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Dominion by MwsR

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“Sometimes in one’s own mind, we must create the life we wish we had. I was good at that, back then. But then again, I was given no choice.” MwsR

Which day was it that I lost me?

Surely someone else had to see

There were things that changed within me

Certainly, someone must of noticed it all

Perhaps it all was so subtle and I was small

I understand the “turning a blind eye”

At my expense though, and all of it still makes me cry

You were the adult, the one who was in power

So why over me did you tower

Maybe it was a certain disposition

Undoubtedly a grown ups condition

Because before you I was not aware

That people like you, were out there

The only thing left in tact back then was my innocence

My desire to imagine and invent

I was a pro at it,

Guess I had to act

Because for me reality would of set me back

It would have made me a “quack”

Imagining was my soul’s companion

Surrounded by your twisted dominion.

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Itโ€™s Not Alright, by MwsR

***A poem about abuse be it physical or verbal…..*****You don’t have to lay a finger on someone to hurt them.

It’s not Alright

By MwsR

It’s not alright to make a person cry

To make another person want to die.

You think you’re powerful but you are weak

One day you’ll lose that “winning streak”.

Another’s heart is not yours to break

There is so much more, know what’s at stake.

Don’t make yourself their biggest mistake.

Making someone regret the day they met you

Is an error against you it’s true.

People aren’t perfect you see

No one asks, “Come belittle me”.

Maybe it is not physical torture but what you say

Maybe it projects out your mouth day today.

If you can’t leave someone better than you found them at first

Then leave without an outburst.

A man is not to be treated like that

To be used as a doormat.

A simple rule of thumb…if you don’t want it, Don’t give it.

Life isn’t simple or fair

But don’t hurt another….don’t you dare.

Things have a way of coming back to you

Don’t believe me? But it’s true.

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Poem(To the tune of โ€ hush little babyโ€)

Often there are those who have tormented lives. They don’t see hope. They can’t believe in good things again. This poem is coming from an abused child, who’s father abused her.

Hush little lady don’t say a word

Pappa is going to be down right disturbed.

When the night calls

He will be your downfall

And hope will be fleeting from your heart.

Hush little child you are fair game

To the adult that carries no blame

He will abuse you while others sleep

And nothing will ever peaceful keep.

Rush to whomever, tell them no lies

Ask for their pardon, watching their eyes

They won’t believe you and this is sad

For what he did do, he isn’t labeled bad.

Hush now adult that once was a child

You were once labeled and disowned

Fear not you’ll make it, if you can leave

All of that heartache, please just believe.


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Old Friend, poem by MwsR

My sadness comes calling like an old friend

Brain and heart disheartened

Pulling me in towards those locked away feelings

A spin off of my nightmares versus my hopes and dreams

More than not, burdens of my feelings weight me down

Abuse was not my doing or liking

Then why must it be a part of me still?

Why must it encroach on my space and spread over my face?

No makeup can cover all this

I want to put these emotions out to pasture

Never to bring them back home again.

Let them die out in a field of clover.

Sprinkled with the piles of crap from those โ€animalsโ€

My life should mean more

Than this abuse, I implore.

Sadness, remembering, and a lot of hurt feelings

Chased by a strong cup of forgiveness pie.


I am to mean more than an abused one

I want to be more.

When I look in the mirror, I am more.

Abused, survivor, and strong

Now, that’s how I am

Who I am and was,

All along.

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