MwsR Poem And Thoughts

A TIME, by MwsR

There comes a time to care, and a time to disappear.
A time to forgive, and a time to move on.
A time to cherish, and a time to learn from,
A time to accept and a time to reject.
A time to hope and a time to give up.
A time to be last and a time to be first..
A time to talk about, and a time to keep silent.
A time to walk away, and a time to stay.

There is only this one life!

Don’t allow yourself to give to another and get nothing in return.
Don’t allow yourself to be used, or hurt, just because someone forgot your worth.
Don’t allow your heart to be wasted on selfish individuals, spend that energy loving the ones who are there, stood by your side, and will love you

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MwsR Thoughts

Life, with love in it, completes us.
Life without that love is terrible.
If you’re ever lucky enough to have the love that completes you, don’t let it escape.
Few are there, that experience true love, the kind that takes your breath away. If you’re one then you know how you could never do without it.
One of the best feelings in the whole universe.

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MwsR Sayings

Life is…
More than living
Lots of work
Hope for a tomorrow
Reassurance of change
Struggles that make you stronger
Cherishing of those that surround you.
A gift for us to share, to receive love , to give love, and to make the most of.

MwsR Writings

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Hey All!

It has been five months since I was involved in a wreck that left me with broken bones, ribs, three fractures in my pelvis, bruised lung, and a lacerated spleen. I am doing great considering. I was in a wheelchair, then used a walker, then a cane. Today I am happy to report I can walk without any aid. I feel well. I do not constantly have pain associated with that wreck. I sometimes overdo it and feel the strain along places I had injured. I am grateful and thankful that I am intact and mobile. I say all this to say this one important thing…

There will always be some kind of obstacle, some kind of barrier. It is up to us to manuever around, crawl under, or climb that.We all have the capability in one measure or another. Dont give up, never give in.

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