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Simple by MwsR

The struggle is gone, no rewinds

Pictures that are still ever present in our minds

Things in a pose

Freckles on someone’s nose

Smells of cinnamon with ginger accents

Frost that forms on the grassy cement

Listening to one of the greatest old songs

Humming right along

Whispers of laughter filling the air

From others playing, way over there

Tastes that remind of us of childhood times

Splatters of paint, that makes things look refined

Clothes that flow so free

Nameless not branded, that’s fine with me

Comfort in the snuggle of a throw

Softness to touch, you already know

Simple, not complicated

Things that make us feel un- encumbered

A life that is lived

Life that has truly been give.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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Whispers by MwsR

It’s a faint and yet fleeting sigh
When it enters your heart like a big surprise.
Tears can’t erase the echo you hear
When it’s the one you hold so dear.
Some say they know
Some say to listen hurts their hearts so.
The truth is they are unpredictable
The feelings are so compatable.
To listen to them surely takes courage
To keep wanting them as to save up in storage.
Whispers of a person’s hearts company
Take root or can just flee.
There’s no rhyme or reason
Sometimes just for a season.
Whispers of your heart, your soul, and through time
Can be yours and will be mine.

Thank you for reading 🙂

This By MwsR

Hardest ever, decision

Sadness is the infliction

Hesitant, because I’m sad

This decision will turn me mad.

Fearful, of life without him

Regret starts to set in.

This, is not fair

Others get to keep from getting their scar

I won’t not, to think about it

But I must eventually face it.

Where does your heart go

When it doesn’t know?


Thank you for reading 🙂

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Poem and thoughts

Shadows…by MwsR

Remnants of pain

Scars of mistakes

Debts that you can’t escape

Patterns that have been repeated

Crosses that we must bear

Promises that we have shared

Forgiveness that isn’t deserved

But given despite that

In our hearts is where this is at

Courage to continue

Thoughts and changes

They bring about exchanges

Shadows don’t define our real person

They merely show us some parts of us

You can change your shadows

You can make a different one

It is possible to …

Change, redefine and renew

*When we keep things foremost in our life they control our thoughts. So if we redirect our thoughts, our lives, and learn to forgive ourselves we can have a better life.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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Poem and thoughts

Sad Eyes by MSR, me

I believe there are trials we cannot see,
Spaces filled without joy or glee
Things that bother us, but remain unspoken
Almost like a vase that’s broken
The vase cannot serve its purpose anymore
We, like a vase, can carry others
Keeping them safe, one with another
But broken, we can’t
Even if in a slant ……
Look into another’s eye
Some make you laugh
Some make us cry
Sad Eyes are a message
Sometimes you’ll see it right off
Sometimes and often, you won’t

If you want to make a change
You can simply find some joy
Joy is not easily found all the time
More than not we have to search
You can’t be happy for others, They have to be.
You can’t fix others
You just need to fix you, find your joy, share your hope
Others will see positive, search for their hope, their joy, just because you have.
Regardless of how you were, you can be that light, that positive for someone else.
Perfect does not exist, don’t keep looking for it, you’ll be disappointed and you’ll get tired and fail.
Be grateful, be thankful
Have an awesome day!

Thank you for reading 🙂