Slow Healing

Hey, there’s been a lot going on lately. Also, it appears to be not so much. I know I’m healing. These things like healing though, take time.

Each day I feel more healing but I’m also very sore each day. I gave pain patches and pain education but some internal pain cannot be stopped. I feel the broken ribs in my chest the most. Although I have many fractures in my pelvis, the chest area hurts me the most.

Sometimes I long to be outside looking and tending to my garden. I miss it. I worry about all the work I had done before the car crash. I have prayed that God would ease the stress of things I have had to just let go of, those things that otherwise I’d be working on, finishing, etc.

Not only have I had to have patience, but I’ve also had to wait for some things. That alone is hard. By not standing on my right leg which would hurt my pelvis fractures, I feel very little pain there. Unless I accidentally misstep or pivot wrong or try to move wrong. That can trick me into wanting to just try and use it. Which would make my healing that much longer and more painful. So I just talk with myself daily.

I miss walking. I miss laying flat or on my side in my bed. I have to sleep semi-sitting up in a recliner. That is hard. I get some sleep but it is not the best sleep. I wish for my bed. I wish for sleeping on my belly as I had before the car crash.

Anyhow, I’m ok with my husband being by my side daily. His taking off work to take care of me. I like the attention. I also hate waiting though, as I have said.

Keep praying for me.Thank you.


Hey All I Am In A Trauma Unit

My daughter was driving me around Friday. She didn’t see a stop sign and my side was T boned by a truck. I lost consciousness and so many things happened to my internal self. The car had spun several times and came to stop at the other side of the road.

No one was hurt but me. Not anyone in the other vehicle even. My daughter had bruises from seatbelt and impact. My two grandsons 8 month old and 4 year old were in back of car safely in car seats. I had to be cut out of car and was airlifted to a hospital. Where I am in a trauma unit . Been here since Friday. I won’t be able to walk because of my fractures to the pelvis. It has to heal first. I have to use a wheelchair. So many things complicate my injuries. But I am alive. Prayers are accepted! And I will be back writing again someday.

God bless. MwsR❤️


As I sit at my desk, the one my lovely husband made for me, my thoughts go back in time and reflect on my life and its many journeys. Sometimes people miss out on their futures by living in the past. This is not what I am doing today, today I am remembering, reflecting if you will. How many times do you find yourself looking at something or hearing something that stirs in your mind, a memory or two? Well, as I sit here, surrounded by my faithful and loving cat, Poppy, and with a view of my birdfeeders that are outside, I am where I was before. I am talking about memories, about things that either directly or indirectly took some sort of residence in my thoughts. I have my cup of coffee sitting here, my cellphone, my books, my computers, and my personal touches with me. Still, something is drawing me into a stream. A stream of reflections and remembrances that fill my heart, fill my moments.

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I should be writing more on my webpage, but as it goes, I am thinking of my loved ones, and of the God who loves me unconditionally. I have never in my life deserved the wondrous and powerful all-consuming love of God. He graciously gives it to me. Nothing I can ever do would warrant that type of commitment, dedication, and love. Nothing! He is a pivotal instrument in my own personal life. I am not the most faithful, nor the most religious, or dedicated, but somehow none of that ever changes his ways towards me. He constantly forgives me, when I ask. He constantly works behind the scenes in my life. Is that not wonderful?

My family is always in my thoughts, always. No matter what I do or where I go they are there with me, in my thoughts. I have loved, have lost, and have been shunned by some. I have repeatedly forgiven, loved, helped, and encouraged some. I have corrected, instructed, and explained a lot of times. I have three adult kids and four grandkids all under the age of 7. I believe if I was a good mother, grandmother, they would always be in my thoughts, don’t you?

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Today as I sit here, reflecting on things, I realize there are people out in our world without hope. People who would rather not reflect on their loved ones, and sometimes on their lives. Not everyone we meet has a great life. Not everyone we meet has a story they refer to for their enjoyment. Some people find it hard to wake up in the morning. Some find no peace at home. A lot of people are just going through the motions of life. It is a lonely or cruel place for many.

There was a point in my life once upon a time, when I was always sad, always hurting, and always searching. I was not given a golden goose, a family home, or riches. I had to make and scrape for everything I had. I was like many out in this world who were hopeless and forgotten. I too have a story I do not wish to repeat. However, this story or two, has made me who I am today. To say I wished that my life had been different, well, that would almost be like regretting who I have become. Right?

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No matter what we choose in our life, or where we are going, we have choices. Struggles and trials and hardships are part of our life on earth. I want to encourage you to find something that makes you smile. Something that can make you feel good inside and out, would be great to find for yourself. No one can do that for you. Only God. If you have never known such a relationship with him it is something worth trying. I am not preaching, nor am I qualified to. I just want to say, he has been my rock, my shield, my stay! He can be yours too!

If that is not where you are wanting to go, then immerse yourself in doing good for others, regardless. Find the good in all things, all people. Yes, I believe it is good in all. Sometimes bad rules but good is there, maybe just hiding, or suppressed by worry or pain.

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Have a good day. Thanks to all who took the time to read my reflexive thoughts.

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I shall see you on this side of the rainbow~! MwsR

Hey All!

Just wanted to touch base with you all. I made to Wisconsin yesterday evening. It was a long drive. I am grateful that I did not run into any issues. Now I am sitting and resting in my hotel room. It is nice to just do nothing.

I will not be posting a lot this week but I will be posting each day. I hope to just relax while my husband is at the Wisconsin office working. I like this area, it is much like back home for me. The terrain is not as mountainous as my homeplace but it does have some hills. The hotel we are at we have stayed many times before so that makes it comfortable.

I hope all are doing well and having a good day so far. Thanks for following, liking, and sharing. As always I love your comments so keep commenting.


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I shall see you on this side of the rainbow~! MwsR

Vacation Was Good But Now It Is Done…

Thanks for being loyal and patient. I had a good time.

I saw a lighthouse and went up in it 178 steps. Man, my legs are sore. Lol

Hoping to return to the normal scheduling of and attention to my page tomorrow.

Have a good night.


Hi All!

I’ve been working hard on my garden and planted veggies. I am sorry that I have had very little time here lately, to dedicate to my usual multiple postings.

I hope to get back in the swing of things here shortly.

Doing a garden is a lot of work but I love it. Maybe you should try? You can plant in pots, or anything else you can think of.

Here are a few earlier pictures and present day pictures to share.

I am most happy helping create life and in keeping it going, be it flowers, kids, grandkids, garden, animals, etc.

Happy day to you all.

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Hello All

I am hoping this post finds you all doing well and in good spirits. I have somethings I would like to write and share.

I am going to see changes on my webpage soon, October 8th is when it is looking like. I cannot afford to pay the business page any longer so I am downgrading to a more reasonable lower-cost one. I have been told that I need to wait until then though to downgrade. There is so much out there in the internet world I am learning. There is also a lot I do not understand.

I am hoping that the content I bring to you will still be of quality and strike an interest inside of you. I like to do various subjects and interests, hopefully, something is for you. I hope you all will bear with me as I get the kinks worked out with my newer downgrade page at the end of this week. I am hoping for very little change, but I may be in for a shock.

Since I have not earned any money for my webpage, I think that this is my only option, downgrading. I was told plugins might not work so we shall see.

Anyone who can, will you please share, like, comment, and follow me, This will give me a much-needed boost in the way of inspiration. I like posting to you all and love sharing things that may be of interest to you.

Thank you guys! and gals!

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I shall see you on this side of the rainbow~! MwsR