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It has been five months since I was involved in a wreck that left me with broken bones, ribs, three fractures in my pelvis, bruised lung, and a lacerated spleen. I am doing great considering. I was in a wheelchair, then used a walker, then a cane. Today I am happy to report I can walk without any aid. I feel well. I do not constantly have pain associated with that wreck. I sometimes overdo it and feel the strain along places I had injured. I am grateful and thankful that I am intact and mobile. I say all this to say this one important thing…

There will always be some kind of obstacle, some kind of barrier. It is up to us to manuever around, crawl under, or climb that.We all have the capability in one measure or another. Dont give up, never give in.

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MwsR Writings

To merely exist is a disservice to all who struggle daily to stay alive.
To be indecisive is an injustice to those who gave no choice but to choice in order to just live.
In not giving a forethought we can’t do our best.
Look around you. See things, hear things, and remember the things and experiences you encounter.
In doing so we grow and prosper, by neglecting to see or hear or remember we aren’t going to be much.
MwsR ❤️

Bible Verses on Endurance

29 Bible verses about Enduring (knowing-jesus.com)

These times can get hard. We can trust and rest in Jesus our God for help and strength. Enduring till we meet in the air. I hope these verses encourage you all. God bless you all.


Encouragement, Hope, and Shares

Hosea 14:9

A wise person understands these things, and a smart person should learn them. The Lord’s ways are right. Good People will live by them. Sinners will ie by them.

Coronavirus Quotes

“The greatest compassion is the prevention of human suffering through patience, alertness, courage, and kindness.”
― Amit Ray,

“The world needs huge positive energy to fight against the negative forces. Go to the center of your inner begin and generate that positive energy for the welfare of humanity.”
― Amit Ray,

“This virus will leave us entirely newborn people. We will all be different, none of us will ever be the same again. We will have deeper roots, be made of denser soil, and our eyes will have seen things.”
― C. JoyBell C.

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Sunday Whirl, Wordle 378, Challenge


11 words  from which to choose…

Watching the NEWS, you will soon start to see more than not a STREAM of bad news. This can cause a person to REGRET watching it. Our world is filled with so many things that can take a person’s CHEER. There are things we hear about and see that are happening . Those things can STING and hurt to our very core. I choose to write and express some of my feelings in blogging. It is a good thing when we can let that stuff DRIFT out of our heads, and away from our hearts.

With EASE we can try to go through life, if we keep our hearts FREE of the hurt. If we live life with no regrets. That does not mean that there won’t be periods of hurt and disappointments, and like watching the news there won’t be turmoil or dying or suffering.  The fact is that we do not have to BINGE on all that negativity. We all hang on to our life by a FRINGE of hope. Without hope we have nothing that matters much. There would be no need to ever change things or be optimistic.

TO SAIL through life we need good wind(hope), a good current(optimism), and good weather(experiences). Without those things, we are “dead in the water”.

MwsR ❤

Wordle 374



I believe that all people bring something to this melting pot, we call the world.

Some are full of CHARM, with them comes a feeling of pleasantness. Some are rather “SALTY” meaning they are more likely to be sassy and brazen with the things they say.  That is okay though, because we would not want everyone to be like cookie cut-outs, where everything is the same, now would we? You also have those people who come from a different CLASS of economical measure, than you do. Not everyone can be rolling in the cash. Some people fight to save what they can up for hard times, while you could have another class of folks that never save a dime for the long haul. Some suffer without the needed money they so desperately need and that is sad to see. It is just fact that not all of us can be “well off”.

You have people also that you meet in life that are “take CHARGEkind of people. They do not wait around for the others around them to do something, They just jump into a situation or circumstance and get busy doing what needs to be done. Their consistent nature will RESONATE in the heads of those that witness their “get up and go” attitudes and hopefully something of that will rub off on another person. Eventually that type of effort will SINK  in another person’s mindset. It is like a trickle down effect. Like a COIL  that can spring back and forth never giving under pressure, people resemble that more often than not, especially when they have good examples around them. The same though, also can be said of bad examples.

As Electricity can be dispersed to various places, so can the actions and words of a human race. Like a NEEDLE in a haystack, we all have somethings we hide from others. That is okay, somethings are best to be kept to ourselves. We have the ability to PICK and choose what we bring to the table. This SITE at WordPress allows some of that to happen, just by allowing people to express whatever it is they want.

Like a contagious WAVE we all affect each other in one way shape or form. Let us make it a good effect and let us be kind and understanding to one another.

MwsR ❤