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MwsR Writings

Each tear…without you near. Each moment…with words that I wish my heart would eliminate. Each pain…feeling like it’s all in vain. Each word…wondering and worrying, its absurb. There is always […]

MwsR Writings

If wishes and wants could become reality than what purpose would hoping and praying to serve in our life. If tomorrow you could be anyone you wanted to be….what would […]

MwsR Writings

Choose to leave sadness every chance you get! Go find some happiness, maybe in places you haven’t discovered yet. MwsR Thank you for reading 🙂


“Never make your home in a place. Make a home for yourself inside your own head. You’ll find what you need to furnish it – memory, friends you can trust, […]

MwsR Writings

To be expressive is an outward acknowledgement of feelings. To be indecisive is a sign of an inward struggle. MwsR “Her’s was all she had and knew, yet no-one had […]

MwsR Writings

Hearts…one of our greatest organs. Yet one that holds our deepest pains. How can something so great also be the carrier of so much pain? I guess with its capabilities […]

Hey folks!

More garden veggies today! I just picked some yellow squash, cucumber, zucchini that was 15 inches long, and some Kale. I am reaping the garden’s fresh produce and I love […]


When were are born into this world our life is but a single thread. Every day we live adds another thread to our life. How were live each day determines […]

Happy Friday Folks!

Another week is gone. This week I’ve had a cold and had to go see a doctor. I was prescribed some antibiotics. Hoping it works. I hope everyone is good […]

MwsR Writings

?=Unnamed In My Dreams I had a dream of sorts last night. It was peculiar and hard to read. I did not write it down, but I should have. I […]

What’s on my mind?…

I have been a busy bee around here. Lots of stuff to keep me busy. I tend to my flowers, my garden, my pets, my grandkids, and my home/ family. […]

~Page News, Thoughts

Hey everybody! Hope everyone is fairing well this Friday! I am going to express a few random thoughts, not in any particular order. I love waking to the bright beautiful […]

Happy Easter

Hope everyone has a good Easter. Spend time with family and friends. I know not everyone celebrates it . That is a personal choice and that is your right. Peace […]


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Mws R Writings
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