By MwsR

Two people,
One is left when one goes away.
There is not enough fortitude for that person to stay.
Two dreams,
One is of comfort, one of pain
Ain’t much sunshine for all the rain.
Two arms,
Both are capable to reach out to another,
One holds tight their dying mother.
Two different opinions,
Neither one is truly right,
But it doesn’t matter when they are in a fight.
Two endings,
Really there is no way to predict,
One you’ll feel lucky, the other like you’ve been kicked.
Two falsehoods,
One is thought to be true and for sure,
The other sets in motion a great uproar.
Two loves,
Neither one knows much about the other,
But the holder of the love carries that love over and over.
Two kids in the same family,
One will be a preacher, one will be the shame.
Neither upbringing or circumstance to blame,
Two days,
One with which you will love and cherish
One that you will wish would perish.
Two is either this or that
No one thing by itself all alone,
I could just go on and on!

All rights reserved. MwsR2022


The Reason For, by MwsR

In the quiet of the day

When thoughts start to invade

There are reflections that appear

Maybe of a person, you hold dear.

What is their significance in your life

Do they pose something for you without strife?

We must reflect only to direct

To change our focus perhaps,

We don’t need to relapse.

Past things are to be remembered

But they are not to diminish our slumber

Or to dictate our future

This is the measure of becoming mature.

Yes, remember

But never stay too long or linger

Our future can be a pleasure

Our past can interrupt our harmony

Believe this from me.

All rights reserved. MwsR 2022

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To wish is my way of relay

And to wish that I might inlay

Something that is positive today

I wish to sway

That is, I meant to say

Writing is a person’s attache

To wish is to pray

And in having hope, to stay

Because anything less is dismay.

I wish for your day

To brilliantly display

The inside of your heart, okay?

To wish that all your troubles beneath you lay.

To write something that may make way

For your motivation someday.

All rights reserved. MwsR 2022

Playing around with rhyming of words. hope you enjoyed it. MwsR

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D, by MwsR

Distracted, so much these days

Things in my mind often replay

So much was lost and so few have stayed

I am sure others have felt this way.

The moments are fleeting

Moments are so much more to me now.

I fully want to live my best life, somehow.

Letting go of bitterness, harbored feelings

Nothing is worth missing out on inner peace

It gives clarity when we release

The pinned up frustrations, the anger, and the strife

These are things that won’t benefit your life

We cannot control things, nor can we predict with certainty

Only God can, we need only focus on his eternity.

When we replay thoughts when things in my revolve around

Remember that they are lessons and trials that we’ve found

Onward and forward, anticipating the future of better

Keeping hold of those things that really matter.

I ponder on things each day

Making a resolution to this life that I will stay

Things will be better another day

I see that nothing stays the same,

Nothing really can,

If we are to learn or flourish.

Some of our greatest battles are fought in our minds

Please don’t walk this world being blind

Stop and seek,

Give and stay meek!

“…lean not unto your own understandings, but in all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths.”Proverbs 3:5-6

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A Craft Without The Glue, by MwsR

In the bleakest moments, I am close to you
I feel the weight of this pain start to ensue.
Was I just a craft without any glue?
Am I supposed to fall apart with every single hand
Or am I just supposed to fall wherever I may land?
Is this your masterful plan?
Why is it in the sunlight you can see
All the dimensions that make up the “Me”?
Why not at the moment of thought or creation?
Because I am so much more than people’s imagination.
I exist because of you
I was created to serve a purpose, It’s true.
Without the glue I will not mend myself
Without the help, I will not straighten up when I bend, you see?
I do have good days where I am all together or appear to be
But I am a master at fooling those who choose to believe.
It is easy to take a look and draw your conclusions
Maybe it is a memory or your own drawn allusion.
When approaching. use caution, not to access what is based on your own bias’s
Once you can get familiarized with all the pieces
It should be easy and then your mind it eases.
Feeling like a craft without any glue forever
And wished I had helped to get it together.

All rights reserved. @MwsR2021


Forever It Stays That Way


Unanswered thoughts, yet I find the answer
Inside I’m still spinning into disaster

Maybe it’s the after the shock I keep feeling
Can’t stop the thoughts from unraveling

Forever it stays that way
There could never be enough leverage to cast it all away

Time to change this spinning into memories
Time to think about what is best for me

It is not so bad
It often makes me sad

It also helps me re-emerge with something new
My own fullfilness will ensue

Forever things stay a certain way
Ever once in a while, they’ll display

Coming with exploding sounds
Around my tattered heart it abounds

I still can be good as new
Because I’m one of those select few

That learnt to fight
Kept on getting on, despite

I don’t need to worry
I’m in no hurry

Because…forever it will stay,
This way.


Can’t by MwsR

Can’t say things aloud.
They’re stuck inside with the feelings that crowd.
Wishing that I could have enough courage to share
But regardless of my effort, I will not be spared
Even with the passing of time.
It seems easier to hide these words of mine.
Can’t say things aloud.

All rights reserved@ MwsRwritings2021