Health Alert From The Color Of Your Eyes~

Your eye color is mostly determined by the luck of genetic draw. Although there are things you can do to improve your eyesight and keep your eyes healthy, there’s not much you can do to change your eye color. However, your iris color might reveal more about your health than you think. Here’s what you need to know about dark and light eyes, and all the shades in between

Did You Know?

The tomato is the world’s most popular fruit. And yes, just like the brinjal and the pumpkin, botanically speaking it is a fruit, not a vegetable. More than 60 million tons of tomatoes are produced per year, 16 million tons more than the second most popular fruit, the banana. Apples are the third most popular (36 million tons), then oranges (34 million tons) and watermelons (22 million tons).

Homeopathy For Diabetics

There’s currently little to no evidence that homeopathy is effective for treating diabetes. You can usually treat it with a change in diet, exercise, and prescription medications to manage blood sugar.

Homeopathy is an alternative medical system. It’s also called homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy involves the idea that you can treat a condition with a diluted amount of a natural substance that may cause symptoms of the disease in healthy people. This is the homeopathic principle of “like cures like.”

Syzygium jambolanum or S. cumini (black plum) could help treat thirst, weakness, skin ulcers, and excessive urination.

Uranium nitricum might treat excessive urination, nausea, swelling, and burning with urination.

Conium (hemlock) may help treat numbness in the feet and hands, as well as diabetic neuropathy, or nerve damage.

Plumbum (lead) could help with numbness in the hands and feet, nerve pain, and tinnitus.

Calendula (marigold) might help treat infected ulcers.

Phosphoric acid may treat memory impairment, confusion or heavy head, frequent urination at night, hair loss, and difficulty maintaining an erection.

Candida (yeast) could help treat yeast infections.

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Did You Know? Random Fact

Did you know Viking men wore makeup?

It’s no doubt that Vikings were some of the toughest men in history books. However, they cared about their appearance enough that makeup was a part of their everyday routine.                   

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How To Store Bananas

Bananas are the potassium-packed, portable fruit we all know and love, but they can be a bit of a nuisance. They can bruise or ripen too quickly or not ripen quickly enough; like avocados, bananas are on their own timeline and we’re just along for the ride. With that said, there are ways to store bananas in order to have some control over their ripening process and keep them fresh and delicious for longer periods of time. Keep reading for tips on how to store bananas.

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Why Do You Hear Your Oven Pan Pop?

Place a sheet pan in your oven and you might soon hear a reverberating “PONG!” that makes you jump a mile out of your shoes. Before you open the oven door to check for casualties, it helps to know a little of the physics behind that sound: This is the metal warping, or twisting slightly as it expands and contracts.

Some Great Vegetables!

And here is why…

Vegetables have a well-deserved reputation for being among the world’s healthiest foods: they’re rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber and are generally low in calories. Here are the top 14 veggies in the world that should be regulars in your everyday diet.

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