July Gardening Tips

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Garden Trick

Do a quick mason jar soil test

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Knowledge is power, in life and in gardening.  Determine if the soil composition of your garden space, is sandy, clay, or silt – even degrading compost.  Know what your soil makeup is using a mason jar “test” and then you can make adjustments as necessary.

21 Tricks That Will Change the Way You Garden (onecrazyhouse.com)

Garden Craft~Sundial

Sundials are classic garden ornaments, but they’re more than just decorative items — they’re useful and educational, too. Building your own garden sundial is a fun family project for a summer weekend, and it’s a great way for kids to learn firsthand how the position of the sun changes from hour to hour and season to season. 


How to Make a Garden Sundial | how-tos | DIY (diynetwork.com)

Garden Craft

Make molded concrete planters.

Make molded concrete planters.

Remember the concrete block raised garden from earlier?  Here is another similar idea, only this time, you are starting from scratch!  That’s right, no concrete blocks, just concrete.  This is an immensely cool and creative project where you create concrete planters from scratch using plastic containers as molds.  The finished results look just awesome!  I actually love the fact that they’re a little rough around the edges.  They look almost like something you’d find at an archaeological dig a thousand years in the future.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit: Radmegan

Herbs You Might Want To Plant, In Early Spring


a close up of a green plant: fresh herbs basil


a close up of a flower: Calendula


a close up of a flower garden: Caraway Flowers


a close up of a flower garden: chamomile


a close up of a green plant: Chervil


a close up of a plant: chives


a close up of a green plant: herbs to grow cilantro


a plant in a garden: Dill
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Garden~ Make a Fountain For Your Garden

How to Build a Stone Fountain (thespruce.com)

Stone fountain on patio with plants.