Things I like/ Personal Share

Hello, everybody!

I am going to share three things I use in my own home, or I simply just like.


If you have an elder dog that cannot hold their pee , you should think about using these. This particular wrap is for male dogs but you can also buy female dog diapers.

My dog has a tumor and it is on his rear end. I buy the female diapers, that can be washed , for him. It covers his back-end and that protects his tumor area. I wash them and they are great.

Females dogs that go in heat, these washable diapers are the thing to have.


Instant Print

Instant print

These little things are good if you want a instant picture, and if you like smaller pictures. I love mine. It is compact and comes with a carrying case. The size is a little bigger than a deck of cards.

CROCK POT slow cooker



I love my crock pot and really think they are such time savers. You can put something in it and forget it, it has low and high settings and also a warmer option which simply keeps things warm.

Everyone enjoy your week and remember…

You are special and you are unique, do not ever doubt your worth!

MwsR ❤