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Yoga Poses You Should Daily Do

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Strength Exercises Can…

Follow the link below and there is a 3 pose yoga video and visual examples of strength training.

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Workout Tip For The Day

Cooling down tip…
After you exercise, let your body cool down for five to 10 minutes. Places to stretch are your calf muscles, upper thighs, hamstrings, lower back, and chest. This post-workout stretch will allow your heart rate and muscles to recover and return back to its normal.

Belly Exercises
Exercises That Prevent Back Pain
We all want to feel better and have less pain as we age or as we function on a daily basis. Here are some stretching type of exercises, I found for you to do. These are to lessen your back …
Myths about losing belly fat
Diabetic Information About Exercises
Fitness & Physical Activity If you have type 2 diabetes, regular physical activity should be an integral part of your overall care plan. Not only will a program of regular physical activity improve glycemic control, it is a an important …
Exercises With Very Little Time
1. Standing Side Kick Targets: Inner thighs, glutes, quadriceps, outer hips With feet hip-width apart and hands on hips, slowly extend right leg to the side at hip height in 3 full counts. Be sure to keep inner thigh parallel …
Yoga Poses For Osteoporosis
One of the biggest concerns people begin to have as they age is osteoporosis. Just the thought of the bones breaking owing to even a nudge is painful, imagine going through it! Is yoga good for osteoporosis? Research states that …
Yoga~ Lose Weight Yes, You Can Lose Weight With Yoga "Yoga can be a good source of exercise," said Jorianne Numbers, MS, an exercise physiologist with Northwestern Medicine. At the most basic level, she said, yoga is a form of movement that …
Tighten Your Arms~Exercises
5 exercises to tighten and tone your arms for summer Add this 10-minute upper body routine to your regular workout to tone flabby arms for summer. Adding exercises that focus on the biceps, triceps and shoulders will help sculpt your …
5 Simple Exercises For You
Exercise 1: Chair Squat A study found in the European Journal of Preventative Cardiology found that the ability to get off the floor without using your hands was a key indicator of whether participants were more likely to die prematurely. …
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Booty Workout Video Share- via Facebook

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Exercises For Premenopausal and Menopausal Women

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Easy by MwsR

It’d be easier without feelings

At least then no worries

Nothing to try and attempt to control

Everything would be colder than cold

Easy to travel this world all alone

Than to have loved much like you are prone

Everything changes

There is no room for anyone who simply manages

Easy to walk in the other direction

When nothing is expected, no need for perfection

Trials would all be null and void

Those who were victims, would be no more

Easy to tell a lie than pretend you are alright

Second guesses, those keep us up at night

Different people with no agendas

Different objectives can leave you feeling offended

Easy not to show your sensitive side

But sometimes, harder to hide

Human interaction will confuse things

No sense in worrying what tomorrow can bring

Easy to forget the hardships and stay in denial

If you want to live un-encumbered for a while

Easy to just feel and see reality

When your talking about spirituality

Everyone chooses according to their own preferences

Everyone makes efforts or they don’t.

Easy is something everyone wants.

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