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Spring Cleaning Hacks

Rub wax paper over your faucets to keep them shinier and water-spot free! Cleaning ceiling fans can be a real pain! It typically involves covering the entire bed or couch […]

Microwave Uses To Help With Cleaning

5 Ways Your Microwave Can Help With the Housework Sure it’s great for heating up leftovers and giving a baked potato a head start, but it’s the microwave’s lesser-known uses […]

Hacks For Your Backyard Party

THESE HACKS WILL MAKE YOUR NEXT BACKYARD GATHERING THE BEST YET  Throwing a successful backyard gathering doesn’t need to be stressful. Nor should it require weeks or even days of […]

Fall Gardening Hacks

Gardening Tips For the Fall Leave a Comment In the fall, after harvest, most gardeners are content to close up shop and consider the gardening season over with. Besides growing […]

Amazing Cleaning Hacks

Make your sink fixtures gleam with wax paper. Though they’re the place where we clean dishes and silverware, sinks are among the dirtiest places in the home. In fact, a […]


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Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word :)

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