How just one object can take you back in time
To a place you hold in your mind.
Echoes of things that were said
Places and events trapped in your head
Smells and sounds circle that object
Giving you to to reflect
Transforming the now to then
And back again
You’re separate but not
From all that’s in thought
From haunted memories to pleasant experiences
Your mind travels and encompasses
Just one object can take you backk in time
To those places, thoughts, experiences, sounds and smells in your mind.

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Shadow(s), by MwsR

In the dark lurks a shadow
It is not cordial, to say the least.
It will rob you of your peace and mind
And slowly on them it will feast.

Light does not come close to touching it
It will sneak and hide away,
It always returns,
Especially at the end of the day.

No circumstance will help you
No help you will find
When in the shadows it waits
One day or another time.

You need to come to terms with it
Deal with it in your own way
Don’t try to ignore it
It will never go away.

We all have those shadows
In real life that manifest
If left undealt with they will grow
Slowly your hope they will ingest.

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Photo by Jill Burrow on Pexels.com


Midst of Uncertainty by MwsR

Miracles amid uncertainty
It is where saneness meets eternity.
Obstacles stand waiting,
But faith is so demanding,
Traces of disbelief fade in the quest for truth.
Never were we born to be a sleuth,
Purpose becomes the focus
Not forgetting the thing that tried to choke us.
It is easier to rest in truths and not circumstances…
Turning a few times to give us a second, then last, a single glance.
Things can change..as they often do,
It happens and it will for you.

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Embellishments by MwsR

Embellishments to my fears
Not pretty but hurtful like a spear,
The thoughts I wish would float away
But instead they linger and stay
Embellishments to the stains
The ones that came out from the pains.
Nothing grand to look upon
Defeated and trampled on.
Trying hard to imagine it all in a different light,
But there are just some things that can’t be made right.
Embellishments to the tears
Falling so often through the years.
Note worthy and significant they have been.
Defining the outcome from within.

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I saw you this morning, well the used to be

I wondered if you remembered back then

You looked so peaceful, so youthful, and intact

I remembered how much I wanted you back.

What happened to you?

Where did you go?

I miss the first you so.

Since you are me, you know.

Funny how time changes things

Changes the inner and shows on the outer

I still feel the times my heart was shattered.

I lost you somewhere between worries and so sorry

You left without any notice, in such a hurry.

People stood by but not by you

You found yourself as the only one who knew.

Stories out of the mouth of your caregivers,

Were all lies and lines from their distorted truths

Truths that barely have any in them.

Pain became the plot.

You really missed out on a lot.

The simply being a kid,

Carefree and happy, encouraged and loved

Cherished and respected

Instead overlooked and under cherished.

I remember how much I wanted you back

What happened to you?

Where did you go?

I really miss the “first” you, so!

All rights reserved. MwsR 2023

Poem by MwsR


Flashes are so poignant

They stick to your brain

Causing you to sometimes feel insane

Expressive glances

Leave you wondering

Checking your past reactions

Stirs of remembrance

Cause you to lose your temperance

They punish you, in some sort of way

Leaving no room for free play

It is cause and effect

Movement and motion

Recourse and stand still

What we sometimes say we never really feel

When our minds clutter

Our lips stutter

If we go we often really stay

In the past, in the visions of yesterday

Spinning away and in dis-array

It all gets twisted it all falls apart

In little segments, somewhere in our hearts.

Take things not, for granted

Take some sort of stand

Pass knowledge, not chaos to every man.

Make a difference where you can

Let by-gones be gone

Traveling to wherever is your home.

Stay there, feel the love

Put yourself in that human glove

Secure, safe, and real.

MwsR Poem And Thoughts

A TIME, by MwsR

There comes a time to care, and a time to disappear.
A time to forgive, and a time to move on.
A time to cherish, and a time to learn from,
A time to accept and a time to reject.
A time to hope and a time to give up.
A time to be last and a time to be first..
A time to talk about, and a time to keep silent.
A time to walk away, and a time to stay.

There is only this one life!

Don’t allow yourself to give to another and get nothing in return.
Don’t allow yourself to be used, or hurt, just because someone forgot your worth.
Don’t allow your heart to be wasted on selfish individuals, spend that energy loving the ones who are there, stood by your side, and will love you

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MwsR Poem


In a world where looks are everything

Focus on inner beauty.

In a time where anything goes

Stand up for something.

In a year that’s just beginning

Become something good.

In a second your life can change

Don’t leave anything for regret.

In someone’s house, there is no peace

Reach out to them and offer some.

In someone’s heart, they have lost hope

Be the reason they start to hope again.

In families, there is conflict and distrust

Show them a better way.

In this time of your life, you exist

Exist for something greater than you.

Make the most, be the hope

Live graciously and thoughtfully.

All rights reserved. MwsR 2023