“What Happened When WWI Paused for Christmas”

‘Here we were laughing and chatting to men whom only a few hours before we were trying to kill!’



Christmas Truce 1914


In the End…by MwsR

In the end,
It isn’t the money
Or the tv programs that’s funny

In the end,
It will not matter about how much you have or own
If your heart has never found a home.

In the end,
You won’t be keeping up with who’s who
Or comparing all the latest hair do’s.

In the end,
It won’t matter what brand name furniture or clothes you have to show
It will not even matter who you know.

In the end,
One thing is certain
There will be a final curtain.

In the end,
Your past, present, and future will come to play
Where you’re spend your eternal days.

So ….
In the end,
the Eternal future depends on your soul and where you will live.
And by your heart and what you did do and give.

All rights reserved. MwsR2021

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MwsR Thoughts

To the person who

Feels embarrassed by the house they live in. Who wants to have friends over to visit but …they have to make reasons why they can’t have you over.

Wishes that they could afford to go on vacation with their group of friends but they don’t have the money so they have to come up with excuses.

Feels inferior to others because they always brag about what they have bought and about the next vacation they are going on. You’re feeling lower than better around them, so you avoid going anywhere with them.

So many people have so much going on in their lives. It is rarely black and white in terms of this. A lot of times there is a person who wants to go and do, who wants to have friends over but they simply feel embarrassed, stressed, broke, or left out because of circumstances they can’t manage.
I bet we all have a person in our life that we know, going through “things” like this.
Our failure as being a true friends is in letting distance and pride get in our way. We should never make another person feel inferior or that they bring nothing to the plate.
They might not get to go on vacations or fix their house up or buy new things. That should not mean that directly or indirectly our actions or words should cause them to feel this way.
Everybody wants to belong, feel loved, and that they are just as good as others.
I encourage you if you have a friend that feels bad about themselves or something in their lives because they feel they’ll never measure up to you, please think about their reasons as to why they opt-out or hide, or make excuses .
Not always but sometimes they have insecurities, perhaps feeling down, or are limited in what they want to do versus being able to.
By me, MwsR

❤️Life goes further than to the tip of your nose.


In The Storm by MwsR

Amid the storm,
I can find shelter
My ears cannot keep from hearing the thunder.
With eyes I see the power
And know something greater is out there,
I can feel the rain that’s in the air.
Although it is greater and stronger than me
I can rest assured I will be alright
Even if it keeps me up at night.
For as great as a storm can be
It will not last forever, for me.
I will continue after the storm has past
Mighty it may be at the time, it will not last.


Outside My Window, MwsR

Outside my window,

Life passes by

I watch it each day

To take a look,

Connects you somehow.

Things and nature are moving

They have things to do

You can go look outside your window too!

Usually the wind is slightly blowing

There is music in the movement of it all

Not one thing is pretending

This is real life

Life that needs to be noticed

Things will eventually die

Take the opportunity

Seize the moments

Outside my window

I find I am merely a speck

In a big world.

All rights reserved. MwsR2021

Mother, Or Life-Giver?

She was someone I never got to know

Holding onto some idea of how it was to go.

I studied each picture, all the time

Trying to find resemblance of her in this face of mine.

My siblings say I look like her so

My heart held onto that and tried to never say “no”

For if I was like her even in looks

She would of stuck it out, and I’d never be forsook.

I think about her often, it has been five years now

Since I said my final goodbye and my world was turned around.

Mother she was but not in the sense of a relationship or in name

She never earned that with me, it’s a shame.

I was adopted out to my aunt and uncle

It was a different kind of struggle.

They cherished me not, loved me little

I was tormented and caught in the middle.

Mother was not the way I knew my life giver

Even though her blood runs through my veins

She was a life giver, for that I am grateful

But it changes very little.

When I think of her, as I often do

I wish she had been a mother too.

Some people come into our life for a specific purpose

They might not realize it at first

I think she knew that my life began with her

But that it would continue without her.

She may had of had feelings like a mother would for me,

Yet I could not see.

So life can grab us and weigh us down

It gives us struggles that can cause lots of frowns

It’s all is in how you measure what your portions are

That when you can start to repair your heart.

As I am learning to do,

Taking the little I had and working it through.

Photo by TUBARONES PHOTOGRAPHY on Pexels.com

By MwsR

All rights reserved. 2021 MwsR