October 30 2018

Excerpt from “HeartStones”, by Mws R


I Am Special By No Means

I am not special by any means

But I have a heart and yes, I can bleed

Don’t try to use me or hurt me

I do not like that, you see

Tough I am, but nice I am too.

I will make you laugh at times when you are blue.

I do like animals of all sorts

I love wearing flip flops and a pair of shorts

I feel things deeply, although it can be a curse

Sometimes it hurts and can make me feel worse

When I love I really love

And when I am pushed, no problem, because I really can shove

Sad movies make me cry

Nothings is a total loss , if you try

I have a lot to give nd give a lot

I hate 100 degree weather because I get hot

I like long walks, playing through the woods, swimming in the sea

These things are magical for me.

My heart I wear proudly on my sleeve

I dislike selfish people it one of my pet peeves

Thoughtful and forgiving, I wish to always be

This poem is just a little to share about me.

MwsR <3




October 29 2018

Excerpt from my Published Book/Share

Here is a poem from my book of poetry, HeartStones

Cover for HeartStones
Heart Stones


Back then, people took meaningful “somethings”

Pictures, that said something about who was in them

It was the talk of the moment when someone spied a photo album

People displayed photos, like the circus displayed its performers

Photographs, were usually black and white, but that never changed their sparkle

In the many pictures you’d have relatives of all ages and in all manners of dress

People would reconnect or recollect the times, the places, and the faces.

In photographs, people stayed the way they were, at that moment.

If they were dead, it did not matter,

If they were old or young or had just begun,

Because, they were remembered from these photographs.

In pictures you could stay”forever’

I find that comforting and a little strange, in the same manner.


September 24 2018

Excerpt from my book, “Heart Paths”

Hello, this poem is a short but poignant piece. This book was my second one. I did it all by myself and there may be some spelling or grammar errors in it.

I think I become better with time and much practice. If you want raw, emotional feelings put into words, this book will do all that.


It Surrounds Me

I wish my life would just let me be

I smother underneath its grasp, that surrounds me

The many times I could not count on my two hands

If there was a stack, it would take a million rubber bands

No one can measure the uneasiness I feel

That is why it seems , Oh too real.

I wish I could hide somewhere far away, till it passes

But life doesn’t bump us, it seems to come in crashes.

I wonder how life would be , should it have a key

To unlock all the crap of it, that surrounds me.

Seldom is there a way of exit

It creeps in slowly , it is too late when you regret it.

MwsR <3

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Heart Paths Coverhttps://amzn.to/2zrJphK
Heart Paths
August 23 2018

Excerpt From my book, “Heart Paths”

This poem that I am going to share is about the times when perhaps you cross another’s mind. It basically is saying that if you don’t care, don’t think about me.

I was shunned by my own family, after many years of conflict, many years of them looking the other way, yet finding ways to make my home life miserable.

I love this “matter of fact” poem. It is one of my own favorites.

Hope you enjoy!

Michelle aka MwsR <3

woman looking at sunset
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Don’t Think About Me

Each time when I happen to cross your mind

Think of just what you’ve left behind

Think of all the day that’s gone

And how much time I’ve been alone

Each picture that was once so proudly displayed

Now are hidden and tucked away

There is not a memory around now of me

Just the thoughts in your mind that simply just go round

Each word or mention of me in passing

“Ducking” from all the questioning

What to say about decisions made

Because in your heart so heavily they’ve laid

Each tear that was shed was it from regret?

Or was it self-pity that you wanted to get?

Shame, how time changes some men

Kind of scary to think you’ve forgotten about the sin

Each family event that you have planned

One less family member to get the upper hand

Time has a way of showing whose true

Again I’m sorry that it couldn’t be you

So each time I am in your head

Remember it was away from you I was led

Don’t think about me

If only actions was all it would have taken

For me not to has felt forsaken

Don’t, just don’t, think about me

I’m in charge of my life can’t you see?

Each thing I’ve not forgotten

Each word I have memorized

Each step from you and you’re still surprised!

Don’t think about me.

MwsR <3

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August 3 2018

Excerpt from my poetry book, “HEART PATHS”, MwsR

This is my second book, “Heart Paths”, I  self published just a week after my first book, “HeartStones”. It like my first book could have used more editing. I guess it is true what they  say about getting better the more you try.

Heart Paths Cover
Heart Paths

I am going to be coping from my poem, “Strings”


There are places, people, and things

They will bring out  great happiness or complicated things

When you are caught up with any of them, as we sometimes do

They will greatly impact you.

It is strings that we hold to places, people, or things

That make us into who we are and sometimes what makes us sing

They can also make us weep, confused, or depressed.

