Poem by MwsR

Not right, not fair

Have I not always been there?

How come, why is that

You should not treat someone like an old hat.

Whose fault is it

Are you not to blame?

Why must you have to curse my name?

Did you forget it was me

Who loved you unconditionally.

What’s that you whisper

I can not make my feelings any clearer.

Of course, it is mute

I am the cracked flute

Still here but cracked by all your lies

All the deception,

I need a resolution.

Sooner, rather than later

Make me know that I matter

Tell me how important I am

Hurry, the door will slam!

Poem- Behind Those Glances, by MwsR

Behind Those Glances. By MwsR

Behind those glances
And second chances
A person’s heart can feel your thoughts.
Beyond the exterior criticism,
There is still a delicate prism,
To their soul.
Between the right and wrong they’ve done
There is a hurt loved one.
Below their guilt and shame,
Lies pieces of a shattered frame.
A piece that fell this way and that
Some people won’t take time to find where they’re at.
Beside their conscience, they keep in touch with day to day,
It is their own deep prison they create that keeps them this way.
Because that one person took a second glance,
And gave them a second chance,
They will rise back up
Their hearts will start to pump.
By the way, you treat them now,
Will dictate theirs how.
Believe in them once more
Time to be a forgiver of the mistakes they once bore.
Life is an ever-changing thing
Try not to make it sting.

Segments, In Our Lives

Things that were worth saying

People we intended to keep staying

Digested insults and salutations

Working one moment for a limited time

People who were not worth a single dime

Hints of yesterdays in the background

Displays of misplaced loyalties around

By -gones that went out bittersweet

Promotions given for concerted effort

Simple but complicated arrangements

No rhyme or rhythm, without a tune

Busting your rump to get ahead, soon

Paths and journeys

Beginnings and pasts

Front and last

Hope and Despair

These are the segments in our lives.

Where one most survive.

MwsR ❤