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Alright by MwsR

Life is like a thief to our souls

It pretends to offer us a million chances, a million dreams

But it is never really that way, or so it seems.

Life is so complicated,

Not by choice but rather by right

Some have a whole year, some have only a night.

Who is to say who deserves this or deserves that,

Why must it be this array?

Has everyone not came into the world, the same way?

Life steals all that it can

It pretends to matter, it pretends it doesn’t demand.

Secretly it plots and delivers each blow

I bet you all have experienced this,

I bet you all know.

Life shows us beauty, that lasts for a little while

It displays smiles on the faces of babies

But after that we only have mere traces,

Of the thing that once brought us that smile.

Our minds are the worst pawns in this game

They often forget,

But always seem to remember a regret

A shame, a forbearance, a pain.

That is why we all are the pawns in this crooked game.

Sure we have good followed by fair,

Sometimes we have wishes, but only if we dare.

We may all succeed in what seems a personal challenge or contest

But are we ever truly able to rest?

Will our legacies be enough?

How about all of our stuff?

Maybe just ourselves, will be enough.

Will having the upper hand,

Make us a very content and happy man?

In our courage or fame,

Will we be offered more of the same.

Is all that we are, under our birth name,

Or is it how we survived all our pain.

How we dealt with it,

How we rose despite it

What we learnt from it.

I am not sure

Sometimes even writing is a chore.

Perhaps there are other things for which to write,


Thank you for reading πŸ™‚


It’s Not Alright, by MwsR

***A poem about abuse be it physical or verbal…..*****You don’t have to lay a finger on someone to hurt them.

It’s not Alright

By MwsR

It’s not alright to make a person cry

To make another person want to die.

You think you’re powerful but you are weak

One day you’ll lose that “winning streak”.

Another’s heart is not yours to break

There is so much more, know what’s at stake.

Don’t make yourself their biggest mistake.

Making someone regret the day they met you

Is an error against you it’s true.

People aren’t perfect you see

No one asks, “Come belittle me”.

Maybe it is not physical torture but what you say

Maybe it projects out your mouth day today.

If you can’t leave someone better than you found them at first

Then leave without an outburst.

A man is not to be treated like that

To be used as a doormat.

A simple rule of thumb…if you don’t want it, Don’t give it.

Life isn’t simple or fair

But don’t hurt another….don’t you dare.

Things have a way of coming back to you

Don’t believe me? But it’s true.

Thank you for reading πŸ™‚