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We all face different things in our lives.
Seldom do we stop and realize what others go through.
I have known friends that hurt each day, carry guilt, and are hurt. I know people who despite circumstances that were given to them, carry on every day.

It is never the journey ahead that hurts us… It is, however, our lack to properly prepare as we start that journey.

Don’t forget others go through it, deal with it, and push past it… you can too.

Yes, it will hurt sometimes. Yes, it will change you some. Yes, it will most definitely impact those who are in it with you, in one way, shape, or form. This can most certainly be directly or indirectly.

But the good news is…
You can move through whatever journey is ahead… You can.

There is hope for today.💓

Poem of Thought

By MwsR

Life is sad…at times.
But there is a lot of happiness too.
Always try to remember that we live fleeting moments and it is what you do in this world, that’s kind, loving, generous, and with good intentions, those things will endure forever and bless you immensely. They will help you through the sad times.

And then more importantly…

MwsR Writings

Only you can prevent self sabotage! Don’t allow yourself to sabotage your own happiness, or achieve your own goals. With earnest effort, you can do anything you set your heart to. If it even is a mere thought that empowers you, think it often. Let your mind guide you and your heart reflect you.

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MwsR Writings

Sometimes our greatest challenge is ourselves…

In The Way, by MwsR

I wonder if there is a way that I could make a great day?
Sometimes there is absolutely nothing in the way.

You can set your mind and spirit to accomplish.
Although, some prefer a prayer and a wish.

When a tree is right before you, you do not go through the tree,
Instead, you go around it to continue, you see.

Obstacles don’t have to keep us from doing things we choose
They are just stumbling blocks, please don’t get confused.

Nothing nor should anyone keep you from doing what you need to or decide to do.
You have the power yourself, through and through.

If something is in your way,
Get around it, so you can make a good day.

No one can take that power from you
No one has that kind of power, not no how, not no way.

All rights reserved 2021MwsR


Hello all! Have ever you stopped to think about what someone else may be going othrough? We all get busy in our day to day life and sometimes it is all we can do to keep up with what we ourselves are going through. Our lives are surely busy and complicated at best. If we take a few seconds out of our time to think of how hard another’s life really is, we will not seem to be the focal point. We may also realize that the tree is not always greener on the other side, that things we may be experiencing are not as difficult or as hard as someone else’s. Empathy is a good quality, it can make a person feel more thankful.

We never know what another is facing or going through. Perhaps a person you encountered just lost someone who was their whole world. Maybe that grumpy co-worker has an abusive child or husband waiting for them at home. Maybe that person who was stern with you has lost everything they had and wants you not to make the same mistakes.

Please be kind, please think further than the tip of your nose. Everyone has their own battles, demons, and trials. Not everything is great for each individual you may encounter today.


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