Belly Exercises

Life has a way of taking over as you get up in age. In fact, looking back at photos of yourself in your late 20s and 30s may bring back many recollections of a more carefree, youthful you—with a smaller waistline. A ride down memory lane can be a great dose of motivation, and we have just the next step for you. We learned from an expert five exercises for a flat belly that’ll help you look younger and fitter in your 40s. Now how’s that for serious inspiration? You’ve got this! Wind back the clock, and get your belly back into shape.

14 Day Challenge To Get Fit

This 14 day challenge will help you build your cardiovascular endurance and strengthen your abs, obliques, glutes and back muscles. Most of these workouts use minimal to no equipment so they’re easy to get done anywhere!

Pushups, How Many Should You Do?

A push-up is a classic exercise that targets the chest, triceps, abdominal, and shoulder muscles. Push-ups are a fast and effective way to build strength and can be a part of your daily routine. But how many push-ups should you be doing daily? The answer varies from person to person.

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