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I hope this year has been good to you all. If not, maybe the coming year will be.

I for one, do not know where all the time has gone. I look forward to having another year, good Lord willing, and I hope it will be a good one.

This past year, I have lost loved ones. I have also made new friends, and came up with this webpage, blog, as well as having embarked on a few things with it, I never actually saw myself doing, honestly. It has been an interesting ride. I have found a new way of reaching others with it and hopefully helping a few that follow it, along the way.

Time is so short, people. It comes and leaves us when we least expect it. It not a favor of persons, and shows no lieutenancy.

I really miss times past in a lot of ways. I am also glad some of my past remains in the past, as I am sure others are felling the same. This coming year we can change things, make things right that seem to be wrong. We can move forward in great anticipation of things enlightening us and providing us with much excitement. Somme of us are feeling lost, feeling down and out, but they just have to have enough faith in things not seen yet.

If you have loved ones in your life you need to connect with, again, do so. If you have done wrong to someone, try to make it right. You are given this one life, with which to do and say anything you need to or want to. Do not waste your time here on earth. We were not created to be sad and lonely and depressed. We each were given the power to make a difference, be it small or large. We each have an innate possibility to reach others. To be more than we currently are, is a gift, use it. Take advantage of it.

I just want to encourage you to use this coming year to benefit your life or another’s. Please do not let it get away from you.

Happy New Year, it can be, if only we believe!

I shall see you at this side of the rainbow.

Michelle, MwsR<3 Blessings!

  • If you will remember my half-sister in your prayers. She is facing the end of her life, and she is not faring well at all. She is younger than me and we never grew up together, but she is in my heart none the less.
  • Please remember my nephew, her son, he is faced with the difficult task of being her caregiver through it all.
  • It is never too late people. Reach out to others, you will be a better person for it.

Page News

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Hey guys!!!

For those that celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas!

For those that do not, Have a Merry Day anyway!

I just wanted to announce this is my 203 day of daily posting. Yay me!

Also I am glad to see more followers, and I hope more will come. Thanks for all those who comment, follow, and share my posts. I really appreciate it.

Although I do not necessarily follow any pattern I do like to keep all of my different interests posting. I work hard to find interesting and helpful things to share with you all.

I  am busy trying to get things together for our gift giving and celebrations at my house and my brother in laws. We go to his house on Christmas Eve and of course we are my house on Christmas Day. It is fun and taxing all in the same accord.Seems like we all prepare for about 20 minutes of unwrapping gifts. The time it takes to buy, wrap and share, goodness!


I hope everyone has love and comfort, healing and transitioning, wellness and support.

I shall see you on this side of the rainbow, again!


MwsR, aka Michelle <3


Hello, y’ll



I hope everyone is doing okay today, thus far!

I was without power for over 12 hours this past Sunday, and without WiFi until an hour ago. It has been a real eye opener.

I have two toddlers in my household and four adults, it was interesting coming up with things to do for everyone. I had over 15 inches of snow here.  It started Saturday at midnight. I live in the foothills and it was a big event getting that much snow. Thankfully no ice. But as everyone knows, when it starts to melt , if temperatures fall below freezing it will  re freeze making icy roads. So we were pretty much trapped for a while.

I did not get to post anything, if I had not scheduled something previously, I would have had nothing to post. I had no WiFi so checking messages was far and few in between.

I just wanted to explain to those of you who were curious where I had been.


I am trying to catch up on things, so sorry for a delayed response to the messages, comments, etc.

So see you guys on this side of the RAINBOW!


Michelle <3



Page News



I am on my 181 th day of continuous posting.

While this isn’t nor wasn’t a goal of mine, I am happy I actually have that much to post. Ha ha.

I have seen an increase in followers and for each of those, I hope they have found something positive, raw, helpful, and truthful on my webpage. I really would like to know I have helped at least one of them. Thank you if you are a follower or subscriber!!!! You make writing so much more special, for me.


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I just wanted to add,

—-my Word of the Day has turned to Word of the Week, this is in part because I post so much daily, I figured I would lay of off daily words.

  • I have made some  changes but not too many.
  • I still love writing my own words, in poetry, and to be honest I have been fighting the urge to make a song from my poems , you know add music to them. I play the piano, and long ago, I wrote my own music with my own words. It was great.
  • I am getting Christmas ready for my three kids and grandkids, it is always a “hustle and bustle” time but it is great seeing the look on their faces.
  • I like the LAUGH a Little, I added to my page. What do you guys think of it? I believe laughter is good medicine, and needed in our lives with all the things that weigh us down.

I am so happy to say, I have made some awesome writer friends who support each other and they have become a part of my daily inspiration.

On occasion my poems may feel dark or down, do not be alarmed. It is a part of why I write. I would like others to know there is hope out there,, and you are not alone. I do not suffer any mental condition, like depression or like wise but I do know pain, fear, and emotions. I want to share those with others so they never feel alone and know they are normal in doing so.

I write a lot from my past, not so much my present. Being adopted changed me, and it brought out so many emotions and things that weighed down my heart and mind. Now as an adult with my own family, I learning more about how love and life is and I am so blessed to feel anything but that childhood pain. Yes on occasion I get down and out, and I do not allow myself to let it alter my present or my future. Like a student, I am learning more and more and hopefully one day I will sit back and say, “ah, that is what that was”.

Until then I will write with my all nd fell all those feelings as they come to me. I will not stop loving, stop listening, stop trying to better another person’s life. I will make the most of this life God has given me.



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Please continue to read, follow, and subscribe to my webpage.

Also, I am an Amazon affiliate so if you find amazon links on my page please click them, and look or purchase. That is a small way I will receive a little money for myself. You are helping me, if you do. If not, thanks anyway!

