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Life, with love in it, completes us.
Life without that love is terrible.
If you’re ever lucky enough to have the love that completes you, don’t let it escape.
Few are there, that experience true love, the kind that takes your breath away. If you’re one then you know how you could never do without it.
One of the best feelings in the whole universe.

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MwsR Writings

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💜Thoughts on LOVE💘 by MwsR

Love survives where resilient lives.
It’s not always possible to love without much work.
The easiest love we have usually is from innocence or the kind like when you look at that newborn for the first time, maybe a first boyfriend or girlfriend, getting your favorite car…. job…. or vacation.

Real love takes effort to flourish. It takes a person who can overlook imperfections. Forgiving wrongdoings is part of that.
Love is not selfish, it gives up comfort often in exchange for pain.

Love sometimes can make us insane.
Choosing to love….or should I write… Loving despite the great disappointment, hurtful actions, or broken promises …. is what we try over and over when little good is in that someone or something and is hard to see upfront.

Being loved ….letting someone loves you ….is when you can see what you are from their eyes and in loving yourself and believing you are worthy of LOVE.
It’s hard to forget REAL love, nor would we ever really choose to.

Christian love is Christ-like love. It is love that does not seek anything in return. It is a love we can only express if Christ lives in us. It is the greatest, selfless feeling towards others.


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Truer Than True by MwsR<3

When you are smack down in the middle

Feeling things inside you tingle

It is time to remember

That these feelings are packed with fervor.

There are no amount of words that can adequately discuss

Those things that sweep you up in a rush

Each pitter-patter of reflection sends your heart further

Further than one can almost comprehend and for much longer.

Is it possible to need something like this?

Is the passing of each day too much to miss?

Be it fire or famine,

Ruthless tenacity or beyond what you can imagine.

Love can be truer than true

Left to its own device it will pursue

No richer or poorer has ever been a man

Who love with their all and give what they can.

Let love be your truer than true

Hold it tight and let it hold you.

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