Forever It Stays That Way….MSR

Unanswered, yet I have the answer
Inside still spinning but no cure like there’s not for cancer.

Maybe it’s the symptoms I keep feeling
Can’t stop the thoughts from unveiling.

Forever it stays that way
There never could ever be enough to sway

Time to change the spinning into memory
Forgetting of course about being free

It is not so bad
It makes me sad

It also makes me emerge
My own fullness to splurge

Forever it stays that way
Even replaced it will lay

Silent yet exploding in sound
Around my tattered heart it abounds

I’m still good as new
Because I’m one of those few

That learned to fight
Kept in it despite

I don’t worry
I’m in no hurry

Because…forever it will stay,
This way.

Excerpt from my Published Book/Share

Here is a poem from my book of poetry, HeartStones

Cover for HeartStones
Heart Stones


Back then, people took meaningful “somethings”

Pictures, that said something about who was in them

It was the talk of the moment when someone spied a photo album

People displayed photos, like the circus displayed its performers

Photographs, were usually black and white, but that never changed their sparkle

In the many pictures you’d have relatives of all ages and in all manners of dress

People would reconnect or recollect the times, the places, and the faces.

In photographs, people stayed the way they were, at that moment.

If they were dead, it did not matter,

If they were old or young or had just begun,

Because, they were remembered from these photographs.

In pictures you could stay”forever’

I find that comforting and a little strange, in the same manner.



Beautiful memories still flow through the brain,

Moments in my mind building like the steam from a train.o-POSITIVE-THINKING-facebook

I have a few special moments in time 

When I keep forever inside my mind.

Things come, as they often do 

Feelings so scarce sometimes, 


You find it hard almost to hard to believe

Especially when it is your heart on the edge.

Feeling no sense of satisfaction

Wandering around like a little lost dog

Clinging to what is left, often nothing, but still feeling a loss

With forever inside your mind it can still remain

Constantly changing, but still somehow the  very same.


It is hard to define what isn’t written in stone

One must interpret for their self and acquire a talent for being bold

Forever can simply be a moment or a lot of years,

There is  no exact time-table for listening ears. 

I believe forever starts in the heart

Ever moving and ever to expand

Waiting for that final moment you know in your heart of hearts,

Forever it’s okay to land.

                                                                           MwsR ❤