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Christmas is a special time of year. It seems like the world pauses for a brief moment and all that matters is family, festivities, and fun.

 Emily Ziedman, MS 
Christmas Keto
Christmas Keto
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Just Another Holiday By MwsR

A couple of days of the year
We set aside to be of good cheer
I don’t quite get it, why do we all go insane
Trying to purchase every brand name
Our bank accounts are spent down to the bottom
So we can be sure no one is forgotten.
Shouldn’t holidays be more?
Why do we think it can be bought in a store?
Give to someone who needs it
Maybe a meal or a coat that would fit.
How about volunteering your help and hands
Just so someone can be able to “stand”.
Just another holiday, I think not
It is a chance to help, a lot.
People are out there all alone
With no place to call their home.
Others struggle just to keep food on their table
Remember the Christ who was born in the stable?
This is the true meaning of giving
That you give help to someone else so they keep living.
It isn’t the bows or the pizzazz of your tree
It isn’t about you and it isn’t about me.
It is just another Holiday
But it is you who can make it a certain way.
Go out and give!
That is how Jesus taught us to live.
Be thankful 365 days
Not just on holidays.

*The road of unselfishness is paved with blessings!

All rights reserved @ MwsR2021

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Christmas…by MwsR

It is certainly not about who is good or naughty

Now don’t misunderstand me and go-getting haughty.

I think of Christmas as a market made for money

I know some of you are thinking that’s not very funny.

But it is true.

I know you see you, you do.

It should be a celebration of Christ’s birth

The whole frankincense and myrrh.

But sadly I see people so obsessed with gift-giving

Instead, they’re emphasizing all the receiving.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying to be a scrooge

Just have a heart that gives love and love will ensue.

Think about widows and homeless people

Think about those you encounter that come worship under the same steeple.

People are fighting just to have a reason

To see the magic in this Christmas season.

They may never know till you take the time to show

It’s not something you can find wrapped up with a bow.

It is what Christmas should represent

It was that hope that God had sent.

His son, the newborn king

The one who gives us everything.

The reason for this Holiday.

The time to get on your knees and pray,

And thank him for the Lord of all of us

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!


Christmas Bliss…MwsR
The smell was oh so familiar
Flashes in my mind
Smells of sweet potatoes, Turkey and fixings
The business of the Holiday
All the Christmas decorations array
Wrapping and taping
Cutting and straightening
Times that made your heart glow
Spending it around people you know
It was a good time
It was a long time ago
My mind won’t let me forget
What my heart knew and felt
I will long remember it all
And cherish it and share it
Christmas bliss…Christmas meanings
Merry Christmas it was indeed.

MwsR Writings

Christmas Tears
By MwsR

One day she was going to decorate her house just like you see it done in magazines and movies…but not today. She just couldn’t get into the Christmas spirit. Today she found herself thinking of Christmas’s past. She felt the feelings she had felt before, today she remembered it all.
It’s easy to get swept up in holiday traditions but what if your holiday traditions were erased? Hers had been, she had to understand though that all was not lost. She needed to know that holidays were and could be so much more than tradition.
This year, this time, she needed to find the meaning behind, the traditions and gatherings.
See for her there was so much that life had changed for her, that she needed to gather what she could. She needed meaning not traditions to keep her going.
When she was a child everything was so exciting, she missed that feeling. Now that she grew older she longed for trueness, a realism she didn’t get from all the holiday hustle and bustle, or from all the worrying over bills versus buying presents. Her world should be more. More than that she wanted everyone around her to be grateful.
Why should she struggle? Why couldn’t it look at easy as tv or movies, in that they all had smiles, presents, and cheer?
She thought hard and tried to find something that she could internally use, use to feel better.
Alongside remembering past holidays, she remembered those who were no longer in her present, and she cried. She just sat there and felt the loss like it was happening there at that moment. She thought about the true meaning of Christmas and the sacrifice that people gave many years ago, where two parents had a newborn that was despised by man, yet loved and awaited by millions. The sacrifice they made to make sure he was safe and cared for. They left their family, their homes, and their comforts.
Sometimes, she thought, one must give more than they ever will receive in return. Sometimes no matter where we have been we can still find a place to belong. It all is in our hearts and minds, she thought.
Her Christmas tears turned on her mind, but she found the strength to keep trying, to keep looking for the answers, but with a newness of heart.
Christmas tears, the ones shed so long ago in a manger, now in her own eyes…that made life seem clearer around this time of year.
The lesson is life can bring you down but if you look, more than you think can be found.


Remember the lonely…the widows…the children..the hungry…the forgotten
They are the unseen or disregarded people that need the spirit of Christmas around them.
Some mourn someone or feel defeated because they can’t make things better….
We can help them. We can reach out to them.
Haven’t we all needed someone before?
So while you’re out buying those expensive impractical gifts…or spending way too much think about these people. Lift them up…buy for them…slip them a twenty or so….you don’t even have to know them.
You’ll be ten times richer and blessed.