That is how you know you once enjoyed things at their best.

Suddenly though, for no reason or rhyme

You find them gone or not worth your time.

Buy a book for you or your loved ones. Find it at Amzon.com or Lulu.com.



August 3 2018

Excerpt from my poetry book, “Heart Stones” MwsR

This book was my first self published book. It probably contains some grammatical errors or possibly mis-spellings. It was finished and published in 2 days. I hurried into it all I already had my poems, because I wrote them almost daily on my Facebook, to share with my friends and family on the social network.

I wish I had of included pictures and my quotes, but I did finally do that on my third book, “Heart Songs”. Yes, there is a pattern to my poetry books, it would be “Heart”. I write from my heart so I thought it appropriate to include it in my books. I have no real organized method in this book . Just poems that I wrote. I wish I had the fortitude to had made different topics with which to place my different types of poems in, but I didn’t.

So if you want a book that has poems written from my heart, this is good for that.

Cover for HeartStones
Heart Stones

Below I will share a poem entitled, “AS”.

As I had already knew

That nothing would change my shade of blue.

It was a color I was very familiar with

A common in my life ever since being a Smith.

My goals were simple back in the day

It was to be a singer up on a stage,

To be applauded for a song

Not knowing it was in my personal life, I needed applause all along.

As I dreamed of being a nurse

I wanted to help others who had it worse never felt that I couldn’t brighten someone’s day.

But often I wanted to cheer people up with words I could say

See, helping someone made my own problems fade

But unfortunately, it just took my mind off of them, they never really went away.

As life has a way of makings things seem so heavy and hard

Our hopes dreams, and aspirations get marred

Things that mattered once now fall on stony ground

They cannot recoup, nor any abundance be found

Sadly, they die and disappear

Nothing can grow there, sometimes for many years

As if that was that

It comes and leaves from where it is at

No rhyme nor reason

No hope, no change of the season

Nothing but despair

That is all that is left all too often there


READ THE REST OF THIS POEM and more, go to links below…

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July 15 2018

Excerpt from my book, “Heart Stones”



This is one of my poems from my book of poems, entitled, “Heart Stones”. You can purchase it from Amazon.com or Lulu.com. One thing to remind you of is that my name, the author’s name is put like this….Mws R. It is broke into with the “R” being the last name. I have had people tell me it is hard to search for my books because the way they were entering my name.

This poem I wrote because someone I love was going down a path of self-destruction. They were making wrong choices and their life was spinning out of control. Instead of planning for their own future, they were living in the moment, the not so good moments that they had chosen for themselves. 

If you know of someone struggling and you have prayed for them, cared for them, and you have done all you can, this is a poem for you and possibly them.

Please Try…by MwsR

The pit of my stomach wants to give you more chances

Despite all the critical onlooker’s glances.

They think there is no hope for you

Cover for HeartStones
Heart Stones

Yet they don’t love or hope for you like I do.

I am so scared to let you lie to me again

I am afraid my forgiveness will fail here towards the end.

I hurt for you

All those plans and things might not come true,

The telling you I love you is simple

But trusting you is hard and cumbersome, like water with a ripple,

it would appear to be in control

But really is struggling, you know.

Inside each of person we need to decide whether importance is given to unimportant things

And if along the road it will be worth all the pains.

Sometimes in a brief second, I catch glances of times past.

In my heart what I want is for good times to last.

Sadly, it is not in my hands.

I have given you all my demands.

Yet you shrugged and then walked away

Seems tears are all that came from that day

I fall to my kneel and constantly pray.

Maybe one more day, maybe one more start.

Or maybe it will stay heavy  on my heart.

Please try!

You know why.

There are more poems in my book that I hope you will find you can relate to.

Please get yourself a book , possibly give as a gift to someone who may need encouragement or simply to feel that they are not alone.

Thanks for reading!

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MwsR ,3

June 5 2018

Sometimes (poem excerpt from my book, “Heart Songs”

From my poem, “Sometimes”

Imagine your life in a happier time

Sometimes that’s how I remember mine.

Times that made you smile and shine

Things that were easily peace of mind.

Sometimes, things are complicated

Even can leave us exasperated

That is when remembering steps in

Of a wonderful place or time that has been.

To read more lines and more poems, please visit the site to order my book!


Heart Songs”https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=dp_byline_sr_book_1?ie=UTF8&text=Mws+R&search-alias=books&field-author=Mws+R&sort=relevancerank


Some quotes I wrote and put inside my book…


“Our minds are capable of great things. Our minds also can keep us prisoners of our past.”


“Learn to love yourself, for it is through that love you can be the “who” you were meant to be.” 




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