Useless Supplements?

Vitamins A, C, B and zinc are nutrients that Americans typically get enough of through their diet.

Tricks For Gut Health That really Work

The gut is one of those body systems that has a more far-reaching effect on our health than we realize. It’s not just about digestion.

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Weight In The Middle?

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…It could cut years off of your life.

Like many Americans, you may not be pleased when you step on the scale after a long, inactive winter. But weight gain and being overweight is more serious than just an unpleasant number—it’s associated with a plethora of health risks and even premature death. According to recent research, having excess body fat in middle age can cut your life by as much as five years.


Surprising Side Effects Bananas Have on Belly Fat

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According to the Mayo Clinic, we have a ton of reasons to love bananas, especially when we need to diet. The fruit has a lower GI impact than many other fruits, provides a solid amount of fiber to keep us feeling full, and serves up the perfect cocktail of vitamins and minerals with virtually no fat. This fruit really shines when you need to shed some weight off your midsection, and knowing exactly how they affect your body helps us form the perfect attack strategy to melt belly fat.

Supplements You Need While On Keto

The ketogenic diet has become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly among the many people who are trying to lose weight. The high-fat, low-carb keto diet emphasizes weight loss through fat burning. Keto adherents slash the carbs they consume and eat protein and fats.

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Melt Visceral Fat

Visceral fat is a hidden health issue not talked about as much as it should be. While most people know about subcutaneous fat–the fat that you can see and pinch, many don’t know about visceral fat, which is located deep in your abdomen. It wraps around your vital organs and can cause serious health issues like some cancers, stroke, type 2 diabetes and more. 

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