Sadness. By MwsR

Too much because of too little

A lot because of feelings.

Time is too late because the heart was too fake

Endless because it has overflowed the soul.

Infinite it will remain.

Without warning, it climbed onto your very life

Taking under its self, the only escape.

Parched are your eyes from losing too many tears while seeing so clearly.

If bandaids could cover one’s inner hurts.

Desperately anguish survives

To merely show one of what hold that it has on them

Breaking anything that gets in its path

It will not waiver from its wrath.

To simply exist is its special torture.

Longing becomes survival

Survival just means to be here or there

Nothing really to gaze upon and understand

Imaginatively giving you it’s a reprimand.

One chance, backed into a corner

Frantic for escape

When this sadness is the captor.

Sadness will have the upper hand.

Greatest Woe by MwsR

This old world can bring sadness

There are people ruled by their madness

The majority of us are brokenhearted

Separated and our loved ones have departed.

The greatest woe a person can feel

Is ridiculously hard, if you don’t take time to kneel

Pondering the events that eventually will come

When you or your loved one

Has a tragedy, a happening, or occurrence of pain

The kind that swiftly transforms what is in your brain

It will wipe your joy and laughter, right out the door

Take with it anything it wants to implore

Woe has it’s own recommendations,

It wants to create some new creations

Regardless of race, creed, culture, or color

It will grab hold, till you feel like you should hollar

You can fight, but without something greater,

Your greatest woe makes you shout louder

It shares nothing and takes it all

Even those memories you’ve been able to recall

The greatest woe comes from some of the doubt and fear

A whole lot of disappointments, a lot of tears

A bundle created and made just for you

It is there, always waiting, to.

So, if you don’t want to feel it

Don’t let it!

Learn to put emotions in their proper place,

Walk around with a smile upon your face

For no reason at all

Those tears will sometimes fall

But that means you are still able, still alive

To recreate your heart and your life.

No sense in letting things dwell

When your heart has the power to heal

To change you from the inside out.

That is what I am talking about!

MwsR Writings

Christmas Tears

By MwsR

One day she was going to decorate her house just like you see it done in magazines and movies…but not today. She just couldn’t get into the Christmas spirit. Today she found herself thinking of Christmas’s past. She felt the feelings she had felt before, today she remembered it all.

It’s easy to get swept up in holiday traditions but what if your holiday traditions were erased? Hers had been, she had to understand though that all was not lost. She needed to know that holidays were and could be so much more than tradition.

This year, this time, she needed to find the meaning behind, the traditions and gatherings.

See for her there was so much that life had changed for her, that she needed to gather what she could. She needed meaning not traditions to keep her going.

When she was a child everything was so exciting, she missed that feeling. Now that she grew older she longed for trueness, a realism she didn’t get from all the holiday hustle and bustle, or from all the worrying over bills versus buying presents. Her world should be more. More than that she wanted everyone around her to be grateful.

Why should she struggle? Why couldn’t it look at easy as tv or movies, in that they all had smiles, presents, and cheer?

She really thought hard and tried to find something that she could internally use, use to feel better.

Alongside remembering past holidays, she remembered those who were no longer in her present, and she cried. She just sat there and felt the loss like it was happening there at that moment. She thought about the true meaning of Christmas and the sacrifice that people gave many years ago, where two parents that had a newborn that was despised by man, yet loved and awaited by millions. The sacrifice they made to make sure he was safe and cared for. They left their family, their homes and their own comforts.

Sometimes, she thought, one must give more than they ever will receive in return. Sometimes no matter where we have been we can still find a place to belong. It all is in our hearts and minds, she thought.

Her Christmas tears turned on her mind, but she found the strength to keep trying, to keep looking for the answers, but with a newness of heart.

Christmas tears, the ones shed so long ago in a manger, now in her own eyes…that made life seem clearer around this time of year.

The lesson is life can bring you down but if you look, more than you think can be found.

Poem ~ Perspective of the One left Behind by MwsR

When I think of you, it includes a lot of questions, so there!

Questions like “Why?” and “What Happened?”, “Was it really so unfair?”

Why is it that life proved so hard for you to bear?

I have had my share of things that weigh on my heart

Things that might, a lesser man, tear all apart.

I chose to stay

Learned it is okay to walk away.

Refused to be the one who never sees the sun again

The one who makes new friends

I chose to live and trudge right through,

Even when it gets neck high, which it often can do.

It got so hard a lot of times

But I turned that negativity around, if not it would of been a crime

A life given is an opportunity to impact,

How can you do that if you only “subtract”?

I will never be that far down, if the good Lord is willing

I will get rid of the blemishes, and all that is lacking

I wish I could of helped you, if you had been near me, possibly I would had

Instead, I found out, from the grieving relatives you made sad.

There was a feeling of helplessness, a feeling of shame

Because in a sense, our society is to blame

It takes a person’s walls and helps to make them taller

Society will make a person feel so much smaller

We walk by those of us that suffer and feel no sense of obligation

It is no longer help a neighbor, but turn the other way, leave someone in stagnation

Shame on us all, shame on the world.

Break the silence, break the stigma, help those who suffer, who feel alone

Or else this world will change so far from what we all know.

People will die and chose not to survive

If we don’t help give them a reason to live.