Spammers! Go Away! I Can’t Stand You

I am just beyond furious this morning. How many out there check your spam folder? I do all the time. I haven’t in about two days. I have just had over 1.5k spam links posted in the comments of my pages. PLEASE NEVER CLICK A LONK IN MY COMMENTS!

I have had to deleted them slowly using twenty at a time to get deleted. I am now down to over 700 left to delete. Does anyone know a faster way to delete these? Please let me know.

They use different .com’s and different user names. Each has a stupid link to some other spam or scam they are trying to get someone to click on.

I am beyond mad. I am disappointed in knowing that others will sabotage someone else’s stuff. If you are that kind of person shame on you!!! You are a waste of creative-ism and you need to find a hobby, a life , or anything else to occupy your time.

AGAIN, Please do not click on any link present in the comments of my pages. They cannot put a link in my post but they can in the comments. MY POST LINKS SHOULD BE FREE AND CLEAR OF SPAMMERS.

Sorry to anyone who has clicked on these comment links.

Please let me know of a solution to bulk delete these.

Thank you


MwsR Writings/Thoughts

We all face different things in our lives.
Seldom do we stop and realize what others go through.
I have known friends that hurt each day, carry guilt, and are hurt. I know people who despite circumstances that were given to them, carry on every day.

It is never the journey ahead that hurts us… It is, however, our lack to properly prepare as we start that journey.

Don’t forget others go through it, deal with it, and push past it… you can too.

Yes, it will hurt sometimes. Yes, it will change you some. Yes, it will most definitely impact those who are in it with you, in one way, shape, or form. This can most certainly be directly or indirectly.

But the good news is…
You can move through whatever journey is ahead… You can.

There is hope for today.💓

Poem of Thought

By MwsR

Life is sad…at times.
But there is a lot of happiness too.
Always try to remember that we live fleeting moments and it is what you do in this world, that’s kind, loving, generous, and with good intentions, those things will endure forever and bless you immensely. They will help you through the sad times.

And then more importantly…

MwsR Writings

Only you can prevent self sabotage! Don’t allow yourself to sabotage your own happiness, or achieve your own goals. With earnest effort, you can do anything you set your heart to. If it even is a mere thought that empowers you, think it often. Let your mind guide you and your heart reflect you.

MwsR 2021 All rights reserved.

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Hello all! Have ever you stopped to think about what someone else may be going othrough? We all get busy in our day to day life and sometimes it is all we can do to keep up with what we ourselves are going through. Our lives are surely busy and complicated at best. If we take a few seconds out of our time to think of how hard another’s life really is, we will not seem to be the focal point. We may also realize that the tree is not always greener on the other side, that things we may be experiencing are not as difficult or as hard as someone else’s. Empathy is a good quality, it can make a person feel more thankful.

We never know what another is facing or going through. Perhaps a person you encountered just lost someone who was their whole world. Maybe that grumpy co-worker has an abusive child or husband waiting for them at home. Maybe that person who was stern with you has lost everything they had and wants you not to make the same mistakes.

Please be kind, please think further than the tip of your nose. Everyone has their own battles, demons, and trials. Not everything is great for each individual you may encounter today.


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Rain And Death

Today it’s raining where I am at. Not a bad rainy day until I heard about an acquaintance dying. I have always thought of a rainy day, in congruence with God crying. It also seems like when someone has passed that I know, more often than not, it is raining. Not every time someone does but it happens.

Have you ever thought of anything like that? Like God works in mysterious ways? I have and I know others do too. It just seems natural that an omnipotent, omniscient, God who can see everything and know everything, that he would express himself through nature.

Today when I heard of that acquaintance passing I felt sadness for her family. She has two sons and countless others she ”mothered” in her lifetime. It is a sad thing. The rain made it affect me more. I think of rain as not cheerful or fun. Oftentimes it bums me out. So after I said prayers for her family, the rain stopped. Amazing huh? Perhaps. It could have been just a coincidence or more.

It since has started back raining. I feel sadness for this lady’s family. I heard that she knew her heavenly father which should provide some peace for her loved ones. You never really know who might just be touched by her death. Perhaps those who knew her might become better people because of knowing her. It is something one could only wish that their life would be, a good impact for another.

So, I shared some of my days with you. I hope that you all try your best to be a good person and leave behind a legacy that is honorable and meaningful for your loved ones.

I shall see you all on this side of the rainbow!!!!🌈



As a child I felt empathy for others. I remember the ones that had no real friends, the ones that were ostracized from any group activities. The reasons as to why this would happen ranged anywhere from madness, jealousy, spite fulness, and other reasons that made no sense to me.

I could not understand why others felt a need to treat their peers in such a way.What made one person better than another? Who were they to be mean to another? Overall, I was perplexed. I did not get it. Sure not everyone had ” name brand” clothing or perhaps they did not like the same things, that in my opinion made them individually unique but not ” less than” anyone else.

As an adult, I found out that ”upbringing” has a lot to do without biased opinions. Sometimes our peer groups influence out choices as well as our thoughts. Something as an adult I learnt that we do not have to base our behaviors on another’s. As adults we can choose out own. An adult has the power to make a difference for another person. We may have the right resources, connections, or wealth to provide material and knowledge for others.

I’m certainly glad I don’t have to deal with growing up issues anymore. I’m glad I can help others feel just as important as anyone else. Sometimes just by words I can speak.

There is no need to be mean. There is however every reason to be kind. You may just be that helpful and reassurance another desperately needs.

Don’t be someone’s heartbreak. Be their positive earthquake by making a difference for them.