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Favorite Things/Share

1.Child gates-

I cannot say enough about child gates. Ever since having a kid they have been a part of my daily living. Every child warranted more child gates. I also used them for animals, every new puppy, they came in so handy.

I also use them to block doorways of areas that might have fresh paint in them or rooms that are being renovated. They are just a must have for me and my household.

Check the link below…


2. Pet carriers-

I must say I have always taken my animals to the vet. A pet carrier is a favorite thing here in my house and without them I might not successfully carry my animals to the vet for all their needs. Also pet carriers serve as a place to put a sick animal or an animal that has had surgery, needs a time out, or one that might not be feeling well.

Check out link below for them


3. Home  Security Cameras-

Well I have been using mine for around 7 months. I absolutely appreciate mine and they are simple, run on Wi-Fi and are easy set up. You can program them to do motion detection or they can run all the time. You can insert a SD card and keep what they record. You can also operate them using your cell phone, computer or else.

These are also good to put something in them that you don’t want little hands to mess with, say for instance, a tool set, a bag of candy, etc. The little kids can’t open them.

They are really simple, effective, and cheap enough.

Check out the link below


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Favorite Things Share

I like a lot of things from music to small trinkets. So, I thought to myself, “why not share”, and that is just what i am going to try and do.

I hope you enjoy and hope all is well with each and everyone of you!

MwsR <3

https://binged.it/2NpjKdX, Bee Gees Music

I just love the Bee Gees! If oyu haven’t heard these guys, then take a listen!

I own some feline pets, and they need a good litter. Trust me I have tried a whole bunch of them. The best litter by far is Tidy Cats litter. I do not care much for the light weight kind, because of price, but I like to get the big tub ones. I also use these tubs to house the used litter that I through into baggies, until I can dispose of them. Below is a link to it. Check it out.


I am a diabetic and I use this stuff in place of real sugar. It tastes great and there is no after taste. It is Turvia. Check it out.


Here is the link to those litter disposable bags. Yes, they are meant for baby diapers, but they hold the odor in so well, I use them for the used litter, from my cats. Check them out! Sassy makes them.


I have never ran across something so durablee as TUPPERWARE. It is great and they make durable, long lassting products that are backed with a guarantee. I used to sell Tupperware so I believe in these products.


I hope you guys have found something interesting or useful to you. I use these products daily. All of them are important to running my home. Check them out.

No! I do not get comission or anything for promoting thesee products. I just want to share my favorite things!

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