Urgent BY MwsR

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An urgent cry for help

So many signs, so much time passing

“If only” things clutter the mind.

Where is it we lose our edge?

Hopeless people are everywhere

People without hope are starting to rise

Some show it externally

Some try still, so very much, to hide it.

Acts that go against “their nature”,

Lies that start piling up

Crashes from exhaustion

Seems for some the world can be too much.

A comment given after a statement

One that so innocently gets ignored

There can be that “once in for instance”

Like the slamming of their bedroom door

Actions that warrant no real reason

Spontaneous emotion followed by insults

Sometimes the oddest of things are guarded

And sometimes the care of self, not so much.

Will tarrying delay the consequences for deeds that penetrate the soul?

Often in this life we try to be so bold.

Caring not about the outpour of another

One with whom we share this world

Faultless is no one

Responsible is everyone.

The shame lies in the way we acknowledge

The way we pacify others,

In our ignorance of other’s lives

Forgetting the whole realm of everything

Excusing the very ones who are to blame.

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There are at least 6 people in the world who look exactly like you. There’s a 9% chance that you’ll meet one of them in your lifetime.

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Who Is John Herschel?

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(March 7, 1792 – May 11, 1871)

He was an English mathematician, astronomer, chemist, and a photographer/inventor. He contributed to photography when it first emerged in 1839. Herschel believed that the study of nature was also an avenue to the understanding of God’s creation.



People…by MwsR
We meet all kinds.
We share with and trust a few.
For me, it might be you.
They come in and out of our world,
They give us either great lessons or understanding
See the choices I’m claiming.
I see different traits
Different battles
And it’s their faith that settles.
Why do we just exist?
Among other
Mom, dad, sisters, brothers.
Why can’t we take something
Rearrange something
Is all our lives for nothing?
Make a spark
Let it grow into a fire
Reaching others as you inspire.
Teach and learn lessons
Give and take back what you can
That should be a rule for all of man.
Life is a journey, a game
We are the players
Let’s love and cherish
Never letting that perish.


They say,
In time you’re going to forget about it
You find you can’t
They say,
If you are having a bad day, turn it around
All you feel is down
They say,
Smile so others feel better
What if you are the one needing to.
They say,
Live and let live
Everything that’s done impacts one another in some fashion.
They say,
If the shoe fits, wear it
They don’t understand that all shoes aren’t created equal.
They say,
Who are the “they” anyway?
Why do we listen if we don’t know it to be the truth?
I say
Every situation varies, every person is different
That is something that I know.
By MwsR

Poem by MwsR


Perhaps this is a test

Maybe a trial

Should we all sit back and think of it a while

Does our future lie in wait?

Maybe dreams are second to this

Perhaps there is something greater we might miss.

A greater force is present

Something more to the equation, despite

Our best efforts, from everyone running with fright.

There is a time for everything

A time to mend,

A time to bend

There is time to heal and resist being ill

Somethings under the sun will hurt like a quill

Sometimes there will be rumors and such

Bringing our full attention, we should, very much

Time to help, if we will

Give back and support others still.

Things are meant to change

This sometimes means making a radical move

Making sense of this, because there is much to prove

Our minds need rest,

Our bodies need strength

The people need answers, the need restrictive covenant.