Don’t by MwsR

You don’t even know me

Yet you have already judged me.

You mix your words with raw emotion

Yet you try to stir up a reaction.

I will not play your game

You don’t even know my name.

Stop being mean and try to see

I’m not the problem, and your problem isn’t me.

You fill your head with all that chatter

I think some day things won’t matter.

Just learn to trust, learn to focus

Don’t give your dreams to any hocus pocus.

Maybe meditate, read a book

Look in the mirror with that same opposing look.

I am not your foe, not even a past friend

Now don’t you suppose this should be the end?

Please try to weigh what really matters to you

Someone might just be true blue.

Stop blaming, keep loving, keep trusting,

Life is too short, keep living.

I am hoping you will see

Before things change for you drastically.

Since I wrote what I had to say,

I am going to bid you “good day”.

Remember, you don’t have to be that way!

All rights reserved. 2021MwsR


Urgent BY MwsR

All rights reserved. MwsR2021

An urgent cry for help

So many signs, so much time passing

“If only” things clutter the mind.

Where is it we lose our edge?

Hopeless people are everywhere

People without hope are starting to rise

Some show it externally

Some try still, so very much, to hide it.

Acts that go against “their nature”,

Lies that start piling up

Crashes from exhaustion

Seems for some the world can be too much.

A comment given after a statement

One that so innocently gets ignored

There can be that “once in for instance”

Like the slamming of their bedroom door

Actions that warrant no real reason

Spontaneous emotion followed by insults

Sometimes the oddest of things are guarded

And sometimes the care of self, not so much.

Will tarrying delay the consequences for deeds that penetrate the soul?

Often in this life we try to be so bold.

Caring not about the outpour of another

One with whom we share this world

Faultless is no one

Responsible is everyone.

The shame lies in the way we acknowledge

The way we pacify others,

In our ignorance of other’s lives

Forgetting the whole realm of everything

Excusing the very ones who are to blame.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

Poem By MwsR


There are mistakes

Mistakes that linger, like the residue you see after a fire.

Possible misinterpretations are present

Misinterpretations of a person’s actions or words.

Belligerent giving’s are not giving at all

No giving at all without a giving heart.

Silent spaces that often are hidden

Hidden to disguise the truth.

Lies that deceive and insult

Insult those that actually believe in you.

Sickness that takes hold of a person’s heart

The heart that unfortunately will soon break.

Missing a dear partner, or a beloved pet

A beloved tragedy with regret.

Fantasizing not on reality but on falseness

Falseness that can make your present life a bore.

Prideful about things

Things that are not good for you and will destroy you.

Lack of compassion for all creatures and humans

Creatures and humans that are intended to have compassion

Separate agendas that will surely separate you from your intended target

The target that no longer is there.

Storms of life that cause you to crumble

Crumble down and make you forget how to live.

Tragedies are more than events, they are more than happenings,

Tragedies are when you fall short of living life to its fullest

Or when you disregard others,

Tragedy is a whole lot, of a bunch of things, that impact you and others.

All rights reserved. MwsR2021


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