Just Another Holiday By MwsR

A couple of days of the year
We set aside to be of good cheer
I don’t quite get it, why do we all go insane
Trying to purchase every brand name
Our bank accounts are spent down to the bottom
So we can be sure no one is forgotten.
Shouldn’t holidays be more?
Why do we think it can be bought in a store?
Give to someone who needs it
Maybe a meal or a coat that would fit.
How about volunteering your help and hands
Just so someone can be able to “stand”.
Just another holiday, I think not
It is a chance to help, a lot.
People are out there all alone
With no place to call their home.
Others struggle just to keep food on their table
Remember the Christ who was born in the stable?
This is the true meaning of giving
That you give help to someone else so they keep living.
It isn’t the bows or the pizzazz of your tree
It isn’t about you and it isn’t about me.
It is just another Holiday
But it is you who can make it a certain way.
Go out and give!
That is how Jesus taught us to live.
Be thankful 365 days
Not just on holidays.

*The road of unselfishness is paved with blessings!

All rights reserved @ MwsR2021

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This Day In History…

  • 1487 The first German Beer Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot), is promulgated in Munich by Albert IV, Duke of Bavaria stating beer should be brewed from only three ingredients – water, malt and hops
  • 1994 Beatles’ 1st album in 25 years, “Live at the BBC”, is released in Britain
  • 1982 “Thriller”, 6th studio album by Michael Jackson is released (Grammy Award Album of the Year 1984, best-selling album of all time, Billboard Album of the Year 1983)
  • 1876 Archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann finds the gold Mask of Agamemnon at Mycenae (modern Greece) “the Mona Lisa of prehistory” [1]
  • 1872 First international soccer game, Scotland draws with England (0-0) in Glasgow
  • World’s longest recorded rainbow – 8 hrs 58 min in Taipei’s Yangmingshan mountain range. Today in history in 2017
Kaley Cuoco
  • Ann Hodges is bruised by a meteor at Sylacauga, Alabama in first modern instance of a meteorite striking a human. Today in History in 1954
  • 1940 “I Love Lucy” actress Lucille Ball (28) weds Cuban actor and singer Desi Arnaz (23) in Greenwich, Connecticut; divorce in 1960
  • 1945 Actress Bette Davis (37) weds artist William Grant Sherry
  • 1973 Sci-fi author Issac Asimov (53) weds second wife psychoanalyst and Sci-fi author Janet Jeppson (47)
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Amazing Places~

Bora Bora

Romance. The island of Bora Bora rises from the velvet blues of the deep water up through the softer hues of the lagoon and into the air that surrounds the island. Its touch of the sea breeze tingles the skin. Its power fills each beat of the heart. Bora Bora is located a brief 50-minute flight from The Islands of Tahiti or Moorea. Bora Bora, with a lagoon of turquoise waters resembling an artist’s palette of bright blues and greens, will make you feel love at first sight.  Romantics from around the world appreciate Bora Bora, where the lush tropical slopes and valleys of Mount Otemanu blossom with hibiscus, while palm-covered motu circle the illuminated lagoon like a delicate pearl necklace from the islands of French Polynesia.

where is Bora Bora

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MwsR Writings

Some people want to be near to their family, but can’t. People who wish more than anything things were different, those same people desire to belong.
Don’t forget your blessings, pray for those who are struggling today and every day, just to be asked to be in someone’s life.
Count your blessings
Remember life isn’t guaranteed. Get over past judgments and hurts or feelings that keep you from receiving blessings.

When Thanksgiving Changed by MwsR

The day has always been celebrated without your presence
The talk never has included you
But when it’s mentioned, it’s of course blamed on you.

No verbal request for you to attend
No reaching out to you to try and heal or mend
It’s okay to point fingers at you
Even though it’s okay to assume.

If you were meant to be there
There’d be no doubt left in the air
You’d feel that, right?
No need to fuss or fight

Instead, Thanksgiving changed
When no one spoke your name
When life without you was expected
Needless to say, the lack of effort, feeling rejected.

When Thanksgiving changed you weren’t there
Even though you wanted to be, you wanted them to care
You wanted to be included more than in a passing thought
It was belonging that you sought.

Go ahead and pass the blame
Don’t let it change anything
But when this old life nears its end
Maybe then…

All rights reserved@MwsR 2021