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17 Free Writing Contests With Cash Prizes (Up to $25,000)/SHARE

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1. Nelson Algren Literary Awards: $3,500 Short Story Prize (Submission Guidelines)
One of the year’s best short story contests has arrived. It’s the Nelson Algren Literary Awards, hosted by the Chicago Tribune. The prize? $3,500 USD. There is absolutely no entry free. Writers can submit their stories starting November 15th, 2017. (Sadly, it is only open to residents of the United States.) Stories should be 8,000… Keep reading…
2. $450 for Holiday Stories
Cricket Magazine, often referred to as The New Yorker for Children, is seeking submissions of writing on the topic “Home for the Holidays.” They’re asking for historical fiction, nonfiction, poetry, crafts, and recipes about holidays around the world and in the U.S. They pay up to twenty five cents per word. Most short stories they… Keep reading…
3. $200 for Short Stories and Essays
The Masters Reviews bills itself as a “Platform for Emerging Writers.” They publish short stories and narrative non-fiction. One key point: They want writing from writers who are not yet established. That means, “any new and emerging author who has not published a work of fiction or narrative nonfiction of novel length. You must not… Keep reading…
4. 10 Blogs and Magazines that Pay Writers (Up to $200)
As part of our weekly roundup of paid writing opportunities, here are ten publishers that pay writers. A wide variety of topics is coveed, including graphic design, roleplaying games, virtual reality, and travel. We’ve found payment information and submission guidelines for all of these publishers, though keep in mind that payment rates are not set… Keep reading…
5. 99 Magazines & Blogs that Pay Writers for Essays
Dear Writers, Here is a huge list of publishers that pay for personal essays — including essays, photographic essays, memoir, and narrative non-fiction. We’ve researched the payment rates for these publishers, and found links directly to their submission guidelines pages. You won’t find a more comprehensive list anywhere else on the internet. Sincerely, Jacob Jans… Keep reading…
6. 10 Calls for Submissions: Up to $750 for Short Stories
Some of these fiction markets pay up to $150, and some pay more, up to approximately $750. Some of these also accept poetry and non-fiction. They are either open for submissions now or will open soon. Some deadlines are approaching quickly. — S. Kalekar Escape Artists: PodCastle They want quality fantasy fiction, and publish both… Keep reading…

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Write about/things going on around me


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Oh wow, it seems like all I do is read posts, write a lot of posts, and comment all the time. I love it, don’t get me wrong, but it is time-consuming.

I have a lot going on in my life right now. My youngest is going to be joining the Navy. Although I am proud of the fact he is going to be doing something very unselfish and rewarding with his young life, I as a mother, am feeling mixed ways about it all. I worry over it and hope he will stay safe and will do exactly what he needs in life to be happy and content.

Also, my grandkids are always present and they deserve my attention ass much as possible. I love getting their hugs, seeing them smile, and hearing their beautiful little voices, except when they are crying, of course. I really enjoy my life with them. They make being a mother and grandmother some of the best of my life.

I am also celebrating my oldest birthday this weekend. She is the mother of those two grandkids I was writing about in the paragraph above. Looks like we will be going out to eat somewhere with family and then we shall find a place to buy something sweet to eat. She loves doing that normally. I asked her and that is what she has requested, so that it will be.

I also have another grandkid, he does not live with me but he is the child of my second daughter. He is , frankly, adorable. I enjoy seeing him and hugging on him. He is 8 months old and such a cute little boy. I don’t get to see him near as much as I would like. He is getting so sweet lately, he use to cry when someone spoke to him. He was not very people friendly but now he reaches for you. Of course, that is every grandmother’s dream, having their grandchild reach out for them, right?


I have tried to include some things lately on my webpage. Things like my information share, which usually is something I want to share that comes from the internet news, or what not. Also, I am trying to include other poems from famous people and sometimes I find something I wan to talk about, or just write about. I hope it keeps people entertained, informed, and is relatable and relevant in some way, shape, or form. If it doesn’t meet any of those criteria, I apologize for that, and hope that something will one day.

I hope you all enjoy your day, night, or evening.

Take care of yourself and others,

MwsR <3


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