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A Time To Talk by Robert Frost

Maybe By MwsR

Maybe you could do this, or that

Perhaps you will or won’t

Advice comes easy for the giver

But seldom heeded by the one to whom it is given

Things can make you crazy

We all have good days and bad

Consider it all and learn something

Maybe you will benefit

Perhaps you won’t

Sit on your epiphanies an get lost

The test is simple

The answers are multiple choice

Don’t let yourself be without a voice.

Maybe a circumstance will be in your favor

Or sometimes it will not.

You might have seconds, minutes, and hours

To re-arrange things

Sort through your liffe

Or if you’re unfortunate, you will not.

It is better to seize opportunity

Then to fall flat on your face with uncertainty.

Maybe, just maybe

The next decision will be easier, or harder,

But at least there will always be the “maybe”.

All rights reserved. MwsR 2021


Heart Moon…

There’s a moon in my heart.
It only comes out in times of darkness.

You’ll never hear it remark
For it has no words.

Shining yet a shadow over feelings and thoughts.

The purpose of it is quite simple
It is to give a new definition
Give a different perspective.

Like all moons, it can be seen, not taken
And felt by only its maker.

Without it, my heart would have stayed black.
You could say without it I’d never had made it back…

I’m grateful for my heart moon.
Evidence of change..

All rights reserved. MwsR 2021

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The river is a flat, shining chain.  
The moon, rising, is a white eye to the hills; 
After it has risen, it is the bright heart of the sea. 
Because I love it—so—round as a fan, 
I hum songs until the dawn.

–Li Po (701–762)

Photo by Lum3n on Pexels.com


In The Storm by MwsR

Amid the storm,
I can find shelter
My ears cannot keep from hearing the thunder.
With eyes I see the power
And know something greater is out there,
I can feel the rain that’s in the air.
Although it is greater and stronger than me
I can rest assured I will be alright
Even if it keeps me up at night.
For as great as a storm can be
It will not last forever, for me.
I will continue after the storm has past
Mighty it may be at the time, it will not last.

True Blue By MwsR

Someone asked me to write my story

It would never be a simple story to tell

Too many undertones and whispers

Too many foes that wished me hell.

A true blue would had never been written into my story

The lines that would of been left for that, would not exist.

So many times the plot of my chapters would be changed

I would be the villian in one chapter

And in the next I would had been the victim.

For chapters and chapters my story would have had changes

In real life , I searched for happiness over my pain

Waited often for that true blue

But sadly no one came to fit into those shoes

Each individual I encountered and lived with

Would of written their own versions of my story

In it I am sure they would had been heroes or protectors

At least that is what they told me and themselves.

They only wanted what was best,

But their best gave me no rest

Their best caused me anguish and pain

They pierced through my heart and went straight to the vein

Suddenly as if I would of known

I had to leave that chaotic home

My innocent was gone

But I proved I could make it, on my own

But nothing was ever the same.

My true blue later came

I married him.

He was the reward and I was the grabber

Showing me all the time what a true blue looks like

How they will stay and fight

For those they hold dear

And the things that mattered, all these years

His love is sufficient, his touch is the glue

I am so thankful my story will have a true blue.

All rights reserved. MwsR2021


Outside My Window, MwsR

Outside my window,

Life passes by

I watch it each day

To take a look,

Connects you somehow.

Things and nature are moving

They have things to do

You can go look outside your window too!

Usually the wind is slightly blowing

There is music in the movement of it all

Not one thing is pretending

This is real life

Life that needs to be noticed

Things will eventually die

Take the opportunity

Seize the moments

Outside my window

I find I am merely a speck

In a big world.

All rights reserved. MwsR2021