Memories Are The Things That Last Longer, by MwsR

When the whirl of your life passes you
There is not much but memories to hold onto.
Those that you started each day with a new
Are no longer the ones that surround you.
A certain calm you cannot find
There is so much pressing on your mind.
Waiting to relax, it isn’t happening
Afraid if you do, you will start napping
Wishing it all back to where it once was
But knowing inside, there were fights and a lot of fuss.
Where you lay your head isn’t always where your heart is
And sometimes you just miss it!
Life is ever-changing and uncertain in itself
Our hearts are not something we simply rest on a shelf.
We must work, hold on to, and get stronger
And remember sometimes, memories are the things that last longer.

All rights reserved MwsR2021