Beautiful memories still flow through the brain,

Moments in my mind building like the steam from a train.o-POSITIVE-THINKING-facebook

I have a few special moments in time 

When I keep forever inside my mind.

Things come, as they often do 

Feelings so scarce sometimes, 


You find it hard almost to hard to believe

Especially when it is your heart on the edge.

Feeling no sense of satisfaction

Wandering around like a little lost dog

Clinging to what is left, often nothing, but still feeling a loss

With forever inside your mind it can still remain

Constantly changing, but still somehow the  very same.


It is hard to define what isn’t written in stone

One must interpret for their self and acquire a talent for being bold

Forever can simply be a moment or a lot of years,

There is  no exact time-table for listening ears. 

I believe forever starts in the heart

Ever moving and ever to expand

Waiting for that final moment you know in your heart of hearts,

Forever it’s okay to land.

                                                                           MwsR ❤




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