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Did you know Viking men wore makeup?

It’s no doubt that Vikings were some of the toughest men in history books. However, they cared about their appearance enough that makeup was a part of their everyday routine.                           


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Deadly Cancer Signs

Knowing the early signs of cancer—a leading cause of death in the US—is incredibly important for prompt treatment and better health outcomes. “Try to prevent cancer by getting your routine care, your routine immunizations and your proper screenings,” says Joyce Chen, MD. “It’s great that you are healthy, but preventive care/well visits are important because a lot of conditions, especially cancer, can be treated properly if we catch it early.” 




On This Day In History…

In 1877, the first African American cadet graduated from the U.S. Military Academy, and in 1976, the first female cadets were admitted. The academy is now under the general direction and supervision of the department of the U.S. Army and has an enrollment of more than 4,000 students.

Henry Ossian Flipper

Did You Know?

Heart disease

You might think that going cold turkey and cutting out carb-laden junk food like french fries and donuts could only improve your heart health. While these kinds of empty-calorie foods can cause a ton of issues, don’t expect life to get easier without any carbs of any kind. According to a study published in The Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutritiongoing without carbs can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and arrhythmia in the long run, undoing any kind of intended positive effects you might expect to see on a no-carb diet. Avoid these issues by giving yourself a break and introduce some carbs into your eating plan to make sure you don’t run into this looming issue.

Erich Barganier 

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Too Much Sugar

Sugar is not only found in desserts but also in many ready-made meals and drinks. And while we can’t argue with the fact that sugar makes a lot of things taste better, consuming too much of it can endanger our health. Here are the most common physical signs of excessive sugar consumption and tips on how you can cut back or avoid it.

Stephanie Holmes 



Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic nephropathy is a type of progressive kidney disease that may occur in people who have diabetes. It affects people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and risk increases with the duration of the disease and other risk factors like high blood pressure and a family history of kidney disease.

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