What Can …

Contain More Sugar Than a Twinkie?

Story by Christine Grasso


Uses for Used Coffee Grounds 

Wondering if you can give all those used coffee grounds another purpose after making a fresh pot? If so, you’re smart to care about sustainable living. “Reusing, repurposing or finding any alternate applications for a product is always a better choice for the environment than throwing it in the trash,” says Natalie Lennick, environmental activist and founder of zero-waste hair-care brand Green Ablutions. Giving coffee grounds another life not only benefits you, it’s also a small act that’s beneficial for the planet.


Reason By MwsR

Often doing things I would rather leave undone

Searching multiple sources just to get things done

Finishing the chores of the morning in haste

Making sure each hour has not been a waste

Reaching out to those I feel don’t really care

Just running a brush through my own hair

Mending what I physically can

So I don’t need an extra hand

Dealing with bouts of pain

Trying to smile when things go insane

Reconciling to things that you never thought of

Coming up with new ways to deal with short offs

Everything will revolve

There will always be things to solve

Things to prove

Things that are new.


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A Bunch of Ifs
by MwsR

If you can look behind yourself and see no pain
If you can keep a smile even when things stay the same
If you can breathe without complication
Or fix whatever is your problem
If you can see the joy in mundane things
If you can work without any constraints
If you feel empathy for your neighbor
If you can get paid for all your labor
If days come in and they are easy
Then you won’t feel measly
If you can trust without worry
Despite the things that make other people scurry
If tomorrow is awaited with anticipation
Then you can rest easy without hesitation
If your heart is full of peace and love
You will not fall when the push comes to shove
If liars cannot blemish your character,
Then you are special, that’s an important factor
If this poem makes you stop and pause
Then it has served its cause.

Copyright(c)2023.MWSRwritings.All rights reserved.