Frozen by MwsR

Can you feel it?

Can you feel it way down deep?

Or has it haunted you in your sleep?

You have become numb and changed

The pieces that were once limber are stiff.

Why is it that we stay on that frozen cliff?

Too many things have been affected

Your goals and your visions have become neglected.

It’s as if your own soul has been rejected.

You can no longer see clearly now there is a haze

You try to get back what time tries to erase

When in all actuality you cannot continue the chase.

Waiting for that one rock to knock you and shatter you into many pieces

Hoping that the Sun will warm you and bring you back to living

Where once breath was inside of you now you have nothing that’s giving.

You are frozen.

You are frozen in time.

You are frozen in time because you have grown cold.

No spark has left no flame will burn

Until this curse has risen

You need to realize what it is you have to give and how much more of your life you have to live, just listen.

You don’t have to be frozen

Time doesn’t have to freeze

You can avoid being cold…

The spark is there it will ignite the flame

The curse will rise and you shall remain

You can give and continue to live.


Real by MwsR

Just like a song

You’re playing your life

All wrong.

Never happy

Never satisfied

No, I’m not being sappy!

In an instant

Your life here was no more

That day you were persistent.

You chose to run

I tried to stop you

But it had only just begun.

A hole inside me

Where once you were

Your choice, you see.

Moving on

Staying still

A different pawn

Choices we make

Can bend us or be all too much

Try being real now…not fake.

Standing in decisions

Means getting dirty sometimes

Stitching up a life means first cleaning the incisions.

Sometimes it’s in following dreams

You forget to fix the holes

Never fully fixing it, it seems.

Let the rest of it

Be real, not a mimic

So you’ll have a life you fit.


Christmas…by MwsR
It is certainly not about who is good or naughty
Now don’t misunderstand me and go-getting haughty.
I think of Christmas as a market made for money
I know some of you are thinking that’s not very funny.
But it is true.
I know you see you, you do.
It should be a celebration about Christ’s birth
The whole frankincense and myrrh.
But sadly I see people so obsessed with gift-giving
Instead they’re putting emphasis on all the receiving.
Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying to be a scrooge
Just have a heart that gives love and love will ensue.
Think about widows and homeless people
Think about those you encounter that come worship under the same steeple.
There are people fighting just to have a reason
to see the magic in this Christmas season.
They may never know till you take the time to show
It’s not something you can find wrapped up with a bow.
It is what Christmas should represent
It was that hope that God had sent.
His son, the newborn king
The one who gives us everything.
The reason for this Holiday.
The time to get on your knees and pray,
And thank him the Lord of all of us
I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!


Forever It Stays That Way….MSR

Unanswered, yet I have the answer
Inside still spinning but no cure like there’s not for cancer.

Maybe it’s the symptoms I keep feeling
Can’t stop the thoughts from unveiling.

Forever it stays that way
There never could ever be enough to sway

Time to change the spinning into memory
Forgetting of course about being free

It is not so bad
It makes me sad

It also makes me emerge
My own fullness to splurge

Forever it stays that way
Even replaced it will lay

Silent yet exploding in sound
Around my tattered heart it abounds

I’m still good as new
Because I’m one of those few

That learned to fight
Kept in it despite

I don’t worry
I’m in no hurry

Because…forever it will stay,
This way.


Inescapable Knot by MwsR

Been thinking about you from dusk to dawn
Wishing we could talk again, all evening long.
You came in my life at such an impressionable age
Showed me how to dream while in a most imaginable state.
I wonder often if I cross your mind
Leaving you breathless while not being far behind.
I carry you around like a clown carries his props.
Never letting you go for fear my heart would drop
Or my heartbeat stop.
There are times I swear I hear your words
If I told that to certain people they’d think me absurd.
But it’s true and deep
And follows with every heartbeat.
You changed my mind, filled my soul
Like frost that is inseparable from the cold.
One blink I feel I might lose sight
While holding you in my heart so tight.
A dream, I think not
Just an inescapable knot.


Photographs by MwsR

Photographs, times, I can’t remember, but I can see
None though, except one of you and me.
The hardest part is gathering bits here or there
And hearing how losing you was so hard to bear.
Pictures can’t fix what my mind goes through
Or make my dreams of you come true.
The ones who knew you, I sure envy so!
That’s not something I’ll ever know.
I wish you could have been alive to see
That little baby that grew into me.
Gone but never too far
From that hole in my heart that now has become a permanent scar.
If I were allowed a day of happy
I’d wish it to be with you, my Daddy.