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THE by MwsR

The urgency of your day

Walking faster, just to get away

Silent opposers at every side

The constant need to say “Good Bye”

Frantic outbursts you say when you’re alone

Trying to manage it before your mind is gone

Secrets that come a calling

Trying to bury things will only keep it prolonging

Open arguments that never get settled

Each person goes there own way, feeling ground leveled

Things left in boxes because you have little motivation

Chores that need to be done, but don’t get done, exhaustion

Things that wear us out, bring us to a standstill

Mind and actions that we shove through, still

We should repair, rejuvenate, and remove

After all there is nothing we need to prove

But all is for gain and affects everything

Running away never solves anything,

Putting off things, you’ll never accomplish much

This is the truth of it, as such.

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Who is Pablo Neruda?

Pablo Neruda · Official name

Pablo Neruda (1904-1973),



One of his poems…

Saddest Poem by Pablo Neruda

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Word of the Week



: infested with lice : lousy

Did You Know?

Count on the English language’s Latin lexical options to pretty up the unpleasant. You can have an entire conversation about lice and avoid the l-word entirely using pediculous and its relatives. None of the words (from pediculus, meaning “louse”) is remotely common, but they’re all available to you should you feel the need for them. There’s pediculosis, meaning “infestation with lice,” pedicular, “of or relating to lice,” and pediculoid, “resembling or related to the common lice.” Pediculid names a particular kind of louse—one of the family Pediculidae. And if you’d like to put an end to all of this you might require a pediculicide—defined as “an agent for destroying lice.”

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All of the campers in the cabin had to be checked for lice when one boy’s sleeping bag was discovered to be pediculous.

“They say pediculous humors and fly borne air are culprits of plague, so the townsmen make a pyre of flowers and brush, attar and spikenard, by way of purging the air of offense.” — Fiona Maazel, Last Last Chance, 2008

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