Hey All!

Just wanted to touch base with you all. I made to Wisconsin yesterday evening. It was a long drive. I am grateful that I did not run into any issues. Now I am sitting and resting in my hotel room. It is nice to just do nothing.

I will not be posting a lot this week but I will be posting each day. I hope to just relax while my husband is at the Wisconsin office working. I like this area, it is much like back home for me. The terrain is not as mountainous as my homeplace but it does have some hills. The hotel we are at we have stayed many times before so that makes it comfortable.

I hope all are doing well and having a good day so far. Thanks for following, liking, and sharing. As always I love your comments so keep commenting.


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I shall see you on this side of the rainbow~! MwsR

Vacation Was Good But Now It Is Done…

Thanks for being loyal and patient. I had a good time.

I saw a lighthouse and went up in it 178 steps. Man, my legs are sore. Lol

Hoping to return to the normal scheduling of and attention to my page tomorrow.

Have a good night.


Hi All!

I’ve been working hard on my garden and planted veggies. I am sorry that I have had very little time here lately, to dedicate to my usual multiple postings.

I hope to get back in the swing of things here shortly.

Doing a garden is a lot of work but I love it. Maybe you should try? You can plant in pots, or anything else you can think of.

Here are a few earlier pictures and present day pictures to share.

I am most happy helping create life and in keeping it going, be it flowers, kids, grandkids, garden, animals, etc.

Happy day to you all.

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Hey All!

This week and last has been a busy time for me. I have been planting, and preparing my garden and vegetables for this garden season. I am excited to see what all I harvest from it. I have plenty to watch that’s for sure. There is a certain kind of gratification when you work with your own hands and produce beneficial things for yourself and your family. I love working in the dirt, and if the Lord allows me, I will do it for as long as I can.

I will be a grandmother for the fourth time, in September. This one will be a little boy, I am beyond elated.

I want to let you know I will get back to writing as soon as I can. I am busy during gardening season. I have lots to plant and am hoping for a big harvest. There is instant gratification when I work in the dirt. I love towatch things grow and give to my family something I did with my own hands.

Don’t You?

I will be getting the Covid shot this Friday and I am nervous. Lots of mixed feelings concerning this. I am a Diabetic so I need to do it, but am hesitant. What are you all’s thoughts?

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Many have wrote me and said my RSS feed is not working correctly. I do not have experience with that sort of thing and I am not quite sure how to fix that. So I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Anyone who knows something about it, if you will write me at Mwsrwritings@gmail.com I would appreciate the help!

So as with each and every day I hope yo know that you are loved and should be cherished. I hope God watches over you all. I appreciate all the reads, the shares, and the comments!

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For those who feel the need to write comments on my posts that make no sense, or have links attached and that are spam, eas well as insults that refer to my posts, please stop and find it in your heart to refrain. I want to spread peace, happiness, love and charity on my site not disdain.

If you have any criticism to share with me please go through email and the proper channels.

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I shall see you on this side of the rainbow~! MwsR

Hi all!

Just writing to you to let you know…

Yes, I have Covid 19. My whole family does. I hope I will recover soon and be back up to writing and posting at full capacity.

I just wanted to let you all know. Please stay safe out there. Covid 19 is rough on you. It makes you feel really bad. Prayers for all who have lost someone to it. Prayers for those who are fighting it.

Thank you all,

And I shall see you on this side of the rainbow 🌈.


You Know What?

Today is Tuesday, November 3, 2020 I am writing to you today because I just went through comments that have been left by people. No post entirely but several posts I have made. There was several spam comments. Some of the spam comments were trying to share links to amoxicillin. People I do not sell meds from my webpage. I do not trust any of that. I know someone is trying to target readers for my website. This aggravates me. If any of my readers ever come across something like this, disregard it.

I Will Not Sell Drugs Through any links especially on my webpage!

Whomever thinks it is okay or cool to do so, will be reported. I am not going to jeopardize someone’s life by selling them drugs. If you are one that is trying to do this on my page , please know that you will be reported and possibly be charged by law officials.

In other news…

I hope everyone is doing fair and staying well. Sometimes life can be hard or cruel to us, but we must strive forward and keep our spirits up. Life can also give us blessings and happiness. We should all try to take it one day at a time.

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week and I shall see you on the other side of the rainbow.


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I shall see you on this side of the rainbow~! MwsR

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I shall see you on this side of the rainbow~! MwsR