Excerpt From My Book, “Heart Paths”

I wrote this poem while I was reminiscing on my life past. Since I am adopted I often find myself looking at where I came from and where I am headed. it often brings to my mind poems that just come out. This was one of them.


I See This Space by MwsR

There is so much to remember

So much that it makes me go limber

It was another time

It was another place

With different things

With different faces

A mere shadow of the me, to come

The one who chanced to love someone

The part that made me dance

The one others gave no second glance

No second chance

Strange yet all too close

Nothing will ever rid me of all those ghosts

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Please excuse the grammatical errors or spelling errors in the book. I was quite a rookie when doing this book. Thank heavens I have learnt some things. MwsR

Thank you for reading 🙂


Excerpt from my book, “Heart Paths”

Hello, this poem is a short but poignant piece. This book was my second one. I did it all by myself and there may be some spelling or grammar errors in it.

I think I become better with time and much practice. If you want raw, emotional feelings put into words, this book will do all that.


It Surrounds Me

I wish my life would just let me be

I smother underneath its grasp, that surrounds me

The many times I could not count on my two hands

If there was a stack, it would take a million rubber bands

No one can measure the uneasiness I feel

That is why it seems , Oh too real.

I wish I could hide somewhere far away, till it passes

But life doesn’t bump us, it seems to come in crashes.

I wonder how life would be , should it have a key

To unlock all the crap of it, that surrounds me.

Seldom is there a way of exit

It creeps in slowly , it is too late when you regret it.

MwsR <3

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Heart Paths

Thank you for reading 🙂