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Thank you and remember to be loved is a precious gift.! 








Page News


Hello Everybody!

I am hoping everyone is faring well. I have been busy doing the usual things like…

Taking care of my cats, my two dogs and my grandkids as well as my kids and husband. I really would not trade those things for anything else, because that is all my life and the things I love the most.

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I hope that everybody is enjoying my webpage still. It seems I am getting more and more onlookers. I have had some come from the internet search , which makes me happy. If you have never tried looking yourself up, you should try it. It is amazing where you show up and what information s being shown about you. Kind of scary though, as well. You never know what kind of crazy people are looking in on you!


I am trying to post daily, seems my three-month preparation has passed now and I am having to write ahead for months to come. That way I never miss posting. It is important, I think, to keep people engaged as well. Comment and message and like people’s writings. It can make all the difference to a person struggling to find a place within this and other communities. I have noticed that not many comment anymore, as they use to on my things. I guess that is just the nature of things. Cannot please everyone and I am not going to beg for anyone to do it. No one should ever have to pry a compliment or comment from this world audience. Just like everything else we do in this world, it is not always going to be noticed or appreciated, or welcomed by all who see. That is totally okay.

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I appreciate those who acknowledge my award, RAKA, and participate. Those who do not acknowledge it, is there a reason for this? I think I make sure to tag people I have nominated and I think this award is fairly simply to participate in. If you know of anything or have a reason for as to why people I nominate do not respond, please let me know. You can email those comments to me.  Thanks ahead for any who do.



I just want to wish everyone a good rest of the week and so forth. I hope those who continue to support me, and encourage me, and comment and follow, know how deeply grateful I am for that.

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I hope to see and hear from you on THIS SIDE OF THE RAINBOW…


MwsR <3


Page News


Can you hear me shouting that? I hope everyone is faring well this Monday. If you aren’t I wish you peace and patience and whatever else you need to make it through.


I just wanted to touch base with you as I am trying to stay busy and sometimes do not get to comment on posts that I read. I just wanted to say that you all are very talented and do not think for one moment that you do not have something to offer the world. You really do have something to offer. I am so impressed with the many things I read on a daily basis. You guys rock.


I also wanted to say thank you to the many that follow, read, comment or otherwise on my page. I hope you find something of value and interest and hopefully you enjoy it. I try not to bring out things of conflict or discord, but on occasion there might be something that you do not agree with or what have you but that is fine. We all are individuals and I hope to never squash your personal opinions, thoughts, or feelings. We all need to be sensitive to the needs of others and in doing so, agree to disagree if we feel offended or slighted. I hope you understand what I am trying to say.


For those of you that speak a different language I have a translator on y page for help with understanding things better. Hopefully it works well.

I also have a search option on my page for those who want to browse our WordPress, etc.

I am still a rookie when it comes to the fine running of things on my page, but I am a work in progress, so please bear in mind that when looking at my page. I do not have any special skills or what not but I am a quick learner of things. So stay tuned for a better page.


I hope wherever you are in life that you take time to smell the roses, as they say, and take notice of the small things in life. It is in the smallest of places that we find true happiness.

I wish you all peace and happiness.

Michelle, AKA MwsR <320170322_162022

Page information

HEY GUYS!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone is well and happy. I have been working away on my webpage. I have scheduled myself a post or posts every single day till the end of October. So, with my saying that, I am going to spend much-needed time catching up on things around my house and things in my life.


I love doing this webpage because I feel I really offer something to someone, anyone.

I am going to devote time for this page as well as my own personal life. Before this webpage, it was Facebook where I wrote my poems, shared my quotes and things. Since having this webpage I have devoted that portion of things to this page. Sometimes sharing things to Facebook but mainly posting here.


I do have a Facebook page for this webpage, it is MwsRwritings, so check me out.

Remember, I have 3 books of poetry online for purchase and there is one in Kindle format as well, for those who would rather do it that way. Look in Amazon and Lulu.com




<a href=”http://www.lulu.com/commerce/index.php?fBuyContent=21834534″><img src=”http://static.lulu.com/images/services/buy_now_buttons/en/gray.gif?20180821075528″ border=”0″ alt=”Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.”>




I appreciate all your help and followings and your comments. Thank you!

I hope to do so much with this page and make so many more friends at it.


You deserve to be loved, cherished, and loved. Noone can convince you of your worth, it is up to each of us to know that.

MwsR <320170803_1505515179100978612696195.jpg



Page News

20180919_1532184373564864953285380.jpgThe first picture is on my desk at home. I do love the heart shape and I love collecting coffee cups. I also like my cat print writing pens.

Hello Guys!

I was just going to do a follow-up on things that are going on with my page and with me, etc.

I just got back from my doctor’s appointment. I had my blood drawn which I am so used to since being a Diabetic. I hardly even notice the stick from the needle anymore.

20180919_1531117582116003367971126.jpgSee, I must have it taped for a bit, till it stops bleeding. This is to check my blood sugars for my A1C and all my other stats.


I have stayed pretty busy doing my webpage, producing posts, etc. I am not sure it all is getting seen though.

  • My question for you all out there, “Do I need to post different times in a single day, or do I need just one post per day, or am I doing it okay?”
  • My concerns are that I might not be reaching everyone that I want to , if I post more than a couple of things a day. I am a regular daily poster so I need to know from you guys.

Thanks guys, have a good rest of the week!


You are too special not to be loved like you deserve and want.

You are good just the way you are.

And for those that believe and have faith… God loves you no matter what you are, what you have done. Even if you do not believe in him, he loves you too.

MwsR <320180917_2003332287953831186769541.jpg