Vegetarian No-Cook Meals

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True Fact For Today


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Walking, To Relieve Sciatic Pain

Walking for Sciatica – Sciatica (

Just remember that walking is not typically a cure for sciatica. It is merely a beginning. Never underestimate the power of a good walk. It clears the mind and exercises the body. If you walk vigorously, like I do, then your body can receive a great work out, as well.

Walking for Sciatica – Sciatica (

Sciatic Pain? Link Below

Recently, I have been having sharp flowing pain in my left side. I have tried everything I know to do, like changing my sitting positions to taking an inflammation tablet. I have looked up causes and treatments and will just say, “There is a number of ways to go about treating sciatic pain.” I am not a doctor but I frequently do my research on things and this one has me stumped. Instead of getting better this week, it has stayed the same, if not a little worse. Might be time to talk to my doctor about it. As with any medical issue you too should talk to your doctor before self treating. There is certain stretches you can do daily and see if it helps.