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I wanted to write today, on something. I am not really certain how to go about writing, though. As I browse down the list of posts on my WordPress reader option, I am taken back by some posts that bring things in my own life to the forefront.

Isn’t it odd how something you can see or read can cause many things to flood into your mind? I am concerned , not only today but everyday on the lives of others around our world. There is a lot of people missing out on life and living it to the fullest, me included. I see people walking around with so much on their plates, hearts, and minds. I constantly hear of tragedies and trials that await people, everywhere in our world. Personally it makes me sad. We have to be careful not to take upon our heart the troubles and sadness of others in a manner where it takes over and spills into our own lives. Sadly, it has trapped me some in knowing what those things have been  personally, for me, and replaying them while watching them play out, in others lives.

I hope you can follow me. My mind talks so fast, it is hard to put down into words as my fingers try to keep up. I am often concerned to no avail to, honestly. I cannot personally take care of everybody or their problems, and if I am honest, no one is asking me to.  Do you follow me? We cannot personally do everything we need to do, we are simply human.


Okay enough about the depressing thoughts of not being able to help solve everyone’s issues or being able to change things. 


I saw a post this morning about emotional abuse and it had me thinking… After reading the first part of my post, you probably already know I think. Hahaha. the emotional abuse post had me thinking on how people everywhere in any kind of relationship experiences emotional abuse on some level and in some way. So, It usually does not last long or cause substantial  damage, but if we were to think about it, it has more than not happened. So, what makes it abuse? I think it is when someone uses their motives, ways, words, etc., to  sway or move, or damage, or imprison another. If it causes the other person to feel less than desirable, un important, or damaged, it is abuse. Abuse is ugly and it usually has a keeper and a prisoner to it.

Emotional abuse is wrong, so if you are a victim or you see it happening, ask and seek out help. A lot of places stay anonymous and let you stay hidden enough that you can freely seek help.

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Living in a situation less than desirable is hard enough, but living without love and acceptance is a hard “pill” to swallow.


With all that being posted, “thank God”I am free to think on other things. I really let things dwell deep into my soul. I felt I needed to post about that. Perhaps someone reading this has been there, is there, or like me, struggles everyday to release their selves from past abuse.

Did you know…that by writing posts, or what have you’ s that you directly and indirectly influence another’s life? You DO.


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Please be good to others, please be kind to yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We get this one lifetime to do good, use it wisely.  

I shall see you this side of the RAINBOW!!!
MwsR <3

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Thank you for reading 🙂

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How would your life be different if… You stopped allowing other people to dilute or poison your day with their words or opinions? Let today be the day… You stand strong in the truth of your beauty and journey through your day without attachment to the validation of others.

― Steve Maraboli

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