My Love, My Cat by MwsR

I sit and ponder

I cry and the tears will dry

My heart is torn

My decision weighs heavy

You are such a joy

Such a sweet love

It’s effortless to love you

Tomorrow we will part

After 15 years of being together

In spirit we will abound

Forever connected

To reach that great beyond

I’m sad

My heart is breaking

My love makes me know

That I must let you go

But my eternal bond comforts me

Just a bit

I will forever remember us

Our love

Our connection

Our affection

May you always feel my love,

Know my heart,

And feel me near.

All rights reserved. MwsR2022

Poem by MwsR

Sometimes by MwsR

Imagine your life in a happier time
Sometimes that’s how I remember mine.
Times that made you smile and shine
Things that were easily peace of mind.

Sometimes things are complicated
Even can leave us exasperated.
That is when remembering steps in
Of a wonderful place or time that has been.

Our minds serve many purposes and jobs
They can be reminders or be like a tripod
Supportive and will keep us held higher
That are the good ones the ones that inspire.

Sometimes there are reminders of deeds gone wrong
Sometimes it plays in our heads like a bad song.
This isn’t the way most would want it to be
They only want the good ones you see.

But to grow and have happiness
There have to be both of them
Wrong and right reminders
So we learn, appreciate, and have no blinders.

Remember all the thoughts, deeds, and pain
There never can be any growth if there never is rain.
Move forward always but reflect on what’s gone,
This is necessary for all, not wrong.

All rights reserved. MwsR 2022


Just a poem, lol

Can’t Won’t by MwsR

Won’t take much
You are warned
If you don’t understand then it is not you.
It’s not cool.

If your intentions are not true
If you want to use me
Go I don’t need you.
I don’t want you around me even, too.

Tired of worrying,
Tired of having to be the one.
Look, this is not how it’s done.

Start walking
Don’t look back for me
Obviously, I wasn’t who you wanted
Time to change, be separated.

Can’t deal with part-time people
Won’t do it either
If you’re here to use me
I’ll fly like a bird and be free…

All rights reserved. 2022 MwsR

Bring To Attention By MwsR

Time brings to one’s attention things

Memories past and some special days

Judgments from others cast a shadow

Unreasonable actions, really do matter.

What makes a heart grow dim?

Maybe a person, place, or them.

The things or persons who ignite your soul’s flame

Often get taken for granted and often left out in the rain.

We become callous to things that are corrupt or evil

After all, if they don’t touch us, we just let things dishevel.

Going through this life can be demanding

Usually, it’s the rich or fortunate left standing.

Sometimes someone will get their comeuppance

Or receive an inheritance.

Life is oddly fair at times

At other times we have to read between the lines.

Passer`-byers are merely friends you have not met yet

Friends can become strangers with regret.

The cycle of life makes no apologies

It will only benefit or destroy both you and me.

The only hope when it’s all said and done

Is will you be a heavenly one?

Or will you do like some

And outlive a pardon that was paid for you and me

One that gives all men victory

One that sends you to the heavenly home

Where all sadness, all sorrow will be gone.

Choose today where this life can take you.

Or crumble until you change what you do

Don’t let this poem make you blue.

It is merely to reflect.

Be more than your regret.

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Change, by MwsR

When the time comes that you to reflect on your life and the things you’ve done
Will you see someone smart or someone dumb?
Those things you thought were fun,
The things that you swore hurt no one.
Were they worth it?
Were they proper or were they like that of a nitwit?
Are the ones that stood with you now standing apart?
You already know the answer because it is deep in your heart.
Time can’t erase certain deeds, certain paths you chose, the things left undone,
You can’t blame that on anyone.
Certain people let you down, you say
I’m certain they would not see it that way!
No one controls your spontaneous combustion,
It is certainly your life, not theirs that needs constant adjustment.
Go ahead smell all those “roses”,
Hang around all those that constantly pose,
But when that gets old or you find some other venue
Maybe you will see what you’ve put those that love you through.
It’s hard to be happy when you’re playing catch up all the time
Trust me, I’ve seen that with friends of mine.
Think before you act
Always leave things intact.
Don’t refuse to pay back anyone who’s lent you a hand
Take the praise and the reprimand.
Swallow your pride,
Keep your mouth closed from the inside.
Listen to reason,
Be willing to change wrong things just like the months change the season.

“And you will be a man, my son.” (If, by Rudyard Kipling”)

All rights reserved. MwsR❤️2022