Diabetic Facts

More than 34 million people in the United States have diabetes, and 1 in 5 of them don’t know they have it.

More than 88 million US adults—over a third—have prediabetes, and more than 84% of them don’t know they have it.

Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the United States (and may be underreported).

Type 2 diabetes accounts for approximately 90% to 95% of all diagnosed cases of diabetes; type 1 diabetes accounts for approximately 5-10%.

In the last 20 years, the number of adults diagnosed with diabetes has more than doubled as the American population has aged and become more overweight or obese.

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There are at least 6 people in the world who look exactly like you. There’s a 9% chance that you’ll meet one of them in your lifetime.

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Diabetes~ Beans…


Keep your cupboard filled with canned black beans and chickpeas, as well as quick-cooking options like lentils. The fiber and protein in beans help keep your blood sugar stable, Zanini says.

Good Foods For Diabetes – 11 Diet Staples Everyone With Diabetes Should Buy (prevention.com)
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Over time, that can add up to big benefits. Adults with type 2 diabetes who ate a cup of lentils or beans daily saw their A1C levels drop by half a percentage point within three months, found one JAMA study.

Good Foods For Diabetes – 11 Diet Staples Everyone With Diabetes Should Buy (prevention.com)

Did You Know?

Everyone’s Your Relative

 Humans share 99% of their DNA with other humans. Science Photo Library – PASIEKA / Brand X Pictures / Getty Images

Every human being has 99 percent of their DNA in common. A parent and child share 99.5 percent of the same DNA, and you have 98 percent of your DNA in common with a chimpanzee.


Fact Is…


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The entire world’s population could fit inside Los Angeles.

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The world’s total population is more than 7.5 billion. And obviously, that number sounds huge. However, it might feel a little more manageable once you learn that if every single one of those people stood shoulder-to-shoulder, they could all fit within the 500 square miles of Los Angeles, according to National Geographic.

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