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Sometimes our greatest challenge is ourselves…

In The Way, by MwsR

I wonder if there is a way that I could make a great day?
Sometimes there is absolutely nothing in the way.

You can set your mind and spirit to accomplish.
Although, some prefer a prayer and a wish.

When a tree is right before you, you do not go through the tree,
Instead, you go around it to continue, you see.

Obstacles don’t have to keep us from doing things we choose
They are just stumbling blocks, please don’t get confused.

Nothing nor should anyone keep you from doing what you need to or decide to do.
You have the power yourself, through and through.

If something is in your way,
Get around it, so you can make a good day.

No one can take that power from you
No one has that kind of power, not no how, not no way.

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Spring into the life you were meant to be living in

Give way to new ideas, connect with old friends

Share some wisdom and collect memories

This is a perfect time to start being the person you were meant to be.

Spring into a new hobby, it will keep you active

Don’t forget to be proactive

Let thoughts go before action

And follow a righteous path with a strong impaction.

Spring wisely into decision making

Perhaps fix a meal, start your baking

Explore new adventures, pick a place

Keep a glowing smile upon your face.

Spring into excitement for another

Be a help to those without a mother

Lend a hand when you can

We are each a part of God’s plan.

Spring into a peaceful state

Don’t let things set up resentment and cause hate

Partake in bringing things around

After all it is needed in every town.

Spring into a new day with hope and positiveness

Let by gones be bygones, give forgiveness

Never let another struggle when you can help out

This is the test of any man, with or without.

Spring into each day, and the ones ahead

Make sure your family is fed

Read your Bible and pray

Then life will be so rich , not much left to say.

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Poem by MwsR


Bitter pains flow from the grave

Undeliberate it kind of gets paved

Standing all alone, I often weep

Multiplied a lot of the times, like traffic on the street

Restless joints keep me on edge

Feeling like I am trapped, cut down and shaped like a hedge

Despite my best intentions

I collapse underneath my inhibitions

The weight I carry is great in everything

Like a person who has no where to set his things

“Listen to the sound of your heart”, they say

But no-one can tell me it will be okay

No-one knows the struggles, the defeat I have had

I bet if they would be sad.

No, life did not just pick out me

To steal away all sanity

It did not say “Well good”, it simply cried for me

Took my peace and some of my dignity

No, I am not crazy, although it took some time to see that

I didn’t wake up one day and just feel that.

It took initiative, a pondering mind

An eye for all things, not one that was blind

I learnt the whole way, whether I realized it then

I repeated some chapters, even way back when.

Blessed assurance I have not claimed

That would be the end of my insane

I do not like green eggs or ham

But do not tell me to give a damn.

My mind is always creating, always evolving

Like my heart, it will continue revolving

One day I will write of better days and better things

But until then…

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New Day by MwsR

Today is , or is not the day

To get done what you had put off

Or maybe to do what you know to do

Today is or is not the day

To be thankful for anything or everything

To shine or dine

Today is or is not the day

To prepare for, work towards

Perhaps to smile or walk a few miles

Stretch or reconnect

Today is or is not the day

To right a wrong, sing a song

Make a meal, say a prayer when you kneel

Examine and re-examine

Today is or is not the day

To worry for nothing or scatter in a hurry

To decorate or excommunicate

To let by gones be bygones

|To correct the wrongs

Today is or is not the day

To just live, go with the flow

Let someone you love know

Take pictures and enjoy

Be sweet and kind instead of coy

Today is and always has been a choice in one way or another.

Choose wisely!


I Think, by MwsR

I think there is real love out there in this old world.
That there is meaning in the way people talk.
Also a meaning behind the way they walk.

I think that beauty resides within a person’s soul.
That it is a sin to only look on the outside and not the in,
there is so much more about a person, within.

I think that God gave us each other to teach us something.
Something new or that perhaps we had forgotten.
Sometimes he wants us to see the good and the rotten.

I think that for every action there is a reaction.
As a cause and release, be it a punishment or possibly a disease.
There is also a goodness we achieve after a lesson that we receive.

I think no one is better than anyone else.
If they were then we’d have no hope of becoming all we could be.
You can take a look at people in our history and you will see.

I think that the smallest insect is precious and has a purpose.
Even the biggest, like a hippopotamus to.
That is what God had created for me and you.

I think with time hurts and pains will diminish in intensity,
But won’t ever leave our damaged heart.
I think sometimes trying to forget is wrong, even hurts and pains play a part.

I think if you want something, stepping over someone to get it is wrong.
You see we get back what we give, so it could hurt you in the end.
I’m just reminding you of this because I am your friend.

I think, therefore I write.
I write because it is an expressive tool
I use what I have just to connect with you.

MwsR Writings

A TIME, by MwsR

There comes a time to care, and a time to disappear.

A time to forgive, and a time to move on.

A time to cherish, and a time to learn from,

A time to accept and a time to reject.

A time to hope and a time to give up.

A time to be last and a time to be first…

A time to talk about, and a time to keep silent.

A time to walk away, and a time to stay.

There is only this one life!

Don’t allow yourself to be discarded.

Don’t allow yourself to be used, or hurt, just because someone forgot your worth.

Don’t allow your heart to be wasted on selfish individuals, spend that energy loving the ones who are there, standing by your side, and will love you.

Give that energy and love to a stranger in need of a person who is down and out, or feeling helpless.