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A TIME, by MwsR

There comes a time to care, and a time to disappear.
A time to forgive, and a time to move on.
A time to cherish, and a time to learn from,
A time to accept and a time to reject.
A time to hope and a time to give up.
A time to be last and a time to be first..
A time to talk about, and a time to keep silent.
A time to walk away, and a time to stay.

There is only this one life!

Don’t allow yourself to give to another and get nothing in return.
Don;t allow yourself to be used, or hurt, just because someone forgot your worth.
Don’t allow your heart to be wasted on selfish individuals, spend that energy loving the ones who are there, stood by your side, and will love you

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It seems by looking in from the outside no one really knows anything.
It can be way different from the perspectives that onlookers have than from the inside reality.
Walk with a soft step when approaching someone. We never really know what path they have walked themselves before we arrived.
So much impact people’s lives. So much can happen to change things.


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MwsR Writings

Thoughts for today…

I am lucky to be a grandmother.
I love having God’s forgiveness and grace.
I have many I consider friends but few that I know would have my back. Sadly.
I believe all life has a right to live…even unborn children.
I try daily to lift someone up because I have been where they are at, at one time or another…at least close to it.
Wish that everyone would treat others fairly and care…really care about their feelings. Like they would their own.
Have a good day!

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MwsR Writings

I think the saddest thing for us humans, is that we cannot get over things that happen in our lives. We hold onto them, hoping that in that we can somehow repair the damage done, but sadly, we can’t. If we truly are heartbroken, we cannot fix it by simply holding onto the hurt we feel.

We should allow ourselves time to get over the initial hurt. We should allow ourselves to put it aside, as well. There is a time and place for everything. One of our most destructive things we can do is to replay our hurts, replay our heartbreaks, replay our past mistakes.

If you truly want to free yourself, you must put things into perspective. You must prioritize things, and you should allow room for error or time to just get past things. It will not happen in a day. It will take courage. It will take fortitude, It will be hard at times, and sometimes it will seem impossible. That is just the nature of things.

Rome was not built in a day,, and neither is removing heartaches and disappointments, or mistakes. You are human, allow yourself to be and then pick yourself back up and get back to living.

In order to love life, we must love ourselves enough to actually live it.

Just some thoughts for today!

I shall be here waiting on this side of the rainbow!

Michelle, MwsR <3

Thank you for reading 🙂