Why Do You Sleep On A Couch, Not Knowing These Facts…

“The one gross reason why you should never fall asleep on the couch.”

Kate Bayless 

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Meditation, Did You Know?

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Fact For The Day

During the 19th century, a diet called “Fletcherism” became popular. Introduced by American Horace Fletcher (“the Great Masticator”), the diet promoted chewing a mouthful of food at least 32 times or until it was turned into liquid. He argued his method of eating could help people avoid disease and lose weight.[19]


Crockpot/Slow Cooker Don’t Do’s


Distribute your layers carefully: The bottom of the crock pot is the hottest part, so things that take a long time to cook (like carrots and parsnip) should always form the base. Another way to ensure that everything cooks evenly is to cut ingredients in even sizes. 

Stephanie Holmes –



Slice them up for salad or pickle them in your favorite brine; cucumbers are a delicious kitchen staple no matter how you enjoy them. We love their crisp, refreshing flavor, which is celebrated in many different dishes from cultures all over the globe. While there’s no arguing about their value in culinary applications, you may be wondering, are they actually good for you? Let’s explore cucumber nutrition and the potential health benefits of cucumbers.

Sara Haas RDN, LDN 
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What Is The Difference Between Arms And Tenactles?

Octopuses are famous for their eight sucker-covered arms, whereas squids, from giant Architeuthis dux to the appetizer-size critters served at restaurants, swim with even more appendages: eight arms and two tentacles. So, what’s the difference between these different types of boneless limbs?

John Arnst 


“What Happened When WWI Paused for Christmas”

‘Here we were laughing and chatting to men whom only a few hours before we were trying to kill!’



Christmas Truce 1914