Nonchalant Things, By MwsR

All rights reserved. MwsR 2022

Going in a door, going out

Walking in the garden and about

Sitting down in a chair with ease

Doing whatever you please

Dusting, mopping, cleaning, and such

Not that you ever wanted to that much

Sitting on the front porch chair

Fighting the sunny sunshine glare

Bending down to tie your shoes

Without the help of someone helping you

Walking in a room with ease

Being able to not hurt when you sneeze

These nonchalant things do matter.

Especially when you are trapped in a wheelchair.


Dad, my first guy, by MwsR

Pictures are all I have
They are like a wound with a little salve.
You are and always will be
The very core part of me.
I know you existed I see and hear about it all.
I just wish you were still here for me to call.
Often you are in my head
I find myself thinking of you while looking ahead.
If one little wish I was able to make
It might be to see you, you know before the ache.
Dads are more than a name we give,
They are the ones that teach us how to grow and live.
I never got to have that with you
I often think about what if and it makes me blue.
Others get to call up their dads and talk
Some get to spend time with them and go for walks
I get to ponder and wonder a lot
About what I have and what I do not.
It is not your fault I am sure you would have stayed
But that wasn’t how it all got played.
Taken too soon from this earth and your family
The ones who loved you and made you happy.
I guess some things never come to be
Like my wish for you to have known me.
Or maybe just to spend the day talking to you
And carrying on about the days that we went through.
It’s a good thing memories come around
Because that’s all some have when their hearts start to frown.
Dad, I know if you knew me
You’d see a lot of you inside of me, probably.
You would have also known how much you meant to me…you know why,
After all, you were my first guy.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Slow Healing

Hey, there’s been a lot going on lately. Also, it appears to be not so much. I know I’m healing. These things like healing though, take time.

Each day I feel more healing but I’m also very sore each day. I gave pain patches and pain education but some internal pain cannot be stopped. I feel the broken ribs in my chest the most. Although I have many fractures in my pelvis, the chest area hurts me the most.

Sometimes I long to be outside looking and tending to my garden. I miss it. I worry about all the work I had done before the car crash. I have prayed that God would ease the stress of things I have had to just let go of, those things that otherwise I’d be working on, finishing, etc.

Not only have I had to have patience, but I’ve also had to wait for some things. That alone is hard. By not standing on my right leg which would hurt my pelvis fractures, I feel very little pain there. Unless I accidentally misstep or pivot wrong or try to move wrong. That can trick me into wanting to just try and use it. Which would make my healing that much longer and more painful. So I just talk with myself daily.

I miss walking. I miss laying flat or on my side in my bed. I have to sleep semi-sitting up in a recliner. That is hard. I get some sleep but it is not the best sleep. I wish for my bed. I wish for sleeping on my belly as I had before the car crash.

Anyhow, I’m ok with my husband being by my side daily. His taking off work to take care of me. I like the attention. I also hate waiting though, as I have said.

Keep praying for me.Thank you.


MwsR Poem

Extreme By MwsR

Everything is necessary
When nothing is a choice.
Don’t ever stop listening to that “inside voice”.
Possibilities are just chances we have not taken
They keep up rising
Instead of staying broken.
When you have just a little faith
A little hope in your soul
That is when you can just take off and go.
Everything has a season
A season to change and correct
An opportunity, have you taken yours yet?
Trying is hard when you see no end
But let me tell you it will no doubt come, my friend.
It is difficult sometimes, more than we feel we can stand.
Trust in a process
Things don’t change overnight
That is why we search for more than we might.
We need to examine how life went so wrong
We need to carry in our hearts hope, faith, and love.
These are blessings and give us each, enough.
Extreme is not necessary when you try
In taking little steps forward,
You can eventually tell bad times, goodbye.
Extreme may simply be
You believe in something greater
Something greater, than you or me.
Something you cannot see but can feel
The overwhelming desire or passion
That surrounds your heart and soul
The extreme that makes you go.

All rights reserved. MwsR2022

Hey All I Am In A Trauma Unit

My daughter was driving me around Friday. She didn’t see a stop sign and my side was T boned by a truck. I lost consciousness and so many things happened to my internal self. The car had spun several times and came to stop at the other side of the road.

No one was hurt but me. Not anyone in the other vehicle even. My daughter had bruises from seatbelt and impact. My two grandsons 8 month old and 4 year old were in back of car safely in car seats. I had to be cut out of car and was airlifted to a hospital. Where I am in a trauma unit . Been here since Friday. I won’t be able to walk because of my fractures to the pelvis. It has to heal first. I have to use a wheelchair. So many things complicate my injuries. But I am alive. Prayers are accepted! And I will be back writing again someday.

God bless. MwsR❤️


Silence by MwsR Writings

Is there such a thing as peace?
Will this burden ever release?

So many things cannot be undone
Like looking at the “mountain” wanting to run.

Things that used to mean something are being replaced
Even the smile that was carried around on the face.

Sometimes hurt can overwhelm us
It can make a prisoner and create a stirring fuss.

It can take away our light and our joy
Things that used to bring something suddenly don’t anymore.

When a person’s heart has been hurt and created a scar
IT is always there even when it doesn’t hurt so bad, and never far.

As if silence could be still a heart
Then time would join its hand
Nothing could wound us
Nothing would reside …

Try to find some silence for your heart
It will not diminish the pain, but it’s a start.

Help yourself, be kind to you
You don’t come with a blueprint in blue.

Peace is not always attainable
Burdens can be many and manageable.

Silence might simply be closure…
Closure to whatever creates a burden or more.

All rights reserved. MwsR2022

Poem by MwsR

I’ll Hold Those
By MwsR

I’ll hold those times we talked and chatted close
They helped me the most.

I’ll hold those gifts you so freely gave
Little did you know that those I’d save.

I’ll hold those pictures of you laughing inside my head
Even when I’m feeling blue, and don’t want to leave my bed.

I’ll hold those times we embraced and said” I love you”
You never know when those three words will pull you through.

I’ll hold those conversations with others about you.
They will understand how much you mattered, too.

I’ll hold those moments each of them down deep
And hope that you are there, somewhere, taking a peek.

I’ll hold those things dear to my heart
There is never anything that can tear us apart.

All rights reserved. MwsR2022