep a smile even when things stay the same
If you can breathe without complication
Or fix whatever is your problem
If you can see the joy in mundane things
If you can work without any constraints
If you feel empathy for your neighbor
If you can get paid for all your labor
If days come in and they are easy
Then you won’t feel measly
If you can trust without worry
Despite the things that make other people scurry
If tomorrow is awaited with anticipation
Then you can rest easy without hesitation
If your heart is full of peace and love
You will not fall when the push comes to shove
If liars cannot blemish your character,
Then you are special, that’s an important factor
If this poem makes you stop and pause
Then it has served its cause.

Copyright(c)2023.MWSRwritings.All rights reserved.

Poem by MwsR

Visit by MwsR

There is a place whether in a dream or life
That you can imagine yourself being, and leaving behind all the strife.
That place is a resting place for your soul and mind.
It is one that no one but you can find.
When shadows try to take your sun away
You can revisit this place and for a while stay.

A place for comfort, reflection, and rest
This place is simply the best.
Everyone has their own place like this
There is no challenge there, at least not in this.
Visit this place when you need
Go there when you can, I plead.

When you get ready to pack
Take only what you need to come back.
Leave behind all the negativity and pain
Because with those things life surely will seem the same.
Revisit if and when you can
There your strength will help you stand.

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The smoke will clear but the smell will remain

Things that don’t move freely often stay the same

People are battling inside their souls

It is something that’s long been foretold

Obstacles here, obstacles there

If you can’t see them, you still are aware

What must we do but chug along

Do what we can even if that too becomes wrong

Search and you can find

Things that give momentary comfort and peace of

But obstacles will always be

There for you and me

It is how we move around them,

Struggle through them

That will matter when all is said and done

All in good time, like the shine from the sun

I am not the only one with Obstacles.

Copyright (c) 2023 MWSRwritings – All Rights Reserved

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Poem by mwsR


This pain is waiting

I will not let it in

This was all my yesterdays, I don’t live now in them

I want to scream and shout at those memory ghosts

That used to be such present hosts

My heart is strong but made from much pain

Because of back then, I have never been the same.

I hope I can free my mind from it all

One day I’ll deal but not because of that call

I’ll let things fly from my mind so I can sleep

I hate those feelings though that like to creep

Please pray for me

Please hold my hand

This has been a journey, I’m in a foreign land

God help me heal and take this from me

I just want desperately to be free.

Copyright (c) 2023 MwsRwritings – All Rights Reserved

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