Flexibility Exercises

Here, experts break down why flexibility training shouldn’t be overlooked and share tips on how to incorporate it into your routine. Plus, you’ll find 11 flexibility exercises you can start adding to your daily movement practice ASAP.

 Megan Falk 

Bad Knees? You Can Still Get Some Exercise

Knee pain can make it tough to exercise. However, it’s important to keep moving because exercise is key to restoring knee function, decreasing pain, and losing extra pounds. The best exercises for bad knees are low impact and help strengthen the muscles that support the knee. Read on to learn which exercises are safe for painful knees versus those you should avoid.


Exercises For Anxiety

If you experience anxiety, you know it can be physically, emotionally and mentally exhausting. Although there are many treatments for anxiety, such as counseling or medications, wouldn’t it be great to find an exercise routine you could do from the comfort of your own living room? So to help you, here are the best exercises that you can use to relieve your anxiety:

Nancy Reyes 

Self Love Exercises

Self Love vs Self Care – 5 Self Love Exercises You Must Use Every Day

If you’re not living under a rock, then you’ve heard the terms “self love” and “self care.”  They are very trendy terms these days, and you probably know that they are essential for your mental health.  But do you know the difference between self love vs self care?  They are not the same thing, but they are critical to living a healthy, balanced life. Your self care will take you to new heights when you put these 5 self love exercises into daily practice.

Veronica Bareman 


Yoga Poses To Reduce Slouching


This causes the cervical spine, made of seven small vertebrae prone to injury, swelling, and soreness. It also leads to a small hump around the neck area that doesn’t look good. So, to get rid of this slouchy neck, there are a few simple yoga asanas that one can perform anywhere.

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